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4x4 Car tyres

Ranking of 4x4 car tyres

See 4x4 car tyres with the best user ratings. Are you looking for the best 4x4 car tyres? Become familiar with summer and winter tyre ratings for your vehicle type. We present an offer of 4x4 car tyres for the summer and winter season with the highest ratings from drivers who have tested them in practice.

Summer tyres

Winter tyres

    • Yokohama GEOLANDAR I/T G071
    • 11110 4.0 (23 Opinions)
    • Yokohama GEOLANDAR I/T G071 is a premium class winter tyre. Yokohama is an independent, Japanese tyres producer e.g. for the highest class luxury cars. Yokohama GEOLANDAR I/T G071 guarantees optimal a...
    • Michelin Latitude Alpin
    • 111800 3.8 (28 Opinions)
    • Winter Tyre Designed for today's CUV and SUVs The MICHELIN Alpin is the CUV and SUV Tire for the Winter — giving you safety and exceptional mileage, winter after winter. Benefits of This Tire: ...
    • Goodyear ULTRA GRIP
    • 111800 3.8 (38 Opinions)
    • Goodyear Ultra Grip is a winter tyre of the premium class. Goodyear is a renowned producer of the high-performance tyres. Goodyear Ultra Grip tyre is a blend of endurance, high safety level and drivi...
    • Nokian WR G2 SUV
    • 111800 3.8 (35 Opinions)
    • Nokian WR G2 SUV is a winter tyre developed for the modern, SUV type and 4x4 drive passenger cars. Tests: 2011: "Auto Bild Allrad" test in the size of 255/55 R18 – 5th place, recommendable 2011:...
    • Goodyear Wrangler UltraGrip
    • 111800 3.8 (23 Opinions)
    • The winter road performer Fit the Wrangler UltraGrip on your 4x4 vehicle for safety, traction and performance in the winter's worst road conditions. This winter tyre offers security and handling in...
    • Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1
    • 111700 3.7 (18 Opinions)
    • Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 is a winter tyre developed for the 4x4 cars. Directional tread pattern includes the central tread blocks arranged in the same direction. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 model ...
    • Bridgestone LM25 - 4x4
    • 111700 3.7 (15 Opinions)
    • The LM25 4x4 provides high-performance SUVs with new levels of precision control in winter conditions, even at higher speeds. •Safety and comfort through excellent braking in snow, ice and wet...
    • Bridgestone DMZ3
    • 111700 3.7 (52 Opinions)
    • Bridgestone concern, one of the worlds’ leader in the tyre market, introduced Bridgestone DMZ3. It is the premium class winter tyre designed for the 4x4 cars. Durability and adhesion on every kind of ...

Average rating: 3.8 based on 577 votes.


We present an offer of 4x4 car tyres which are the most frequently bought by our customers. You can find information about the most popular models of 4x4 car tyres here. These are summer and winter tyres which are characterized by excellent quality and an affordable price. See bestsellers at our shop. Test and buy 4x4 car tyres which will meet your expectations.

Summer tyres

Winter tyres

Recently added opinions

We present the recently added opinions about 4x4 car tyres. Each driver who has tested a given model of 4x4 car tyres in practice can add their rating and opinion here. Database of opinions regarding 4x4 car tyres is excellent help which will allow you to choose a model which is best suited to your needs.

Summer tyres

    • Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac
    • Marcin:
    • 111130 4.3 ( Opinions)
    • Super tire on asphalt and medium-heavy area. After 60 thousand still suitable for use in the field, but on the asphalt begins tighter noise and squeal when braking. In comparison with other MT great choice that you can not regret it, unless you are a conservative, classic narzekającym on anything th...
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    • BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM
    • nickspecjalny:
    • 111120 4.2 ( Opinions)
    • Tyres very well excel in the field, in the grind nicely wet clay, murszu, loose sand / drive 4 x 4, but the same back / but you have to give them in. .. so what would the centrifugal force throwing you simply can not szosówki, and I would say it kompromisówki - AllTer, simply because the are sealing...
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    • Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G001
    • Rafał:
    • 111110 4.1 ( Opinions)
    • Used on the Land Rover Defender. I drove them around 15.000 km - about 60% on the asphalt in the rest of the races and longer trips (eg Ukrainian Carpathians). One winter for me - I have one set. On asphalt, as each MT, but the revelation during acute rain and deep puddles - cut the water like a dre...
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Winter tyres

