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Passenger car tyres

Ranking of passenger car tyres

See passenger car tyres with the best user ratings. Are you looking for the best passenger car tyres? Become familiar with summer and winter tyre ratings for your vehicle type. We present an offer of passenger car tyres for the summer and winter season with the highest ratings from drivers who have tested them in practice.

Summer tyres

Winter tyres

    • Pirelli SnowControl 3
    • 111150 4.5 (20 Opinions)
    • Pirelli Snowcotrol Serie 3 is a high-performance winter tyre. Thanks to it optimized tread pattern and circle profile Pirelli Snowcotrol Serie 3 provides the user with higher traction capability on ...
    • Goodyear UG 8 Performance
    • 111150 4.5 (22 Opinions)
    • Goodyear UG 8 Performance is a winter tyre designed for the passenger cars with huge engine power. The tyre’s affinity to the premium class ensures the highest quality and performance. Directional tr...
    • Goodyear Ultra Grip 8
    • 111140 4.4 (188 Opinions)
    • A premium winter tyre. It was produced for drivers who look for the best performance in tough winter conditions. Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 is the successor of Goodyear Ultra Grip 7 +, the award tests w...
    • Dunlop SP Winter Response 2
    • 111140 4.4 (45 Opinions)
    • Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 is a proud successor of the SP Winter Response. It is a premium-class winter tyre designed to give the user the highest confidence and safety. Dunlops philosophy is that ...
    • Nokian WR A3
    • 111140 4.4 (106 Opinions)
    • The Nokian WR A3 is a modern first-class winter tyre made with a view to passenger cars with high engine power. It is a tyre made for the best handling in harsh winter conditions. Features of the N...
    • Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D
    • 111130 4.3 (63 Opinions)
    • Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D is a top-class winter tyre. It offers the best traction in difficult winter conditions, without compromising other features – good grip on dry and wet surface and low rolling...
    • Nokian W+
    • 111130 4.3 (25 Opinions)
    • Nokian W+ is a tyre that rolls with gentle friction, it was created for the mild but often changing winter conditions of Central Europe. This winter tyre has very good grip on wet surfaces as well as ...
    • Nokian WR D3
    • 111130 4.3 (125 Opinions)
    • The winter tyre Nokian WR D3 is designed for first-class passenger cars. It provides comfort and safety in winter conditions. Features of the Nokian WR D3: Safety in slush Directional tread pat...

Average rating: 4.4 based on 1115 votes.


We present an offer of passenger car tyres which are the most frequently bought by our customers. You can find information about the most popular models of passenger car tyres here. These are summer and winter tyres which are characterized by excellent quality and an affordable price. See bestsellers at our shop. Test and buy passenger car tyres which will meet your expectations.

Summer tyres

    • Sailun Atrezzo SH402
    • FEATURES: * All Season performance and traction * Deep, circumferential grooves and hundreds of biting edges deliver excellent wet and dry traction for all-year performance * Triplex ...
    • Dębica Presto
    • Dębica Presto is a High Performance tyre devoted to High Performance passenger cars. New technologies and solutions used in designing this tyre enables stable driving and high drivability in all condi...
    • Barum Bravuris 3HM
    • The Bravuris 3HM provides the driver what the affix 'HM' promises: High Mileage! Thanks to minimal wear you can be sure to go further - with regard to mileage as well as superb driving comfort. The ...

Winter tyres

    • Barum Polaris 3
    • With the new Barum Polaris 3 driving in winter becomes a real pleasure Security - good grip in snow With increased traction on snow and ice, and reduced risk of aquaplaning in slush and on wet roa...
    • Nexen WinGuard Sport is a new UHP tyre designed especially for the European sporty cars. Asymmetrical tread design with four wide canals guarantees proper adhesion in all conditions. Silica addition i...
    • Dębica Frigo 2
    • Debica Frigo 2 is a winter tyre designed for the passenger cars. Directional V-shaped tread applied in the tyre reminds of a herringbone. Such a carving ensures perfect water and slush evacuation from...
    • Uniroyal MS Plus 66
    • Uniroyal MS Plus 66 is a middle class winter tyre. Uniroyal MS Plus 66 provides high traction when driving on snowy and icy roads. On wet roads, it ensures safe and smooth driving and reduced risk of ...

Recently added opinions

We present the recently added opinions about passenger car tyres. Each driver who has tested a given model of passenger car tyres in practice can add their rating and opinion here. Database of opinions regarding passenger car tyres is excellent help which will allow you to choose a model which is best suited to your needs.

