There’s nothing so thrilling as taking to the road on a bike in good weather. There’s more to motorcycling in the UK, though, than the wind in your hair. If you’re heading down any of the dangerous roads in the UK, or even just driving through your neighbourhood, you’ll need motorcycle accessories to keep you safe..

These ten accessories are must-haves for all motorcyclists in the UK.

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#Motorcycle jacket

A thick motorcycle jacket seems like an obvious accessory to have with you on a bike. When the weather gets warmer, though, it can be tempting to leave this protective accessory at home.

Jackets like the Scorpion EXO keep you safe from British weather and motorways. If it’s sunny, the jacket braces you against the wind and protects your skin in case of an accident. If it’s raining (and when isn’t it?), the jacket will keep you dry, warm, and safe against road burn in case of hydroplaning.

#Reflective vest or stickers

You may think reflective vests kill the aesthetic of a motorcycle jacket, but you can’t undersell the importance of these accessories – or their legality. While it’s not legally required for you to wear reflective clothing while biking on risky routes, doing so allows you to take your safety into your own hands. Reflective vests allow other motorists on the roadway to see you in the rain and at night. This increased visibility will decrease your likelihood of accidents.

If you want to maintain your aesthetic without compromising your road safety, consider placing reflective stickers on your bike, instead.

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#Smart brake module

Brake modules will also help other motorists notice you while driving in the dark or in the rain. When you utilise a smart brake module, you’ll be able to let other motorists know when you’re decelerating. Even if you’re braking with the motorcycle engine, smart brake modules that interact with your bike’s core structure will utilise your brake light and let other motorists know what you’re doing on the road.

#Sturdy boots

A thick pair of boots with ankle protection round out a motorcyclist’s wardrobe. If you’re driving risky routes and happen to hit a rock or pothole, your ankle is the first part of your body that’s going to come into contact with the road. Ankle boots protect you against sprains and breaks much more effectively than thongs or sneakers will.

#Roadside tool kit

While your average roadside tool kit won’t help you replace motorcycle tyres, it will come in handy should you have a minor mechanical break while on the road. Most roadside tool kits should include:

  • Torx wrenches
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Cable ties
  • Allen socket wrenches

#Phone bike mount

While you should never text and bike, having a phone mount on your bike will let you take a peek at your GPS without compromising your overall safety. The Roan Phone Bike Mount connects to your bike’s handlebars without obstructing your view of the road. 

This accessory promotes continued bike safety while also making your rides on the road a little less frustrating. Just make sure you don’t try to text while biking, or else you put yourself and other motorists at risk.

#Communication system

If you have a phone bike mount, then you might as well have a communication system integrated into your helmet. Communication systems allow you to answer phone calls if you need to. Systems like the Sena Bluetooth will more readily connect with your phone courtesy of Bluetooth 4.1.

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If you’re the type that likes to take your bike on long UK road trips, then you’re going to need luggage with you. Hard luggage is easier to maintain than soft luggage, and so long as you have the appropriate mounts on your bike, you’ll be able to fit a reasonable amount of supplies in a single casing. 

Soft luggage is workable and notably less expensive than its harder counterpart, but you’ll want to ensure that the fabric is waterproof – there’s no compromising with a UK rainstorm.

#Motorcycle shield

Instead of wearing sunglasses on the road, why not use your shield to your advantage? Photochromic shields keep you safe from the sun by shifting from clear to dark depending on the amount of UV exposure it receives. 

Some shields, like the Bell ClickRelease Transitions Adaptive Photochromic Shield, even come with anti-fog technology, as well. These types of shields are much more effective at keeping you safe on your scenic routes than standard glasses.

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#Weather-resistant sound system

You are required by law to wear a helmet while biking in the UK. Why not have a little fun with the way it works? Consider looping a Bluetooth sound system into your bike’s array of accessories. 

When exploring biking routes in the UK, you’ll want to play music safely and without interference. Helmets like the Headwave Tag make use of the shape of your helmet to optimise the acoustics of your drive without compromising your safety. 

Motorcycling is about more than just the bike. When you take advantage of the bike accessories at your disposal, your road trips will be safer, not to mention more fun.