Regardless of all the technological advancements, the spare wheel is not going anywhere.

A full-size spare wheel

  • A full-size spare takes up the most space in the trunk.
  • It is also the most versatile.

A full-size limited spare wheel

  • A full-size limited tyre is lighter and has a shallower tread.
  • Limited use tyres usually have steel rims.
  • The purpose of the limited use tyre is to allow the driver to reach the nearest garage or tyre repair shop.

Compact, limited use spare wheel

  • Compact limited use tyres are different from the full-size tyres, as they are physically lower and narrower than the standard tyres.
  • You should bear in mind, that the smaller dimensions mean, that the tyre has to be inflated to a higher pressure than an original tyre.
  • One important purpose of a compact limited use tyre, just like with the full-size spare wheel, is to decrease the vehicle's weight and to save some space in the trunk.
  • If your car is equipped with a compact limited use spare tyre, you should always remember that it's supposed to be used for this vehicle only. It should not be installed on any other car, unless it's the same make and model.

Folding limited use spare wheel

  • The least often seen group of spare tyres.
  • It saves the most space in your trunk.
  • In practice, they are too difficult to use. Such a tyre has to be inflated using a compressor or a compressed air tank every time it’s needed.