Even though we’re advised to put our phones down while we’re driving, they’ve become a part of our commutes to and from work. Whether you’re on the tube or driving out of the city, you likely have your phone at your side.

While you shouldn’t text while you drive, you can use your phone to entertain, direct, and otherwise help you work while on the road. There are a litany of apps available today that make using electronics in the car simple.

Determining which will serve you best is a matter of opinion, but we’re still eager to share the ones that make driving, riding, and biking to work a little more enjoyable.

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Gas Guru

Most of us need to find petrol garages when we’re on the road. Gas Guru can help you find garages near you. This app will also help you compare petrol prices in your area. Once you’ve found the garage you want to visit, the app will provide you with the fastest route so you don’t end up pulled over on the side of the road. You can also share the location of garages with the lowest petrol prices through social media!


Waze is a directional app that’s grown in popularity to the point where it rivals Google Maps. Drivers, car-poolers, and cyclists alike can use the app to navigate through traffic just about anywhere in the world. How? Waze’s millions of users provide the app with the data it needs to determine which paths will get its users to work most effectively.

The app will also provide you with information about:

  • Travel time

  • Fuel prices

  • Traffic disruptions

  • Construction alerts

  • Stopped traffic

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You can also share your routes with in-app friends, making it easier for all of you to meet at a single location. That way, when you’re driving with family, no one will get left behind!

To make Waze accessible to commuters of all sorts, the app is free to download on iPhones and Androids. 


Having trouble finding a parking spot when you head into the city? Apps like ParkMe access international parking databases to help you find parking spots wherever you are. This means improved parking if you make a trip to London or ease-of-access parking if you nip into the EU. You can even use your credit card to reserve certain parking spots ahead of time.


Citymapper is another directional app that is ideal for urban employees. Whether you’re using it behind the wheel of a car or on your walk to an afternoon meeting, you’ll find that this app can provide you with by-the-minute traffic updates and alternative travel routes. 

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The flexibility of this app isn’t its only benefit. It specialises in providing you with alternative, car-less travel routes that you can take through any of the UK’s biggest cities. If you’re more of a cyclist or a walker than a driver, then this is the travel app for you. It is also free to download onto iPhones and Android phones.


Are you nostalgic for the maps of old? Then you can use Sygic to help you get from Point A to Point B. Sygic provides commuters with a 2D representation of their preferred travel path. Like the other map-apps listed here, you’ll readily receive traffic updates and be able to share your chosen route with friends or co-workers. 

Unlike those apps, however, Sygic works in cell tower-free areas. The app’s offline mode uses predictive algorithms to ensure that you can still reach your destination, even without access to the Internet.

Sygic connects to Apple CarPlay, Smart Device Link and Mirror Link with ease. The base app is free to download, but if you’re interested in additional features, you can pay for an account upgrade. These features include:

  • A Head-up display

  • Dashcam recording

  • An augmented reality directional feature (recommended to use when not behind the wheel of a car) 

Auto Trader

If you’re looking to buy a new or used car, you can rely on apps like Auto Trader. Auto Trader allows you to shop a catalogue of over 500,000 vehicles. You’ll also be able to read through owner, expert, and dealer reviews to ensure that you’re purchasing the best vehicle for your lifestyle.

The app’s various features include:

  • Advanced filter options

  • Good and great price indicators

  • 5 free vehicle background checks

  • Directions to local, UK car dealers 

best mobile apps for drivers

Apps by vehicle type

If you’re looking for a manufacturer-specific app to provide you with infotainment or vehicular aid, you can download your manufacturer’s app. These apps connect you directly to your vehicle’s home base and allow you to not only connect your phone to your car, but to assess your vehicle’s maintenance and schedule garage visits accordingly. Some of the most effective manufacturer apps include: Tesla, Volvo, Volkswagen or Mercedes

Apps are continuing to change the way you commute to work. Whether you need to fuel up on petrol or navigate through a busy city, you can rely on your phone to help you achieve your goals.