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Tyres 135/80 R13

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135/80 R13 Tyres

135/80 R13 tyre ranking

We present the best rated summer and winter tyres in the size 135/80 R13 by our shop customers. See the best 135/80 R13 tyres according to the drivers. The ranking has been created on the basis of our broad base of ratings and reviews of the tyres.

  • Uniroyal RainExpert 135/80 R13 70 T

    Uniroyal RainExpert 135/80 R13 70 T

    111130 4.3

    31 £ Price/1 piece

    The perfect choice for small to medium size cars. - Protection against aquaplaning The double-concave shaped grooves and increased groove volume...
  • Sava EFFECTA + 135/80 R13 70 T V1

    Sava EFFECTA + 135/80 R13 70 T V1

    111110 4.1

    30 £ Price/1 piece

    Technical description of the product is not available yet.
  • Barum Brillantis 2 135/80 R13 70 T

    Barum Brillantis 2 135/80 R13 70 T

    11110 4.0

    30 £ Price/1 piece

    Brilliant by name. Brilliant by nature. The new Barum Brillantis 2 - provides the perfect combination of economy and long service life. Balanced dr...
  • Hankook Icebear W 442 135/80 R13 70 T

    Hankook Icebear W 442 135/80 R13 70 T

    111120 4.2

    43 £ Price/1 piece

    Technical description of the product is not available yet.
  • Uniroyal MS Plus 6 135/80 R13 70 Q

    Uniroyal MS Plus 6 135/80 R13 70 Q

    111120 4.2

    46 £ Price/1 piece

    Uniroyal MS Plus 6 is a middle-class tyre. It guarantees high protection against aqua and snowplaning. Moreover, it provides proper traction on all ty...
  • Barum Polaris 3 135/80 R13 70 T

    Barum Polaris 3 135/80 R13 70 T

    111110 4.1

    43 £ Price/1 piece

    With the new Barum Polaris 3 driving in winter becomes a real pleasure Security - good grip in snow With increased traction on snow and ice, and r...


See the most frequently purchased winter and summer tyres in the size 135/80 R13. We present the offer of the most frequently chosen winter and summer tyres. These are the most popular and reliable tyres 135/80 R13.

Tyre size

135/80 R13 tyres are produced with small passenger cars in mind. The size of the tyre can be seen on its sidewall where it is presented with the help of a string of numbers. The first number informs about the tread width of the 135/80 R13 tyre and it is provided in millimetres (here 135 mm). The second number equals the tyre profile's height and its percentage ratio to the tyre's tread width (80% of 135 mm). The third number provides in inches the diameter of the wheel rim on which the tyre should be installed (here 13''). The "R" in the 135/80 R13 tyre model denotes its radial construction. See our broad choice of the 135/80 R13 tyre model in our offer.


Check other users’ opinions about 135/80 R13 tyres. See how the tyres you are after do in practice. See the reviews of drivers about particular tyre models. You can also add your own opinion about 135/80 R13 tyres.

  • Uniroyal RALLYE 680 Walt: 116000 2.6

    I did a test on these tyres braking on wet asphalt. NO more revelations came out. Even at low speeds such as 50km / h was screeching and sliding several meters, and swept the car back on all sides. I was expecting something more. But a lot also depends on the type of asphalt. On the new-rough behavior is very different than the old-rozjeżdżonym. Such a proposal that the tyre in only 50% determines the adhesion. Other factors include the condition of the surface, temperature, load the car, the car's center of gravity, driving skills, state of shock so the tyre itself all the driver does not do the trick. A Uniroyal compared to others (I would go to several different types of cars) say: ABSOLUTELY AVERAGE TYRE.

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  • Fulda KRISTALL GRAVITO Arek: 111120 4.2

    Hi, I have the tyres season 4 and I am very pleased with them, drove them about 6000 km in the city, clashed already half but still fulfill their functions. And I'll tell you why I'm happy? How had it 1 or 2 season pamientam no longer now, but I drove the route from Warsaw to Lodz and it was already dark wet snow fell, nasypało about 10 cm and then drove 70 - 80 km / h drove all the right lane and I left, which was a little odśnieżony. At that time I was busy. A second test drove a narrow street which sank in and I left rear wheel had not slumped, too, and I fought to the end in a big snow :) I remember that winter tyres bought a size smaller! (Width).

