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Bridgestone Turanza ER300 205/50 R17 93 W XL RF

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Bridgestone Turanza ER300 Tyre Description
Bridgestone Turanza ER300 205/50 R17 93 W XL RF
Bridgestone Turanza ER300 205/50 R17 93 W XL RF
Size: 205/50 R17
Season: Tyres Summer

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Tyres Bridgestone Turanza ER300 205/50 R17 93 W XL RF

TURANZA - NATURAL HARMONY Even the longest journeys are now a breeze thanks to the perfect balance between performance, stability and sheer driving pleasure. The Turanza ER300’s solid construction and state-of-the-art tread technology deliver outstanding stability and steering response, letting you power safely through even the toughest conditions. No other tyre satisfies your quest for harmony quite like the TURANZA. Its state-of-the-art construction and innovative tread design achieve an unprecedented synergy between safety, comfort and performance. The TURANZA is engineered for superior traction and braking in the wet while offering outstanding stability and steering response in all conditions. Most of all, its smooth, quiet, economical performance will redefine your concept of motoring perfection. The TURANZA is, in every sense, the best way to arrive.

Recently added opinions Bridgestone Turanza ER300 205/50 R17 93 W XL RF

Sorcerer 08/11/2007
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsI'm not a person who gets delighted with differences and the things they have. I thought about bying new summer tyres for a long time, I looked through ADAC tests, Auto Express, boards, discussion groups, etc. I hesitated for very long (because Bridgestone Turanza ER300s weren't cheap in comparison to other tyres [such as Uniroyals which I almost bought]) but because of the fact that I appreciate high safety level and I am careful, that I decided to spend more money and buy them... and I really don't regret it! Of course, I bought the whole set and do not regret the money spent on it, in my opinion they are the best tyres I've been using in the summer. On dry they grip as if the car was glued, on wet it's really difficult for me (especially in the city) to make ABS work when braking, water from big puddels is sensationally drained (of course, to reasonable extent), I feel really safe in the rain and finally have complete control over what I am doing :-) When it comes to comfort and noise level, they are averagely quiet when you drive slowly (so the'y not so sensational), but at high speeds above 85-90 MPH it is very good, so overall it's fine. The appearance is average (not bad, it's just normal, it doesn't look sporty or badly but they have to provide grip, not look good! And don't assess them by looks, they're worth buying because of the quality, not the appearance!) but I'm not complaining. To sum up, I sincerely recommend Bridgestone Turanza ER300 (really, don't hesitate, if you have the will to spend a few more pounds, then it's worth to get the Turanzas). Finally, I know (I mainly bought these tyres because of the rain, and poor condition of roads with big puddles) that the car grips the road (I repeat, to reasonable extent, because there are people who say they go over 80 MPH in the rain and they will, until something happens...). I recommend to anyone that cares about the safety of themselves and others!Tyre reviews

Walter 23/08/2007
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsI bought these tyres basing on ADAC test results and reviews written on this website and I'm not disappointed. Bridgestone Turanza ER300s are very good tyres, and certainly the best I've ever driven on. On dry the car goes like it was glued, on wet it's cool, I tried emergency braking after rainfall and I was surprised by the grip. Also, they are very comfortable, bumps became less annoying, balancing is no problem, no vibrations on the steering wheel, no "nervousness" in handling even at high speeds, quiet (it's a relief after driving on factory Matadors when it comes to noise level and driving comfort), however I don't know if after a certain distance done they have'nt become a little bit louder, than in the moment they were new, but still can't complain about the noise. It's hard for me to say something more about abrasion, because it's the first season I've been using these tyres, but I didn't notice any excessive wear, but on the other hand I don't expect an extraordinary life span, because I think it is impossible to combine sensational grip with minimal abrasion. I chose the grip. Cons - I think there aren't any. I find the opinions about the appearance far from true - rounded sides? Every tyre has rounded sides, more or less, this one maybe has a little more rounded ones, but I like it (a matter of personal taste), and besides, I don't think it's the most important feature of the tyre. I recommend.Tyre reviews