    • Matador MP92 Sibir Snow SUV
    • Aga:
    • 111800 3.8 ( Opinions)
    • Opinion applies to tires in size 235/70R16 mounted on a Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD. 1 Balancing one of the tires of the set was more difficult than the other, but not impossible. 2 Nicely keeps cornering, quite stiff as the size, good brakes on wet and slush, good riding and inhibits the snow; pleasant s...
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    • Yokohama GEOLANDAR I/T G071
    • Michal:
    • 11111 5.0 ( Opinions)
    • By far the best winter tyre for what ever ridden! Absolutely nothing can be criticized, regardless of the conditions - mud, wet, deep snow, heavier terrain, crossing the river, sharp slopes, asphalt ... tested in all possible circumstances, I strongly recommend to all :)...
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    • Nokian WR SUV 3
    • Krynose:
    • 1111000 4.0 ( Opinions)
    • First impressions very positive. The new model, tires very quiet (WR G2 were quite loud), secure grip on dry and wet conditions (temperature about 10C.) Large comfort cushioning. They keep the oval, there were no problems with balancing. So far, recommend and look forward to more difficult condition...
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Tyres for 4x4 cars

Summer tyres for 4x4 vehicles are divided into road, semi off-road tyres, semi road tyres and off-road tyres. Road tyres (where 80% is road driving and 20% is off-road driving) are marked with the H/T and S/T symbols. For these tyres treads with an asymmetrical pattern are used. The second type of summer tyres for 4x4 vehicles are tyres intended for both road and off-road routes (50% on the road and 50% off-road). In this situation, the following abbreviations are placed on the tyre: ATR, AT2, A/T or All Terrain. The last type of summer tyres for 4x4 vehicles is intended for off-road areas (80% off-road and 20% on the road). The abbreviations MTR or M/T are used in the names of such models. No such division applies to winter tyres for 4x4 vehicles. All such tyres are road tyres. This classification of tyres for 4x4 vehicles offers a broad choice to drivers, depending on the type of roads they use. They have good properties in slightly off-road areas (dirt roads) and in typical off-road areas. Solutions used for such tyres ensure safety, both on public roads and in off-road conditions. It is a perfect solution for drivers who need optimal performance on various types of surfaces, also in more difficult off-road conditions. Such tyres, like ordinary tyres for passenger cars, are very often equipped with a protective edge which prevents mechanical and abrasive damage. An internal steel belt is also quite often used for this purpose, which reinforces the structure and, as a result, the tread is less prone to deformities. Sidewalls are also reinforced increasing the load index, which is useful for SUVs which have very different weight than ordinary passenger cars. In such tyres, special emphasis is placed on high driving comfort, which is very useful for city driving, as well as in off-road conditions. Such tyres do not make noise and eliminate vibrations characteristics of off-road routes. Some manufacturers of tyres for 4x4 vehicles use additional sipes slits and a durable rubber compound, owing to which even summer tyres can keep appropriate driving parameters even in winter conditions. However, a lot of tyres from various segments as well as tyres for 4x4 cars should guarantee good performance on wet surfaces. It needs to be mentioned that 4x4 tyres cannot be installed in passenger cars as they have a completely different structure and tread characteristics. Tyres of this type will be much louder and stiffer when installed in a passenger car.


4x4 car tyres are available in summer, winter and all-season versions. 4x4 car tyres perform the best from late spring to early autumn on dry and wet road surfaces. 4x4 car for the winter season ensure safety in all road conditions to be encountered in winter. All-season 4x4 car are a compromise combination of the performance of summer and winter tyres. Why don’t you to explore our offer for a given season.

Vehicle type

We distinguish passenger car, delivery vehicle and 4x4 car tyres. Passenger car tyres are intended for typical passenger cars. 4x4 tyres are products which have been designed for cars with a four-wheel drive (off-road vehicles and sport utility vehicles, i.e. SUVs). Delivery vehicle tyres, on the other hand, are specialized products intended for continuous operation under heavy loads in cars intended for carrying goods and a larger number of people (vans). We present an offer for passenger car/4x4 car/delivery vehicle tyres.


4x4 car tyres are manufactured by a majority of a few hundred tyre manufacturers. Models of 4x4 car tyres are manufactured by both large companies (e.g. Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone and Pirelli) and by smaller independent manufacturers. We distinguish 4x4 car tyres of the economy, medium and premium classes. We present an offer for 4x4 car tyres by the most popular manufacturers.


The size of 4x4 car tyres can be read from a sequence of digits on the side of the tyre, e.g. 205/55 R16. It is necessary to know the size while buying tyres. The first number means the tyre width measured in millimetres between its sides. The second number in the size of a 4x4 car tyres is the profile height, i.e. the percentage value as compared to the tyre width, e.g. 55 is 55% out of 205, i.e. 112.75 mm. The last number is the rim width in inches, while the “R” symbol informs about the type of the 4x4 car tyres (R - radial, D – bias).





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