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  • Kleber VIAXER wrublik: 116000 2.6

    The tyre is quiet - for this reason I chose it, and here I do not have any objections. Unfortunately, riding in the wet, especially pulling away is not a pleasure - tyre quite easily lose traction. On the way to and during braking not noticed any problems. Shortcoming which gave me immediately after the founding of this impression in the eyes on the sides of the tyre fly, especially in ruts and other elongated bumps. The impression at the beginning is unpleasant, but you get used to and probably not affect driving safety driving course is unlikely to change, but at higher speeds it appears susceptible to taking out of the corner.

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  • Dębica Navigator Karol A.: 111400 3.4

    135/80R13 Navigatory started to Fiat Uno 1.0, for the price they seem perfectly Kujawy exam in the region without the need for additional purchases of winter tyres. For casual and sometimes driving mode agresywniejszego seem perfectly exam - good grip and mileage 30.000 km without any major signs of wear. The disadvantage of a relatively larger volume tyres (especially on slightly wet surfaces) than the typical summer tyres. Recommended for ordinary bread eaters as perhaps the best value for money tyres really universal, almost without compromise (noise and ice).

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  • Kormoran IMPULSER Fishman: 10000 1.0

    I bought them with the car. I drove with the car on the side slip them into a ditch at a speed of 50 km / h Buy from these tyres only if you lack thrills in life. If you want to make each trip by car was a challenge for you and fight for your life - this is the tyre for you! On a dry stick hopeless in the wet it's even worse - even the 135 profile tyres fall into aquaplaning at every opportunity. At any sharper curve and roundabout, losing traction squeak no worse than nalewanki. I replaced them on the Uniroyal Rallye 680 and the difference is just dramatic.

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  • Kleber KRISALP 3 darkofcb: 111170 4.7

    Hi wszystkich.Jak every year on the back and wonder how bumerang.Zawsze tread type and manufacturer to satisfy us .. Each of us read user reviews and everyone praises something else .. I'll say I've learned the hard way how sometimes you can quickly find yourself in a ditch and inexperienced drivers braking resistance .. Kleber tyres are very good and the ride becomes a pleasure, especially in extreme conditions pogodowych.Ja I am very happy here and would recommend innym.Co write more safety for 1 miejscu.Regardsawiam

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  • Uniroyal RALLYE 680 podo: 116000 2.6

    Unfortunately the tyres turned out to be so good. Looks can and is attractive, but despite still being felt two-balancing tyres is beating at certain speeds. I am not satisfied with them, the more that I took off my factory Dębica Vivo, which I wanted to change for the better, despite the fact that they were still pretty good (the car has an overall mileage 25 thousand. Rims are not damaged and the previous tyres nothing had happened) as it turns out uncle turned to pole ax. Maybe someone will have better luck ...

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  • Michelin ENERGY E 3B spoma: 116000 2.6

    I bought it because I had a previous Michelinki, and I hit the curb and I had to replace the front. the problem is that the back is still decent (though sparciały) and the front is quite bald. To tags missing about 1.5 mm. When driving in the rain swimming. As recently in the rain ahead of the dorodze to Konstancin it thought it next to the house to get overtaken. How were new to me very liked, but now I wonder about changing the company.

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  • Dayton D 110 vichren: 111120 4.2

    Earlier I used to the car's tyres Debica and I admit that I did not see significant differences. I have a feeling that the sooner you confront and deal worse in the snow ... I know it is a summer tyre, but the car never had winter tyres, so comparing the category of "summer tyre on snow." Since it is a light truck tyre and has a narrow profile is often copes better in winter conditions than other cars on the winter other sizes.

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  • Pirelli W 160 S qba: 111400 3.4

    I got along with the car. I drove them around 40000 (5 seasons) does not harden rubber exercise very well in the snow teddy bear could not bury them and rode in a really great snow, great trzynają direction and runs through ruts, many times rescued me out of trouble, the snow must really work hard to get into an uncontrollable skid, are quite loud, very little tread wear I still ride with them a couple of seasons

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