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x Reinforced tyres

Every single tyre has its load index. This index is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher carriage than standard ones. Therefore, they can easily meet the requirements that they are faced in cars that need higher loads.

x Run on Flat Tyres

Run on Flat tyres allow driving ater a pressure loss. Driving on a punctured tyre is possible for about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.


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Braking capabilities of summer and winter tyres in winter

The picture vividly illustrates the braking distance of winter tyres. Winter tyres are constructed in a way which significantly shortens the braking distance on snow, compared to summer tyres. Their characteristic feature is an increased number of grooves and sipes, which dig into the snow and provide better grip. Moreover, they are made of a compound which performs the best in temperatures lower than -7 Celsius degrees - conditions in which summer tyres lose their properties.

Winter tyre ranking

The winter tyre ranking is generated on the basis of our users' opinions. Models which got the highest ratings are ranked in the top positions. Their list presents our users' practical knowledge about winter tyres which are the best in their opinion.

Winter tyre Opinion 4.6 111160 (30 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.5 111150 (59 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.5 111150 (113 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.5 111150 (29 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.4 111140 (228 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.4 111140 (172 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.3 111130 (170 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.3 111130 (38 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.3 111130 (81 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.3 111130 (44 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.3 111130 (114 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.3 111130 (151 Reviews)
Winter tyre Opinion 4.2 111120 (77 Reviews)


The ranking shows the best-selling winter tyres. These are products which enjoy the highest appreciation of our users. These tyres usually combine good quality and an attractive price.

  • Barum Polaris 3
    Barum Polaris 3

    With the new Barum Polaris 3 driving in winter becomes a real pleasure Security - good grip in ...

  • Dębica Frigo 2
    Dębica Frigo 2

    Debica Frigo 2 is a winter tyre designed for the passenger cars. Directional V-shaped tread applied ...

  • Goodyear Ultra Grip 8
    Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

    A premium winter tyre. It was produced for drivers who look for the best performance in tough ...

  • Nokian WR A3
    Nokian WR A3

    The Nokian WR A3 is a modern first-class winter tyre made with a view to passenger cars with high ...

Average tyre rating: 3.80 based on 35103 reviews

Winter tyres

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed to keep the best performance at temperatures below 7°C. Mixtures used in winter tyres guarantee flexibility at low temperatures. A soft tyre ensures high level of grip. A hardened tyre, on the other hand, can lead to an uncontrollable skid. This can be particularly dangerous on a slippery winter surface. The structure and the tread patterns of modern winter tyres are designed on the basis of a computer simulation. They have an intricate system of grooves and sipes. The blocks of the winter tyre tread are of different sizes, are arranged in a variable manner and there are incisions on the edges in some models. Such a solution allows for the self-cleaning of the tread and, as a result, makes it easier to bite into the snow and to become released from it quickly. With each move, the snow attached to the groove detaches from it, thus cleaning the tread. Winter tyres are also equipped with peripheral grooves which are responsible for removing water and slush from under the tyre and improving its stability. In winter tyres, directional or asymmetrical tread patters are usually used. The directional pattern has the shape of the single herringbone. It is characterized by pushing the snow outside the tyre effectively. It also ensures continuous contact of the tyre with the surface and good grip. The asymmetrical tread, on the other hand, is characterized by differences on the inner and outer side of the tread. The inner part is responsible for effective water runoff and the outer one for good traction and grip on bends. The head of an asymmetrical tyre is characterized by an uneven distribution of grooves. Some winter tyres are equipped with spikes, which considerably improve grip on compacted snow and on ice. This solution is used, for example, in Russia and in Scandinavia where snow can be encountered for a large part of the year. It is not legal in the UK, due to the nature of our winters (frequent thaws etc.). Winter tyres are designed to ensure the best performance on snow and ice. Their treads are optimized with winter conditions on mind.