Jacob 01/06/2009
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsBridgestone Turanza ER300s are great tyres, but in my car they have one major drawback (I know that in Audi A6 the situation is similar because I read one user's comment) - the edge parts of the tyres wear faster than the whole. I checked the alignment and everything is perfect, but the outside bar has wear indexes already visible (and the central grooves still have about 7 mm depth). Perhaps it is because of the fact that in my model the standard size was 195/65R15. I'd have to check it because form 2003, when the facelifted Volvo V70 appeared on the market, 205/55R16 tyres were fitted and alignment settings might have been slightly altered. generally, it's a great tyre. I drive a lot and fast. Before I bought them, I read a lot of different comments, and decided to get the Bridgestones. In dry conditions they are sensational, not too loud, not too soft, not too hard, they finely match the suspension of the Volvo. When it comes to performance on wet, it is also difficult to complain about them, because in spite of my fast driving, I never managed to "overdo" with speed. I rated their abrasion at 4, because of these worn sides, but if it wore evenly, it would be 5, or maybe 6. I recommend, if you like the feeling of confidence on the road. Despite "side-swerving" I still think about buying them again, because safety is the most important thing, and these tyres give the feeling of such.Tyre reviews

vengador 03/05/2010
Opinion: 3.0 11100

Tyre reviewsMy tyre size is 195/50R15, the car is a 1998 Honda Civic 3D. The tyres are fitted to the front. I do not recommend to fit it to wheels narrower than 6.5J. I have them fitted to 5.5J and thay are terrible on such wheels! Pros - the tyre provides great braking on both dry and wet! There are no problems with driving in ruts, they don't swerve and they drain water better than winter tyres do. They are really comfortable, my 175/65R14 winter tyres are harder than them. Bridgestone Turanza ER300s are definitely better than eg. Toyo Proxes T1-R, Falken ZE 512s and 912s, Yokohama C drives 185/60R14. Cons - they're terrible in the corners, they have grip but "curl" terribly, in the corners they lose it on horizontal bumps, which is is their biggest drawback. In my opinion, the sidewall is a bit too soft like in T1-R, PX4 will probably be fitted next, because their sidewall is apparently harder. Loud, so far I haven't used any tyres louder than that. My overall rating is 4, I recommend bridgestone Turanza ER300s to people who drive safely and want to have a tire with excellent braking properties on both wet and dry. I don't recommend them for fast corners, especially for wheels narrower than 6.5J.Tyre reviews

Mario 23/04/2006
Opinion: 3.4 111400

Tyre reviewsI have noticed something interesting. In our four company cars Bridgestone Turanza ER300s with speed index H - 130 MPH were fitted, but because of manufacturer approvals (higher engine displacement) the next two cars were fitted with tyres with speed index V - 149 MPH. I recently talked with an engineer who is a friend of mine, who explained the differences in construction of tyres with indexes H and V to me. When the wheel speed increases eg. twice, inertia forces affecting the tyre increase four times in "speed square". So, as a result, better materials and more plies are needed. The conclusion was as follows, the tyre with speed index V and more plies is stiffer than the H-indexed one. The second notice - the higher the speed index, the more the required construction increases rolling resistance. On the road it turned out that actually the H-indexed tyre is more flexible, and provides higher comfort. After driving 20 thousand miles last year and fitting the tyres this season, I do not have any objections. As for tyres with V index, it's hard for me to assess them.Tyre reviews

