Summer is well on its way and if you don’t have all season tyres, then you’ll have to replace your winter tyres. What model should you look for? To help you decide, we created a list of highest rated summer tyres in the size 165/70 R14. No one can advise a driver better than another driver who has had the opportunity to test the tyres themself. 

Before we get to the results, let us remind you that tyres in the size 165/70 R14 can be fitted onto passenger cars that have a smaller engine capacity. They work very well on cars such as: Fiat Panda, Citroen C2, C3, Skoda Fabia, Suzuki Swift, Volkswagen Lupo or Vauxhall Astra. To find the best size and model for your car remember you can use a tyre selection configurator.

So, which tyres made our list for the summer of 2020?

best rated 165/70 r14 tyres

Best rated 165/70 R14 summer tyres for 2020

*average taken from reviews posted between 01/01/2018 - 01/01/2020, scores are on a scale of 1-6, the highest score being 6 [March 2020]

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 (5.5)

The Uniroyal RainExpert 3 tyre is a middle class price range model which, based on our customers reviews, proved to be number one for this summer. Previously, for the past two years, they took second place but this year, thanks to their unrivaled parameters, they took the highest place on the podium. The Uniroyal RainExpert 3 perfectly fights aquaplaning due to its SharkSkin technology in the form of an innovative tread design. 

It gives the tyre a very good grip on wet surfaces, which is confirmed with the highest score: A in the European classification test.

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 tyres generate low rolling resistance regardless of the surface on which they move on. This has a significant impact on fuel economy.

Among the hundreds of opinions posted about this model, the ones recommending and encouraging other drivers to buy definitely prevail:

I’ve been thinking about getting these tyres for a while. And I’m happy with my choice. They stick well to the road and are relatively quiet (above 130 km/h you start to hear a slight noise but it’s not disturbing). They’re great on wet surfaces. At lower speeds, splashing through puddles is unnoticeable. They behave great when cornering and brake fine. Tyre durability is probably good. It’s difficult to assess with only 9,000 km driven. [Dorothy]

I 100% recommend the uniroyal rain expert tyres. In the rain, they perform as well as on dry roads, and what is most important, the tyres are quiet ..... [Peter]

Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde (5.4)

The premium class Pirelli P1Cinturato Verde takes second place on our list and it’s also been repeatedly appreciated in tests done by German automotive organizations. 

The idea behind the design from this Italian manufacturer is care for the environment, both at the stage of production and while in use. This makes the P1 Cinturato Verde ecological and also economical. 

The specially designed asymmetrical tread pattern ensures a lower rolling resistance, thanks to which cars equipped with these tyres burn less fuel. This causes harmful emissions to be reduced and less CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

Drivers also appreciated other specs of this model:

I drove around 10,000 km on my Pirelli tyres in my Vauxhall Zafira. In my opinion, the tyres perform really well, they are quiet and they hold to the road well on dry and wet surfaces. It also seems to me that the car consumes a little less fuel. [Zbyszek]

The tyres have a really good grip, it’s difficult to drift as they don’t skid, they give the car stability, and are very quiet on any surface. Driving with these tyres is a pure pleasure. [Theo]

Zeetex ZT1000 (5.3)

According to the manufacturer, it is an inexpensive and safe choice, and the advantages of this tyre are its low noise, as well as precise control over the car. The asymmetrical tread keeps the car stuck to the road in different weather conditions, without losing stability.

The modern rubber compound used in the production process of the Zeetex ZT1000 supports the car's grip, which significantly affects not only the safety, but also the comfort of all passengers.

What other advantages have drivers noticed?

I thought about buying these tyres for a long time, but in the end, after reading hundreds of positive reviews, I decided to get them. The tyres perform really well on both wet and dry surfaces. Even in heavy rain I haven't felt the car behave differently. I have Zeetex tyres in both of my cars and for now I will stick with them, low price, low fuel consumption, they’re not loud, and they also have a good grip. [Peter]

I bought four tyres last spring out of curiosity and I wasn't disappointed. The price is really good compared to the quality of the tyres. I drive around the city and out of town and there are no problems with them. I also drove around Europe on these tyres and driving at 180 km / h wasn’t a problem, there was no knocking and the long distances were pleasant. I highly recommend these tyres. [Paul]

Imperial Ecodriver 4 (5.1)

Just behind the podium comes the Imperial Ecodriver 4, belonging to the economy class price range of tyres.

The aforementioned generation perfectly meets the needs of drivers for the summer season, such as great grip during heavy rains that can often happen during this time of the year. The Imperial Ecodriver 4 is durable and lasts for a long time.

Drivers who have had the opportunity to test this model say:

Very good tyres, both on asphalt and on gravel roads. They’re also ok on sand, at high speeds and in wet conditions. Very good grip to the ground. [Kattet89]

Everything's great! I didn’t expect a miracle for this price and yet here we are! The tyres stick to the road on all surfaces and in different weather conditions. They’re trouble-free! [Agatha Golik]

Neolin NeoGreen  (5.15)

The Neolin NeoGreen ends our list of 5 top summer tyres in the size 165/70 R14.

The Chinese concern - the Yangchang Rubber Company - is the manufacturer of the NeoGreen series, which copes well in all weather conditions, even during heavy rains. Three grooves in the tread provide grip on wet roads and the new silicon compound used in the production process reduces rolling resistance, which causes lower fuel consumption.

The positive feedback confirms that NeoGreen tyres are great:

I was skeptical about buying Chinese tyres at such a low price but I decided to take a chance and I was very positively surprised. The tyres are very quiet and keep the car on the road well. In relation to price, I’d give them an A. I would buy them again. [Paul]

I‘ve been using these tyres for over a month and so far they’re ok. I noticed lower fuel consumption and driving has become more comfortable. The car drives as if it were glued to the ground. On dry surfaces they make a little noise, but it’s not annoying. I would recommend them. Very good price-quality ratio. [Peter]

How to choose the best car tyres for summer

Other drivers' reviews shouldn’t be your only source of information. Many automotive magazines and traffic organizations carry out summer tyre tests, e.g. ADAC. They provide an excellent opportunity to compare what professionals and drivers have to say about a given tyre. 

You should also remember that the parameters of the tyre you’re looking at should match the model of your car and driving habits. These are the basic guidelines you should follow to ensure the highest level of safety for yourself and your passengers. In addition, you can find more information on the tyre label - noise levels, rolling resistance or performance on wet surfaces are all available there and assessed in accordance with European standards.

If you still have trouble picking out tyres for the summer season, we encourage you to use our tyre comparison tool or contact our experts who will help you with your choice.