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Winter Tyres / Snow Tyres

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Winter tyres

Winter tyres

The images show the braking distance for winter tyres. Winter tyres are constructed in such a manner so that they considerably reduce the braking distance on snow as compared to summer tyres. They are characterized by a larger number of grooves and sipes which bite into the snow and ensure better grip. In addition, they are made of a compound which behaves better at temperatures below 7°C – at which summer tyres lose their properties.

Winter tyres ranking

The winter tyre ranking is generated on the basis of our users' opinions. Models which got the highest ratings are ranked in the top positions. Their list presents our users' practical knowledge about winter tyres which are the best in their opinion.
Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 111140 4.4 (88)
Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 111140 4.4 (45)
Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 111140 4.4 (188)
Nokian WR A3 111140 4.4 (106)
Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D 111130 4.3 (63)
Nokian WR D3 111130 4.3 (125)
Continental ContiWinterContact TS 830 P 111130 4.3 (32)
Hankook Icebear W 442 111120 4.2 (30)
Nokian W+ 111120 4.2 (52)
Michelin Alpin A4 111120 4.2 (91)

Average rating: 3.68 based on 34404 votes


The ranking shows the best-selling winter tyres. These are products which enjoy the highest appreciation of our users. These tyres usually combine good quality and an attractive price.

Technical description of the product is not available yet.

Ovation W586

Technical description of the product is not available yet.

Dębica Frigo Directional

Technical description of the product is not available yet.

Matador MP52 Nordicca Basic

Technical description of the product is not available yet.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed to keep the best performance at temperatures below 7°C. Mixtures used in winter tyres guarantee flexibility at low temperatures. A soft tyre ensures high level of grip. A hardened tyre, on the other hand, can lead to an uncontrollable skid. This can be particularly dangerous on a slippery winter surface. The structure and the tread patterns of modern winter tyres are designed on the basis of a computer simulation. They have an intricate system of grooves and sipes. The blocks of the winter tyre tread are of different sizes, are arranged in a variable manner and there are incisions on the edges in some models. Such a solution allows for the self-cleaning of the tread and, as a result, makes it easier to bite into the snow and to become released from it quickly. With each move, the snow attached to the groove detaches from it, thus cleaning the tread. Winter tyres are also equipped with peripheral grooves which are responsible for removing water and slush from under the tyre and improving its stability. In winter tyres, directional or asymmetrical tread patters are usually used. The directional pattern has the shape of the single herringbone. It is characterized by pushing the snow outside the tyre effectively. It also ensures continuous contact of the tyre with the surface and good grip. The asymmetrical tread, on the other hand, is characterized by differences on the inner and outer side of the tread. The inner part is responsible for effective water runoff and the outer one for good traction and grip on bends. The head of an asymmetrical tyre is characterized by an uneven distribution of grooves. Some winter tyres are equipped with spikes, which considerably improve grip on compacted snow and on ice. This solution is used, for example, in Russia and in Scandinavia where snow can be encountered for a large part of the year. It is not legal in the UK, due to the nature of our winters (frequent thaws etc.). Winter tyres are designed to ensure the best performance on snow and ice. Their treads are optimized with winter conditions on mind.

ADAC winter tyre tests

We present you the winter tyre tests which are conducted every year by ADAC - an independent German automobile club and by other organizations. The tests are considered a source of reliable opinions, which is why they are quoted by manufacturers and users all over the world. They are conducted in a comprehensive manner - safety, maintenance costs, resistance to wear and tear and other important parameters. The tests allow for exploring the characteristics of the best products in the world.

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Recently added opinions

We present 50 recently added opinions - we have already collected approx. 50 thousand of them.
Dębica Frigo 2 Wojtek Kielce: 111900 3.9

According to me it is good enough tire. I do not know what you want to here more snow. Zimówka this zimówka as my father says, and must be just mainly snow. Clincher This pulls from every oppression, pulls in snow and mud very well, you say - like a tank. For dry and wet I have not found any tragedy...

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Dębica Frigo 2 sEBA: 111110 4.1

At first I was a little skeptical about the tires DĘBICA frigo 2 because I have a car class C thought that these tires but can not cope with this on your class as a large car, but driving a variety of winter conditions to mojejmu surprise after about 3000 thousand miles was quite - POSITIVE! What bo...

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Dębica Frigo 2 Krystiano.: 111110 4.1

Hello waszystkich! I would write you a few words o / w oponkach. Well, they are pretty good tires as for the price and our winter conditions. Well bite into the snow drifts many a substrate and can go without much of a problem, and braking on slippery or does not pose major problems. Once dry you kn...