Paul 09/08/2007
Opinion: 3.4 111400

Tyre reviewsWhen someone punctured my first set of Bridgestone Turanza ER300s, I did not even hesitate for a moment - I bought them again. I really can't complain about anything! They are really great. I am positively surprised by their abrasion and I drive fast and a lot. Average daily distance is about 100 miles - 60 miles outside and 40 in the city. I know that the tyres should be the same regardless of the factory, but the ones from Spain just glued to the road. The tyres which probably were from Italian plant had a bit worse grip - it can be sensed. Why? What makes the difference? If they start to lose grip, I'll get them again if there will be no better one in ADAC and other tests... Maybe the point is we quickly get used to good tyres. And what's the point in looking for drawbacks if the tyres cause no problems? And why do we have thoughts that the drivers who have trouble with tyres are in the better position? If you are looking for safety, driving comfort and sports performance, I can definitely recommend Bridgestone Turanza ER300s.Tyre reviews

randy 07/03/2011
Opinion: 4.0 1111000

Tyre reviewsI chose Bridgestone Turanza ER300, because of Bridgestone tyres being used in F1, and on the day of purchase it was the most expensive tyre in the workshop, but after a 25% discount for permanent customers it appeared to be the cheapest of three selected brands, next to Continental and Michelin. After driving over35 000 miles I can say that the tyre is perfect for my driving style. It's really difficult to lose grip when starting on dry, it gives a great fieeling of confidence in the corners, you can easily sense the moment of grip loss. The tyre suprised me he most in the rain, as it's very reliable and predictable. No problems with starting, or cornering. Braking distance lengthens only slightly. I don't recommend it for snow and slush! It's a summer tyre after all, and in such conditions it works great, in the rain it's sensational. Abrasion level even after such a distance and with my driving style is very low. To sum up, a good tyre with long life span for English rain conditions, even with aggressive driving.Tyre reviews

ZIBBY 26/07/2009
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsGenerally OK but there are two things that annoyed me from the beginning of use. The first drawback is increased noise level in the car. Also it gets less audible proportionally to speed increase, but that's because it gets muffled by the sound of air whistling around the car.The car is definitely quieter on winter Goodyears. The second problem is reduced driving comfort. I noticed an increase of suspension stiffness, my car has become "stiffer". My tyres have profile 60, and I have an impression as if it was 35-40! If you prefer high driving comfort then i don't recommend buying this tyre, but if the comfort isn't important to you, then it's a right choice to buy these tyres. Handling is great on both dry and wet surface. Great in the corners and on straights, even ruts aren't a problem. I don't assess their abrasion, I'll get new ones when these wear out. But I can't say if they'll be Bridgestones Turanza ER300s again. I'm satisfied, but far from "delighted". It's because of the low driving comfort.Tyre reviews

Arthur 23/08/2010
Opinion: 4.6 111160

Tyre reviewsI did about 12 thousand miles on these tyres and so far I am very satisfied. The most important thing to me was that the tyre had to be the most effective in braking on wet and... I wasn't disappointed! As for me, they behave sensationally on wet. I even did some "try-out" braking on wet and I hit the brake pedal to the floor at about 50 MPH. On smooth, wet pavement my car stopped almost on the spot. ABS switched on as usual, but only for a brief moment. Another anvantage is the handling in the corners... excellent on dry, very good on wet. I'm just waiting to see how many miles I will do on them, because so far they appear to have little wear. The drawback for me is handling in the ruts. You have to hold the steering wheel firmly because it may sverve when coming out of a rut. But for me it's not a problem, and a big advantage is excellent braking on wet. I know that if they last 30 thousand miles, the next purchase will be Birdgestone Turanza ER300 again!Tyre reviews

Matt 24/06/2008
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsI've been driving for a year on Bridgestone Turanza ER300s now, Previously I had many other, so-called "sports" tyres such as Dunlop SP Sport 9000, Michelin Primacy, Pirelli PZero Rosso, even Bridgestone Potenza RE050. None of these can match the quality of ER300! Do you know why? Because sports tyres always have some "issues". Every tyre has its strong and weak points. These tyres are good in all aspects. Even side slides on wet road or in the mountains are not a problem, the tyres won't even squeal, and the car is constantly under control, it may be also the credit of a powerful 4WD but I can sense how much credit here is for the tyres, and they really give a lot! I can't complain about anything, during the use they never gave me any negative thoughts about their behaviour. Quiet, great in all conditions. Think twice before spending your money on loud "triangular" treads or overpaying for the Continentals or Michelins which aren't better than the ER300 :)Tyre reviews

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