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Tyres 195/80 R14

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195/80 R14 Tyres

195/80 R14 tyre ranking

We present the best rated summer and winter tyres in the size 195/80 R14 by our shop customers. See the best 195/80 R14 tyres according to the drivers. The ranking has been created on the basis of our broad base of ratings and reviews of the tyres.

  • Michelin Agilis 195/80 R14 106 R

    Michelin Agilis 195/80 R14 106 R

    11110 4.0

    103 £ Price/1 piece

    Designed for utility vehicles and vans (Over 2.8t GVW) For the professional user, the new MICHELIN Agilis is even more economical to run, safer and...
  • Uniroyal RainMax 2 195/80 R14 106/104 Q C

    Uniroyal RainMax 2 195/80 R14 106/104 Q C

    111900 3.9

    71 £ Price/1 piece

    Protection against aquaplaning The arrow shaped groove structure combined with three large circumferential channels promotes smooth water flow, resul...
  • Ovation V-02 195/80 R14 106/104 R C

    Ovation V-02 195/80 R14 106/104 R C

    111800 3.8

    51 £ Price/1 piece

    Technical description of the product is not available yet.
  • Toyo H09 195/80 R14 106 R

    Toyo H09 195/80 R14 106 R

    11110 4.0

    72 £ Price/1 piece

    Toyo H09 is a high quality replacement van winter tyre. It is designed for modern vans operating in difficult winter conditions, at high speeds and wi...
  • Hankook RW 06 195/80 R14 106/104 Q C

    Hankook RW 06 195/80 R14 106/104 Q C

    111900 3.9

    62 £ Price/1 piece

    Hankook RW 06 is a winter tyre of the medium class. Symmetrical tread ensures good, universal performance. It is designed for the delivery cars. ...
  • Continental VancoWinterTM 2 195/80 R14 104 Q C

    Continental VancoWinterTM 2 195/80 R14 104 Q C

    111800 3.8

    83 £ Price/1 piece

    Robust and safe with excellent grip. For winter use on small commercial vehicles and vans. Commercial traffic faces constant time and economic pres...

Tyre size

195/80 R14 tyres are installed mainly in delivery vehicles. The size of the tyre can be seen on its sidewall where it is presented with the help of strings of numbers and letters. The second number equals the percentage ratio of the tyre's profile height to its tread width (in this case 80% out of 195 mm). The third number provides in inches the diameter of the wheel rim on which the 195/80 R14 tyre should be installed (here it is 14''). The "R" in the tyre's size denotes its radial construction. See the 195/80 R14 tyre in our offer. There's everything for everyone.


Check other users’ opinions about 195/80 R14 tyres. See how the tyres you are after do in practice. See the reviews of drivers about particular tyre models. You can also add your own opinion about 195/80 R14 tyres.

  • West Lake SC 301 Dante: 111120 4.2

    The tyres are very safe - the braking distance was shortened last Nexenach apparently - especially on wet roads. The tyre is comfortable at the same time, the car runs smoothly, reacts to bumps on each delicate even move the steering wheel. I highly recommend it!

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  • Gremax Max8000 Mako: 111120 4.2

    Good tyre as for the money. I move generally in the urban cycle, including such things as noise, comfort is alien to me :) tyre handles well on our "road", if anyone is looking for a good tyre for a small money is really worth it to find this model.

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  • Semperit TOP - GRIP olo: 111120 4.2

    Tyres were used in a variety of conditions, and there is not too much for you to attach. It seems to me that quite quickly, however, tread wear, the mixture is quite soft but they bite into the snow. or something for something.

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  • Gremax Max8000 Ireneusz: 111120 4.2

    Good tyre to transport heavy goods, auto, runs very confident, surprising quality of the rubber, I thought that there are any problems and the tyres really seems to be strong on both sides as a good buy on my part :)

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  • West Lake SC 301 Meg: 111120 4.2

    I bought tyres in stock Oponeo in February, I started it over a month and after driving 6tyś km I can say it was a good purchase. Tyres easily suppress holes are tough. Felt is less rolling resistance! I recommend

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  • Gremax Max8000 Iras: 111120 4.2

    Really good tyre for the summer season. Usually heavily loaded car handles very well on any surface, I drive a lot in the woods and really allows me tyre wieżdżać in very difficult terrain. I recommend to all

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  • Fulda MULTISTAR M maaxis: 111110 4.1

    The tyre that you can see that is designed for heavy loads. Robust tread that gives strength like a top shelf. As a result of security issues did not observe a difference compared to Michelin or Conti.

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  • Gremax Max8000 Krystian: 111120 4.2

    Super tyre, auto always strongly unloaded carried out really good, in my opinion, as for this money really brilliant tyres both wet and dry road holding ground very well, I recommend

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  • Gremax Max8000 GUS: 111120 4.2

    Great tyre, my driver much the praise it, the tyre behaves well in virtually any environment, when it comes to me I had better light truck tyres, you will see a great quality.

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  • Gremax Max8000 Tosiek: 111120 4.2

    Tyre very strong determination to considerable cars, very strong shows that serve little rubber, tested virtually every waunkach and I do not see this tyres weaknesses.

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