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Dębica Frigo 2 Bartek: 11110 4.0

Very soft tires at the winter I consider a big plus, but after driving over 10 thousand. kilometers, the tread almost intact. Comfort on these oponkach high and in my opinion does not deviate from the more expensive tires, the car is softly. Dębice 195/65 I started on 15 "steel wheels and I hav...

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Dębica Frigo 2 Edek: 111110 4.1

I read a lot of reviews before I bought these just tires. Some reprove them for volume. I just do not mind it ;) When choosing tires important to be guided by common sense, fit the tire for your car and its features, driving style, etc. Another aspect is the price at which you can buy this tire is a...

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Dębica Frigo 2 *KroQ*: 1111000 4.0

Recommended tire Debica. It is important that these are new pieces, not kilkusezonowe stimulants from the west. Behavior of the vehicle depends to a large extent on the driver and the vehicle which has, however, never personally complained about the products Debica. Oponeo also fulfilled professiona...

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Dębica Frigo 2 szliri: 111900 3.9

Hello you. As for the tires it will try to briefly and specifically. I ride a Frigo2 since 2008 different cars, mostly missions, and now I have them in three private cars. Very good on snow, wet mud, ice is known without the spike does not have the pin. Quite strong and durable rubber, however, at t...

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Dębica Frigo 2 Wąski: 1111000 4.0

Very good value for money. As a summary, I'll tell you that, from Bieszczady - Bialystok, rode in third during sunny weather, third - freezing rain and third route snow blizzard. Tires worked perfectly. Speed ​​ranged between 100-110 km / h The only drawback I noticed that it is a little loud. R...

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 Łapa: 111120 4.2

I drove them about 12 000 km can not be seen visually wear, very good job of, especially in the snow and slush - they are soft and have a good grip. I have a car in the Quattro, and drive different roads and I did not have any of their failure. We strongly recommend this product because the price is...

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 Millenium: 111110 4.1

This year, the winter is not especially plagued us, but still I am happy with these zimóweczek. A lot of driving around Poland and in just a few monthly winter with the name passed around 10 thousand. km, Regardless of the weather, I think that the tires perform well. Both on how dry the wet was OK,...

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Firestone Winterhawk 2 EVO d2: 111120 4.2

Really great donuts (my manufactured in Italy). Even during the terrible road conditions, you can drive safely and without fear. Ba! In the period of greatest rainfall, the average speed of traffic on the roads outside the city was no more than 30km / h I comfortably ahead without fear of losing tra...

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 Stanisław: 11110 4.0

At this price you will not find anything better. I'm surprised driveability of these tires. If they were a little more quiet - perfect for me at this price. People do not be afraid and do not overpay for designer duds....

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 Lehu: 111120 4.2

Although the Chinese product, but does not deviate from reputable producentów.To my second tire of the brand and reach for without thinking when the next will remain the same competitive price....

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Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 zweimall: 111140 4.4

I wanted to buy Firestone Winterhawk 1, but no longer produce, so I was looking for tires with tread simillar. The choice fell on Continental. I drove one season tyrech and I am pleased with them. Clincher quiet and I feel that it runs better in August than my summer Dunlopy.Na dry quietly and przyj...

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 leśny muczaczos: 111110 4.1

Value for money speaks for itself. According to me better to buy a new Chinese than 3 years "branded" tires. Tire good, a lot of tread, the only drawback is the volume, but quietly to survive....

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 Beata: 111120 4.2

Extremely good exercise in the snow and slush, very soft. The disadvantage is, unfortunately, a paved road noise already above 80 km / h However, something for something! I recommend!...

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 kyko: 11110 4.0

A little bit of winter to the more fundamental assessment, but what was a pretty, pretty. There were fears of increased fuel consumption, fortunately none of these things....

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 gahan1971: 111120 4.2

I bought these tires in August, suggesting the price and not to disappoint. Maybe a little too loud on dry pavement but something for something. I would recommend with full responsibility!...

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BFGoodrich G-Force Winter ford: 111200 3.2

holds great tire for dry conditions, while the rain is not so sweet. when starting box with wheels often ii braking leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to check the behavior of the snow because in my region this winter has not even fallen snowflake. Unfortunatel...

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S100 Michał D.: 11110 4.0

I'm really pleasantly surprised by these tires. At the beginning I had some doubts, but after driving several thousand kilometers I know it's a good buy. I would recommend....

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Zeetex Ice-Plus S200 czarny: 111110 4.1

Concerns big before buying, and now the great satisfaction after purchase. As for the price of a tire sensational, quiet with good grip on snow and wet roads....

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Dębica Frigo 2 paweł panuś: 111170 4.7

Welcome all users. I was asked for an opinion so go ahead. Tires have already 2,5 season, virtually missing 2-3 weeks for hardworking three years, as evidenced by the evaluation I am more than delighted. I do quite a lot of kilometers on the short and long routes also in mountainous areas and the ti...

