What is a suspension stabilizer and how does it affect vehicle grip? In the following article we explain the essence of one of the most important parts of a car's suspension.

A damaged stabilizer connector is a defect that requires urgent repair.

A damaged stabilizer connector is a defect that requires urgent repair.

Stabilizer connector - what is it?

The stabilizer does not bother the driver on a daily basis, we only remember about it when we learn during the inspection of the car that the stabilizer connector has been damaged. Experienced drivers are able to recognize this problem, which during a slow ride on an uneven surface is manifested by knocking around the suspension.

Most damage is caused by the condition of the roads. A wheel that gets into a hole causes a violent impact, which in turn eventually tears apart the rubber element, which ends with the stabilizer rod connector. You may also notice that this happens more often on the right side of the car, which is due to the worse condition of the road on the side of the roadside.

Repairing this defect is usually neither expensive nor complicated. It is worth taking care of quick replacement of this element, because damaged stabilizer in the car negatively affects the safety of travel. Why? We will try to explain it later in this article.

Suspension stabilizer helps to sustain the track.

Suspension stabilizer helps to sustain the track.

Car stabilizer - how does it work?

A centrifugal force is applied to the car passing the bend and the weight of the vehicle is transferred to the outer wheel. This is compounded by the fact that, for the same reason, the inner wheel loses its stability and grip and the car tilts towards the outer front wheel.

How to counteract this?

If the table had a left front leg shorter (similar to a car tilted in this direction), it would be unstable. If you can't put anything under any of his legs, shorten the opposite (front right) leg. The table will be tilted forward, but will regain stability.
This is how the stabilizer rod works, which connects both control arms and transmits the movement from one side to the other. When the left control arm rises, the right control arm rises as well.

Automotive stabilizer - construction. The tip of the stabilizer rod often fails.

Automotive stabilizer - construction. The tip of the stabilizer rod often fails.

What is the stabilizer connector used for?

Using only the front stabilizer makes sense in the case of cars driven by inexperienced drivers. This will result in understeer steering, but at the same time will make the car behave neutrally in corners by increasing the grip of the rear axle. When driving at a slower speed, the control arm stabilizer will also help improve the steering response.

The situation is different in the case of the design of a fast car that will drive frequently and at high speeds through corners. Such a car in addition to the front stabilizer will also be equipped with one at the back . It will improve the grip of the front wheels on bends at high speed, when too much weight strains the rear wheels.

When using the principle of stabilizers, an important element is the rigidity of the body, thanks to which the mass is transmitted from the rear to the front part of the car and vice versa. This is why there is a desire among engineers to design increasingly rigid structures.


Movement of the suspension stabilizer.

Suspension stabilizer - how does it affect safety?

Adhesion is one of the most important parameters for road safety. To ensure this, it is important to choose the optimum tyre. The transverse stabilizer also ensures that all-wheel grip is used evenly and to the maximum possible extent. It increases the load on the individual wheels and the tilt in the bend, thus transferring the grip to all wheels.

In a car with a damaged stabilizer connector, a loss of stability may occur during driving on bends, and the vehicle may behave unpredictably (once the car will drive with the use of stabilizers, and in a moment without them due to the looseness on connectors).

The suspension stabilizer keeps the grip while driving on bends.

The suspension stabilizer keeps the grip while driving on bends.

For drivers who modify their cars, it is a common mistake to forget about the important role of stabilizers. Tuning drivers increase suspension stiffness through sports shock absorbers and springs, but are unaware that the original stabilizer was not designed to be used in these conditions. For this reason, it will be too flaccid and will not optimally transfer the increased forces generated by the sports suspension. This may affect the handling characteristics of the chassis. The solution will be to use a higher performance equivalent with a larger diameter.