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x Reinforced tyres

Every single tyre has its load index. This index is determined by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tyres have higher carriage than standard ones. Therefore, they can easily meet the requirements that they are faced in cars that need higher loads.

x Run on Flat Tyres

Run on Flat tyres allow driving ater a pressure loss. Driving on a punctured tyre is possible for about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.


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Tyres 275/45 R20

Tyres with the best ratings

We are introducing the best rated summer and winter tyres in size 275/45 R20 by our shop's users. See the best tyres in sizes 275/45 R20 according to drivers. We have the biggest database on tyres on the Internet.

  • Nokian Z SUV

    Nokian Z SUV

    111120 4.2

    £ 130 / piece

    Nokian Z SUV is a summer tyre designed for passenger cars with 4x4 driving gear. Lowered vibes’ perceptibility and improved driving comfort is the result of the asymmetrical tread. Therefore, the tyre behaves very precisely in ...

  • Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

    Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

    111800 3.8

    £ 182 / piece

    The Dueler H/P Sport (Highway/Performance) is designed for high powered luxury 4x4's and SUV's : •Driving Precision for sporty SUV's •Industry leading wet performance and comfort •Aggressive, rugged design. ...

  • Nexen ROADIAN HP

    Nexen ROADIAN HP

    111500 3.5

    £ 105 / piece

    High Performance Driving • “V”-type straight channel design • Arrow type center rib for improved handling • Shoulder design enhanced for cornering stability • Organic groove design-Resists hydroplaning • H and V-speed ...

We are sorry, we don't have any stock for tyres in this size.

Average tyre rating: 3.84 based on 44 reviews

The most popular tyres in size 275/45 R20

Check what are the most popular summer and winter tyres in the size 275/45 R20. We are presenting the most frequently chosen summer and winter tyres among our customers. The most popular tyre models. 275/45 R20.

Tyre size

There is a set of digits on a tyre's sidewall, which indicates it size, e.g. 275/45 R20, where first number indicates the width measured in millimetres between outer and inner sidewall of the tyre. The second number indicates profile (height of the sidewall); that is a percentage value of the tyre’s width, e.g. 55 is 55% from 205, that is 112,75 mm. “R” indicated type of a tyre (R – radial, D – diagonal). Last digit shows the size of the rim you are to put a tyre on. It is essential to know the tyre size.

Reviews about tyres in size 275/45 R20

See other customers reviews on tyres in size 275/45 R20. Find out how the tyres, which you are interested in behave on the roads. Check drivers reviews. You can share with your opinion about tyres in size 275/45 R20.

  • Definitely not suitable for Audi Q7 Jurgon-Lynx: 2.8 118000 (1 Review)

    Tire after 5 thousand miles driving around the city (Warsaw) lent itself to a claim for teething tread and I wish I did ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Good and strong road racing tire for SUV. sebastian: 3.9 111900 (68 Reviews)

    Super traction on dry and wet surfaces, although forest ducts better to avoid deeper and muddy puddles.

    More information about the tyre
  • Overall, a good buy. Tomek71: 4.5 111150 (68 Reviews)

    Tires are performing OK. very well stick to the surface even at high speeds, of course, talking about kind of asphalt ...

    More information about the tyre
  • I recommend flume: 3.4 111400 (6 Reviews)

    August long wondered but in the end I thought why not do and August not disappoint. I think that it is just such a tire ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Price to quality, very good correlation. Subperb. Licci: 4.3 111130 (68 Reviews)

    Price to quality - a very good correlation. This is the second set of these tires year in a row. Subperb.

    More information about the tyre
  • The only minus is the only noise but zimówkom can be forgiven because generally they are all loud. Rcclio: 4.3 111130 (15 Reviews)

    The tire as well zimówkę behaves in dry conditions at high speed cornering there is no effect of flow (exiting to the ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Very good tires Sebatian: 4.2 111120 (15 Reviews)

    Great tyres for the winter. For the price dostałbym not better. As for driving on snow tyres very predictable, the next ...

    More information about the tyre
  • Great for winter gosc: 4.4 111140 (15 Reviews)

    Personally, I am very pleased with these tyres. in this price range really excellent quality which translates into ...

    More information about the tyre


See the offer of summer, winter and all season tyres in the size 275/45 R20. We introduce tyres 275/45 R20 dedicated to different seasons.


We are presenting summer and winter tyres for three different wehicle types: passenger, cargo and 4x4 cars. See tyres in the size 275/45 R20 dedicated to all car types.

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