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Uniroyal MS Plus 66 józef lsd: 111140 4.4

It will probably four tread winter and surprisingly beaten 6 mm. These are great tyres, both in extreme mountain conditions: driveways, parking lots icy, drifts of fresh snow - as well as in the city. In the city it is revealed that the car parked almost anywhere, even the front (FWD) in the deepest...

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Kormoran SNOWPRO realista: 111120 4.2

very good tyre for small cars - I have a fiesta 1.3, I see no point in spending more than 100 zł per tyre as you have the same for little money, the tyre on the snow-revelation as the locomotive pulls, of course, you can buy the latest technology for 300 zł - but that in normal use, you can see the ...

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Michelin Agilis Alpin maki: 111120 4.2

Great tire, it is not cheap but I think worth the money. I'm a courier, often go to the small towns, where it is rare when the roads are cleared of snow as it should. Never happened to me in August bury, even on steep climbs kopnym snow not a problem, even if I had to "pace" of 500-700...

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Kleber KRISALP HP 2 Arek: 111100 3.1

Overall tyre is no revelation, has already ridden on many winter tyres, starting with the cheapest "the Chinese" on Pirelli Snow Control ending (for me the best of the best in each category). Kleber Kristalp both HP and HP2 are basically average in every aspect, dry and snow as far ok, but...

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Yokohama W.drive V902A Łukasz R: 111800 3.8

I bought these tyres (V902) in 2008, reading a lot of reviews and rankings (I drive: Renault Scenic 1.9 dti). After their first winter przejeździłem assuming no major problems, but another band of winter it's disappointment. Tyres on the water (rain, thaw, etc) behave poorly during braking, mome...

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Falken HS 439 Wlodek: 111500 3.5

Welcome. On these two winter tires I drove, I live in London so that was driven route to Polish and back to the trip in the Polish mountains alps in winter and skiing in Livigno. After Mazury land of 1000 km per year on average. So far, I drove about 17000 km. I will say this tire good, decent stick...

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Kelly Winter ST Spider: 111120 4.2

Already ridden on different tyres with different price levels and to be honest I have not counted the number of the tyres KELLY. I drove the car in a private Kristall Montero 3 Fuldach which were much more expensive than Kelly. The official Fabia had the same size, so I can clearly assess the differ...

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Nokian WR A3 Beamer: 1110000 3.0

I bought Nokian WR A3 205/55 R16 91 H and boy I'm in shock, because so poorly run. I had a Honda Nokia, I had a Volvo Nokia + and they were great. As a fan of the brand I bought my 318d Nokia WR and slips! Those went to the asphalt, and these, unfortunately, poking, ABS is activated, when starti...

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Uniroyal MS Plus 77 yukon: 111600 3.6

Tires like tires, very difficult to subjectively assess. Everyone hears what he wants to hear, and only the owner can assess the tires according to your criteria - after all, everyone rides with us otherwise. I prefer rather ride smooth and fast. With such use Uniroyal car performed very well. Of co...

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Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D Michał G.: 111120 4.2

Tires manufactured in Germany. Tires nicely wyważyły, used weights between 5 and 20 grams per wheel (195/65 R15) which is small compared to summer tires Kumho brand, where I have pasted even after 60 g tire is doing well in typical conditions on the road. In the second the same car have an older ver...

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Kleber KRISALP HP 2 Adam: 111180 4.8

Toyota Corolla Combi 2.0 D4D 90 km. In winter, I drive about 25 tys.km are my third winter tires Kleber and I find them to be very good when it comes to value for the money. Known winter has its own rules so when it comes to snow just as appreciated are very quiet, very well choose the snow and mud ...

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Semperit SPEED - GRIP szpener: 111130 4.3

When buying a car was fitted Semperity. What can I say, the state of the tyres was not in the best condition, pretty much worn out, I was going to replace them because the design did not think that they can be fit to ride. However, I was shocked, of course, positive, and in this condition tyres are ...

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Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 Sylwek: 111170 4.7

Tires are performing superbly on both wet and dry conditions. The snow great. I had the opportunity to test it during this year's winter attack and the famous Xavier. Snowdrifts and blizzards way that I was able to ride on these tires is simply a measure of performance for these tires. When anot...

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Nexen WINGUARD SPORT Pawel 31Fr: 111140 4.4

Tires purchased this year from the first moment I saw how it aroused the interest and desire to test them :-) I wish to emphasize that I am the driver demanding and above all, place the greatest emphasis on safety because besides that I'm a driver I'm still a father and husband. After the fi...

