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Nexen N'Blue 4 Season

16 reviews

From 67 £ pc.

In our offer, we have 2 Nexen tyre models
priced from £67 to £127.

Nexen Van tyres

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  • Fan 4.3

    Nexen N'Blue 4 Season

    I was advised by Oponeo representative to buy this Nexen model. It was a great choice. Winters are kind of 'no snow' recently, the only thing which needs to be handled by a tyre is slush, so it is the reason for all weather tyres. I do not need to waste my time for changing tyres, all what I need to do, is to check tyre presure from time to time. This model is really quiet which is important for me personally. It gives me an impression that I am safe on the road because tyres are good quality. In addition, music sounds better:) See more >