Winter tyre tests

Below we present tyre test conducted by various organizations and automotive magazines. The tyre tests are commonly considered the best, the most authoritative and reliable source of information about the performance of particular tyre models. Among many parameters which have influence on final test results, the most important are safety, which is tyre's ability of braking, influence on fuel consumption, resistance to wear etc. The tyre test results are often a reference for drivers and tyre manufacturers around the world.

Winter tyre guide

Articles about winter tyres

Recently added opinions

We present 50 recently added opinions - we have already collected approx. 50 thousand of them.

  • WR A3 maaarki: 4.1 111110 (172 Reviews)

    Tires bought last year (2013) and przejeździłem the winter season 2013/2014. For this model I have mixed feelings (in the previous car class higher and average-power 250HP and 400Nm had Nokia WR G2 and from these I was glad to 6 +) ... maybe due to the fact that I have now slightly Ibiza (1100kg) ...

    More information about the tyre
  • VancoWinter Donna: 4.0 11110 (41 Reviews)

    I was not certain when I was buying winter tyres last year. I chose continentla VancoWinter I that was the best choice. Perfect grip, great performance on snow and slush. Also Continental VancoWinter have very nice apperance and they look great wiith my van. I fully recommend Continental ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Kristall Control HP sl0ma: 4.0 11110 (45 Reviews)

    Oponki recommendable easily choose our Polish hole but one of a set of rubber unable to cope driving my wife (the intersection of the side that can not repairable) Moving and predictable braking and controlled. Lateral skids rather impossible. Noise as zimówka but you can talk in the car and do not ...

    More information about the tyre
  • W+ Il moro: 4.8 111180 (60 Reviews)

    So I bought the Nokian W + because I had to go to a wedding in a restaurant in the mountains of Val d'Asota, were perfect, I do not have fattto regret qusto purchase! The w + nokian snow were fantastic, friends rode other brands penuamtici also much more popular. The mieni Nokian W + have gone ...

    More information about the tyre
  • ContiWinterContact TS850 Dziaduuu: 4.7 111170 (113 Reviews)

    I have a lot to compare to other tires that I used before, or have company cars. These Continentale are great - very well suited to the compacted snow or slush, and other inventions I happened to almost push the company car from the parking lot in front of the store, because zimówka not been able ...

    More information about the tyre
  • KRISALP HP 2 Krzysztof: 4.0 11110 (224 Reviews)

    For tires made about 5000 km, mostly in the city. In slush handle well, no problems with moving off from the lights. Snow, sand very well on the water are doing any worse (but this is winter tires). On average, loud, interesting tread, fairly stable cornering. I do not drive like a pensioner, and ...

    More information about the tyre
  • UG 8 Performance Maciek: 4.2 111120 (29 Reviews)

    At the beginning I will say that given the scale of the driving style to choose is not about I drive fast but not aggressively. And that choice is not there. I BELIEVE THAT THE TIRE THAT HAS xl INDEX SHOULD BE FIXED. Vulcanizer, who was a salesman these tires assured me that this is a tire with ...

    More information about the tyre
  • MS Plus 77 Witold K.: 5.0 11111 (151 Reviews)

    I changed the tires Barum brawuris. For those feeling insecure. How I could have washed up on the bow with two times already then I thought. A Uniroyal going like glue. I had the original tires Continental, a class by itself. And Uniroyalkach drivin me the same. Consumption can not be seen at all. ...

    More information about the tyre
  • WINGUARD SPORT Banan: 3.7 111700 (50 Reviews)

    I would recommend the product. good value for money. Tires manufactured in Korea. To be honest, a little prom with the purchase of these tires is not the best idea - NEXEN tires started four years ago with a friend in the car, turned out to be kompetnym Buble ... Now, the company has improved ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Icebear W 442 Piotrek z Wrocka: 4.5 111150 (55 Reviews)

    Hi, so far classified tires on black and unusable. Of course I had to Passat tires very good and tires but also really expensive. In March we bought this little maniac and it was love at first sight. 3 days after he was installed new rims and tires on them great tire HANKOOK i * cept RS W442 ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Polaris 3 Jack: 5.0 11111 (161 Reviews)

    So far Ive used tyres like Kleber and Michelin.On Barums Polaris 3 I drove almost 5000miles in difficult winter conditions in the Alps mountains. I am pleasantly surprised with Barum Polaris 3. In my opinion they are as good as the well-known tyres and are much cheaper which is an advantage.For the ...