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Nexen WINGUARD SPORT Pawel 31Fr: 111140 4.4

Tires purchased this year from the first moment I saw how it aroused the interest and desire to test them :-) I wish to emphasize that I am the driver demanding and above all place the greatest emphasis on safety because besides that I'm a driver I'm still a father and husband. After the fir...

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Toyo H09 Piotr: 111120 4.2

Tires appreciate high due to the lack of any such problems with moving off uphill on a heavily snow-covered roads or covered with slush (never once had a problem with it) and it is both the maximum permissible laden and unladen. The only reason I can not attach a faster ride on asphalt covered with ...

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Dębica Frigo 2 J 23: 111180 4.8

I currently have it set up for two cars - one tylnonapędowe, one front wheel drive. For a real winter (snow, slush) - not driven on better tires (Continentale, matadory, klebery beats). Please check yourself, eg softness of rubber. Try to move the pieces of the tread fingers in Debica and another ti...

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Dębica Frigo 2 DDs54: 1111000 4.0

I bought tyres to ... Caro Polonez 1.6. "Odżałowałem" a few pounds on new and have no regrets. I ride on them 2 seasons. Very good control with rear-wheel drive car, even with unexpected slides after hitting slush slush. Moving off without any problem! I never once had to dig the car out o...

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Pirelli CARVING EDGE ARTI: 111140 4.4

He recommended it to me friend "oponiarz". Horse Omega A 2.0i Auto. drive tył.Tylko ABS. The whole winter without any slippage. Tires sensational. "Mean" tread helps in driving on snow, mud. like going into the corner but point out during normal driving, it's hard to put a si...

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Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 Piotr: 111140 4.4

After reading the reviews on this tire gave up the purchase, despite the fact that many seasons przejeździłem its previous model and I was happy. After many hours of research I decided to take a chance and today I do not regret that decision. Immediately after assuming first impression was negative....

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Kumho I`ZEN XW KW17 Wojtek: 111600 3.6

Overall, not a bad tyre - I would even say that in trials such as braking on wet and dry fared much better than years of Fulda Carat Assuro. The fact that they were older but larger 195/50R15 (175/65R14 Kumho winter tyres) and a lot better to me to have inhibited (abs went off, but the effect was ma...

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Fulda KRISTALL MONTERO 3 Kamil: 111120 4.2

I highly recommend these tires. Very good exercise in the snow, provide a very good grip and running even in the car with rear-wheel drive. Very well stick it on dry asphalt road and in moderate temperatures (10-15 degrees). Auto on these tires is carried out accurately (even at high speeds), and as...

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Fulda KRISTALL MONTERO 3 klavos: 11110 4.0

Branded product at a good price. I must add that good retreaded tyres not give way even reputable brands, it mainly applies to when driving in snow kopnym. Good quality tyres, but already under-jeżdżonych, (5-6mm tread) use during the transition period, November, March and April. Last year on May 3 ...

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Fulda Kristall Montero 2 Zadowolony użytkownik: 111160 4.6

Tyres bought a small car in size 175/65/14. Operated by 4 seasons tyres (40-50 thousand. Miles) and still fit for use for at least 1 season of intense riding, if not longer. Tyre absolutely excellent. Passed my expectations. Use for 4 seasons once had a problem with starting, the steep icy driveway....

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Kleber KRISALP HP 2 Piewit: 111120 4.2

Practically never met with such winter road conditions (snow, slush, ice), in which I would feel uncomfortable going on these tyres. Tyre advantages are: - very good traction - especially in winter - during starting, braking, cornering - very good value for money performance and handling characteris...

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Firestone Winterhawk 2 EVO Marcin: 111200 3.2

Firestone Winterhawk EVO bought in autumn 2012 and waited with the opinion that przejeździć the season and see it in all conditions. Tire behaved superbly on dry and wet roads, going softly and straight as a rail, but the problem appeared in the snow, slush, on ice not to mention, because no tire on...

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Yokohama W.drive V902A Przemek: 111700 3.7

I was looking for tyres that will be a great time to write down on a dry or wet road as there is with us for 90% winter and periods of transition. I ride usually the main roads, which is rarely a lot of snow and slush and the tyre meets my needs 100%, because it allows to move fast. Side roads where...

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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 grizzly: 111130 4.3

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 is excellent when it comes to behaviour at high speed on the motorway. I often go abroad and the tyre drains water really well and behaves nicely on slush. If I have to find a drawback I have to say I live in the mountains and I never had any problems with grip, but sometime...

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On the market there is a division into summer, winter and all-season tyres. Winter tyres offer good performance on every type of winter surface and in low temperatures. Summer tyres offer safety on both dry and wet surfaces and all-season tyres are a balance between the two.

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