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Tyres 265/70 R16

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265/70 R16 Tyres

265/70 R16 tyre ranking

We present the best rated summer and winter tyres in the size 265/70 R16 by our shop customers. See the best 265/70 R16 tyres according to the drivers. The ranking has been created on the basis of our broad base of ratings and reviews of the tyres.


See the most frequently purchased winter and summer tyres in the size 265/70 R16. We present the offer of the most frequently chosen winter and summer tyres. These are the most popular and reliable tyres 265/70 R16.

Tyre size

265/70 R16 tyres are designed for delivery vehicles and 4x4s. The first number informs about the tread width of the 265/70 R16 tyre and it is provided in millimetres (here 265 mm). The second number equals the 265/70 R16 tyre profile's height and its percentage ratio to the tyre's tread width (70% out of the 265 mm of tread width). The number 16 in the 265/70 R16 tyre constitutes the diameter of the wheel rim (provided in inches) on which the tyre should be installed. The "R" in the tyre's size denotes its radial construction. See our offer for more details on the 265/70 R16 tyre model.


Check other users’ opinions about 265/70 R16 tyres. See how the tyres you are after do in practice. See the reviews of drivers about particular tyre models. You can also add your own opinion about 265/70 R16 tyres.

  • Nokian Rotiiva AT akara: 111200 3.2

    Super donuts and in the field and on the asphalt. I have these donuts over a year and I'm super-pleased with them. I am a fisherman and a string of his Terrano trailer with motor yacht which gives additional weight / boat and trailer / where on the previous tires I had to use the assistance of a winch on these tires do not have to, because I'm leaving without a problem after a loose gravel or milieu dragged behind car yacht. The tire fairly quickly cleans the mud. On asphalt is really quiet tire.

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  • Cooper Discoverer MS pawel1978: 111120 4.2

    Excellent winter tyres, I'm positively surprised by the possibilities offered by this tyre works well at low temperatures, is doing very well, even in deep snow, unfortunately slippery in the wet at positive temperatures (but at the end of winter tyres). Tyres impressed me when there has been a need to tow at a very steep mountain, on a heavily snow-covered roads and two-tone car without any problem my car on these tyres yourself advised. I recommend!

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  • General GRABBER UHP kajzer: 111600 3.6

    Somehow, in relation to the price at a very good level. The tyre works very well in the city and beyond. Off-road prowess quite large, so you can safely pull off the chewing asphalt. It's a good tyre on varied surfaces ... and our way of such diversification provides us everywhere. Besides, exercise is very good, the forest sands, I recommend!

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  • General GRABBER AT georem: 1111000 4.0

    Tires have 3 summer season, the greater the consumption of the louder. In the field, the type of woods, fields excel very well. In the wet you have to watch, like a ślizgnąć. On the ice like going on the ice, but in deep snow / slush OK. If not for the volume would buy again, while I wonder about the others.

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  • Goodyear Wrangler HP AllWeather Andrzej: 116000 2.6

    Generally, all the plus and even more! Really cheap and quality first class can one hundred percent. The service did not mention, which is great, handled by all in stock, if everything really took place in this way, our lives would be lighter! I would add that this is not my first purchase at the store.

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  • Bridgestone H/P 680 seb: 111400 3.4

    First of all, you have to start by saying that these are the typical road tyres because all assessments of their field theoretical values. Check while on the road very well, both on dry and wet (both braking and cornering grip, limit loss of adhesion very far), to the quiet. I would recommend.

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  • BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A Tour Miro: 1111000 4.0

    tyre paramount. Doing very well in virtually any terrain. I do not need the tyres of the tractor, if someone is looking for a great linking both tyres on the asphalt as well as a selection of the area ideal. For this tyre very durable so far, almost new tread and tyre its already got.

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  • Nankang FT4 Macio: 1111000 4.0

    Tyres podaczas great deal around town. No problems when starting or driving hamowaniu.Komfort at a very high level. Tyres balanced without any major problems. Overall I think that the quality of workmanship at very high level. If you do not want to overpay like the most solid choice.

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  • Yokohama GEOLANDAR I/T G072 Jj: 111600 3.6

    I have them for two seasons, I'm very pleased. After 16 thousand km 2 mm tyres disappeared from the initial 11.4 mm. Excellent on snowy and icy roads, a little worse in kopnym snow. A little louder than summer BridgeStonów duużo HT and quieter than the BFG Mud Terrain KM2

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  • BFGoodrich All Terain T/A KO polo: 119000 2.9

    In a relatively small segment of 4wd tyres have quite an encouraging indicator for money (and the usefulness of driving on the road and in the field). Unfortunately, this is not a universal tyre and probably not suitable for driving in winter, on the ice or snow.

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