    More information about the tyre
  • DW510 Arek O.: 4.4 111140 (398 Reviews)

    Hi, I'd like to recommend to all those donuts, I have them on the second car, previously Seat Toledo I currently Renault Thalia. donuts excel very well both on snow and snow and slush and even on icy places I never failed and gave himself quietly do the trick. tread wear in a very slow level so ...

    More information about the tyre
  • WR D3 Mario: 4.2 111120 (170 Reviews)

    Nokian WR D3 are one of the best tyres I have ever had. They are performing flawlessly. The biggest advantage of Nokian WR D3 is that, they have low rolling resistance and short braking distances. I have VW Sharan 1.9 TDI, I drove 115 miles on them and I did not have any unpredictable situation ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Ice-Plus S200 Piotr: 4.0 1111000 (46 Reviews)

    The cars 4x4 with all bells and whistles, which make decisions for you & compare to others (because some frame of reference must be) winter tires is quite backbreaking task. Tires bought his wife, himself the same model car workout on another brand of tires and the difference is not large. ...

    More information about the tyre
  • MS Plus 6 marwal1975: 4.3 111130 (139 Reviews)

    Uniroyal MS Plus 6 are unbelievable! Very low rolling resistance, so the fuel wear is also low. Very confident driving, great braking at all kind of surfaces – wet, dry, snow, slush. Tyres looks for pretty soft, so I am a little bit concern about the tread wear. We will see within next two seasons. ...

    More information about the tyre
  • WR SUV 3 Jack: 4.1 111110 (39 Reviews)

    This is a very good winter tyre for use in mountain conditions, however it's a bit loud on expressways and motorways. Other than that, it behaves very well on slippery surfaces. Because there were no proper winter conditions, it's hard to assess it properly, but on ice it behaves fine. Overall, ...

    More information about the tyre
  • ContiWinterContact TS 830 P Steve: 3.2 111200 (44 Reviews)

    I used this winter tread not for a long time but I can trully say that Continental ContiWinterContact TS830 P is a very good tyre. It was very hard for me to judge their snow pefrormance as we had not too much snow this year. Also I will not judge their durability as I drove about 5k miles on them. ...

    More information about the tyre
  • WR C Cargo Steve: 4.1 111110 (26 Reviews)

    The Nokians WR C Cargo tyres fulfill their task, for everyday use are adequate. Tyres are not expensive because buying new on FV and deductible tax - even cheaper.There is no sense to buy part worn tyres because there is always better to have new tyres with warranty.I can easily recommend these ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Eskimo S3+ sławek: 4.0 11110 (175 Reviews)

    Really worthy tires polecenia.Śliska surface is not terrible but not passed too many miles as I reach only about 40 miles to work but never put me in a different direction than the direction of travel. Winter is not too snowy so I can not say how things are going with kopnym snow. For once stood in ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Alpin A4 Zdzisiek: 3.8 111800 (108 Reviews)

    Tires purchased the previous fall. After half a year of use, when I changed a set of tires for the summer, for zimówkach could not see the bigger signs of use, and I made them 10 thousand. Italian were still on the sides of the tire. On the snow, during trips to the mountains without complaint, in ...

    More information about the tyre


Tyres are divided into 3 types according to the seasson: summer, winter and all season. Winter tyres have good results on winter roads and low temperatures. Summer tyres give you safety on dry and wet roads, and all season tyres is something in between summer and winter. See our offer.

Vehicle type

Tyres can be divided into: car, cargo ( comercial ) and 4x4. We present you the best winter tyres for the cars mentioned earlier. Check the tyre offer for your car.

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