Summer tyre tests play a very important role. On the one hand, they influence the directions of development in the tyre world. On the other hand, they are a very good pointer for drivers who are looking for the best tyres. After all, our safety and comfort depend on how the tyre performs in different conditions. Check the results of the 2019 ADAC tests.

ADAC prepares annual summer tyre tests.

What is the ADAC?

The German automobile club ADAC is one of the most renowned automotive organisations in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It already has more than 20 million members, which is a testament to the trust that it enjoys.

The ADAC focuses on education and raising public awareness in the field of road safety. It is also looking for the best solutions to improve safety. In order to make this possible, elements of key importance for transport are tested using a wide range of technical facilities.

Tyres are essential for safe driving, which is why every season selected models are tested by automotive specialists from Germany. In addition to the tyres, they also take a close look at the crush zones of vehicles and children's seats. Recommendations granted by the ADAC are considered to be extremely reliable.

The club is also involved in activities related to the construction of new infrastructure and the design of new car models. It is also an active promoter of motorsports.

The right choice of summer tyres means safety and driving comfort.

Balanced assessments

The ADAC attaches great importance to ensuring that the tyres it recommends have balanced characteristics. Recommended models must meet certain conditions in all categories considered - otherwise they will not receive a positive opinion.

This year's summer tyre tests involved 32 models in popular sizes: 185/65 R15 (passenger cars) and 215/65 R16 (VAN).


Ranking of summer tyres 2019 according to the ADAC:

ADAC summer tyre test size 185/65 R15

ADAC summer tyre test in size 215/65 R16


The ADAC summer tyre test includes:

  • behaviour on dry surfaces (20% of the total score) - including response to steering wheel movements, stability during cornering, braking efficiency;

  • wet grip (40% of the total score) - including braking efficiency, aquaplaning prevention, steering;

  • generated noise (10% of the total score) - both external and internal noise is assessed;

  • fuel consumption (10% of the total score);

  • tyre wear (20% of the total score).

Summer tyres are tested in controlled, traffic-like conditions. Models of various brands - both from renowned premium manufacturers and representatives of the economy segment are tested. All are selected by the ADAC and the manufacturers have no influence on the models chosen for participation in the test, let alone on the final results.

Falken SN 832 ECORUN

The best tyres

On the basis of the above criteria, one of the five grades, from very good to unsatisfactory, is awarded. It is worth noting that the best grade has not yet been awarded. It is reserved for models that will emerge from the development of new technologies. As a result, the ADAC tests will remain up to date for many years and will be easy to compare.

Grades awarded by the ADAC:

1. Sehr gut – very good (not awarded)

2. Gut – good (recommended model)

3. Befriedigend – satisfactory (recommended model)

4. Ausreichend – sufficient (model meeting the basic requirements)

5. Mangelhaft – unsatisfactory (model not recommended)

2018 ranking of summer tyres according to the ADAC:

ADAC summer tyre test in size 175/65 R14

ADAC summer tyre test in size 205/55 R16

What should I do when buying tyres?

When looking for a new set of tyres, it's a good idea to spend some time on choosing a model with optimal parameters. The size, tread design and label values given on the label make your choice easier. It is also a good idea to check what specialists and drivers think about given tyres.

Tyre testing is carried out not just by the ADAC, but also by other organisations and industry magazines. These include Autobild, Auto&motor&sport and TCS. In addition, we regularly publish lists of tyres best rated by our users on the website