Summer tyres

    • Pirelli CINTURATO P7
    • adam:
    • 111180 4.8 ( Opinions)
    • I have them on Fiat Stilo. Best I’ve ever had. Good on wet and dry road. I drove 60k miles, but most of it, 45k miles was made in summer. No deformations, no vibrations on steering wheel. With good Ferodo DSP brakes you can show where middle class tyres are placed. No extra warming, good grip. No we...
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    • Firestone TZ300
    • John:
    • 111800 3.8 ( Opinions)
    • Firestone TZ300 tyres are comfortable and predictable. Absolute traction parameters cannot be rated neither for 6 nor for 5 because there are much bette tyres, and on dry 6 would be for a slick and 5 for a sports tyre. For a civilian tyre, the parameters are very good. Decent handling, taking some r...
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    • Bridgestone Turanza ER300
    • Charles:
    • 111110 4.1 ( Opinions)
    • I've been using these tyres for a few seasons now. I bought them after reading numerous reviews, as well as due to very good assessments in summer tyre tests. Pros: The tyre's hard, grips well in the corners, both on wet and dry which does the job with an aggressive driving style. Very durable, noth...
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Winter tyres

    • Dębica Frigo 2
    • Wojtek Kielce:
    • 111900 3.9 ( Opinions)
    • According to me it is good enough tire. I do not know what you want to here more snow. Zimówka this zimówka as my father says, and must be just mainly snow. Clincher This pulls from every oppression, pulls in snow and mud very well, you say - like a tank. For dry and wet I have not found any tragedy...
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    • Dębica Frigo 2
    • sEBA:
    • 111110 4.1 ( Opinions)
    • At first I was a little skeptical about the tires DĘBICA frigo 2 because I have a car class C thought that these tires but can not cope with this on your class as a large car, but driving a variety of winter conditions to mojejmu surprise after about 3000 thousand miles was quite - POSITIVE! What bo...
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    • Dębica Frigo 2
    • Krystiano.:
    • 111110 4.1 ( Opinions)
    • Hello waszystkich! I would write you a few words o / w oponkach. Well, they are pretty good tires as for the price and our winter conditions. Well bite into the snow drifts many a substrate and can go without much of a problem, and braking on slippery or does not pose major problems. Once dry you kn...
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Passenger car tyres

Passenger car tyres are divided into summer, winter and all-season ones. The tread in such tyres can have a symmetrical, asymmetrical or directional pattern. Summer tyres should be used from spring to autumn, when temperatures are above 7°C. Such tyres lose their properties at lower temperatures. Winter tyres should be used in colder weather, as the rubber compound and tread pattern used in these tyres are perfect for winter conditions. Winter tyres also have a larger number of slits and sipes than summer tyres, which ensures good traction on snow. All tread patterns are used in summer tyres, while just 2 patterns are used in winter tyres: asymmetrical and directional. All-season tyres combine features of summer and winter tyres. Such tyres are characterized by good performance throughout the year, regardless of the season and weather conditions. All-season tyres are intended for drivers with a calm driving style who drive approx. 3.5 thousand miles a year. Summer tyres, on the other hand, are appropriate for drivers who drive 3-3.5 miles a year in a dynamic or aggressive style. Manufacturers of tyres for passenger cars still strive after producing a tyre which would be characterized by excellent grip on a wet and dry surface, a short braking distance and high fuel savings with high driving comfort. It is a real challenge to create a tyre which would be characterized by very good grip both on fresh snow, slush and in the rain and which would produce little noise.


passenger car tyres are available in summer, winter and all-season versions. passenger car tyres perform the best from late spring to early autumn on dry and wet road surfaces. passenger car for the winter season ensure safety in all road conditions to be encountered in winter. All-season passenger car are a compromise combination of the performance of summer and winter tyres. Why don’t you to explore our offer for a given season.

Vehicle type

We distinguish passenger car, delivery vehicle and 4x4 car tyres. Passenger car tyres are intended for typical passenger cars. 4x4 tyres are products which have been designed for cars with a four-wheel drive (off-road vehicles and sport utility vehicles, i.e. SUVs). Delivery vehicle tyres, on the other hand, are specialized products intended for continuous operation under heavy loads in cars intended for carrying goods and a larger number of people (vans). We present an offer for passenger car/4x4 car/delivery vehicle tyres.


passenger car tyres are manufactured by a majority of a few hundred tyre manufacturers. Models of passenger car tyres are manufactured by both large companies (e.g. Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone and Pirelli) and by smaller independent manufacturers. We distinguish passenger car tyres of the economy, medium and premium classes. We present an offer for passenger car tyres by the most popular manufacturers.


The size of passenger car tyres can be read from a sequence of digits on the side of the tyre, e.g. 205/55 R16. It is necessary to know the size while buying tyres. The first number means the tyre width measured in millimetres between its sides. The second number in the size of a passenger car tyres is the profile height, i.e. the percentage value as compared to the tyre width, e.g. 55 is 55% out of 205, i.e. 112.75 mm. The last number is the rim width in inches, while the “R” symbol informs about the type of the passenger car tyres (R - radial, D – bias).






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