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The relatively long zastanowiałem to what's best to buy tyres. Taking such the price of tyres and especially the positive comments on this site my tyre choice was HP Kleber Dynaxer second Despite the fact that I drove a little about 2500 km, is willing to share the driving experience. I drive VW Passat and the tyres are performing really well. Especially in the wet tyre clings to the ground during braking initially thought that ABS has stopped working. While driving through puddles is not tugging the steering wheel, the vehicle goes its course. The tyre is not loud, even though it may very well look nieefektownie overcome inequality (and the holes on the roads is at niemiara). Comments confirm that the tyre pressure should increase by about 0.2 bar. Due to the short distance I drove, I can not comment on wear. Another comment will leave after driving at least 20 thousand. km. Tyres recommend people who have a relatively small amount of money they want to go safely.

Great tire for the money

I was hesitating over choosing good winter tyres at a reasonable price and I eventually chose Uniroyal MS Plus 66 in the size 195/65R15 91 T, I did one winter season on them already and I found them behave sensationally (winter 2009). It was worth spending every penny on them, as my Passat worked like a snow plough on them, I was able to drive out from the thickest snow (ca. 1 foot snow cover, uphill), I also think that my car model also had some influence on it. After the season, my tyres look like brand new - no visible signs of wear. They also do a really good job on slush. I’m surprised by some opinions stating that they are weak on slippery surfaces - you just have to drive sensibly because even the best tyres or car will not ensure safety on ice, so it’s not to be taken fully seriously. I can definitely recommend Uniroyal MS Plus 66 – buy them and you won’t regret it!

I highly recommend.

Although I did only one season on these tyres, I'm very satisfied, they grip well in corners and don't lose traction during sudden maneuvers. I also didn't have any problems with braking. They do sensationally on both wet and dry. I also don't have any complaints when it comes to noise level. I drive a Passat B5 FL Saloon, and the tyre size is 225/45R17, and that's why I have a mixed opinion of shock absorbing due to the tyre size. I recently did a distance of about 500 miles and the drive was sensational - I can't describe it, you just have to get in the car and feel it youself ;) The look on the S-Line wheel is brilliant. I highly recommend it! My rating is 5/6.

I bought tyres after reading the reviews on "". I am very happy with my purchase. Quickly, quietly, confidently takes the journey to the destination. Both the wet and the dry asphalt. Passat has a firm suspension, during the change of the Michelin Energy, which were much more expensive plus I felt the difference in terms of quality vibration. Objectively it is so in most cases because the new tyre has a much deeper tread. Comparing the current operation as a whole, however, I prefer Firestone Firehawk TZ200 (which is cheaper and comparable quality so why overpay). Tyre wear after 18 thousand. km has been tread: front - 5.5 mm, rear - 6 mm so I think that is about but I do not squeaks driving fast cornering is not foreign to me. Tyres so I liked that I bought the Firestone Winterhawk winter but the winter assessment.

can be

Tyres have between 300 km and I do not know if I should speak out if I made just enough, but what I saw I can honestly say that the wet surface like a storm coming, I do not know how to ice and mud dry pośniegowym but also go beautifully, I feel that I am firmly attached to the tyres to the asphalt. Noise can not see, I drive Passat B6, previously rode Dunlopach winter sports and summer sports Dunlopach and do not complain. I go in Gdansk and there is where you disperse so tyres get a little too, I noticed that behaved strangely.

Good tire for the Polish winter. Sometimes hard to inhibition of the rozjeżdzonym snow. Highly recommended, but is marked ALL SEASON +

I had to put those onto my Passat B6 2005 140 bhp. I have to say that Nokian WR G2 are quite nice. On dry/wet road surface they perform very good. They grip is very decent also while cornering which in my opinion is crucial for winter tyre. My car consumes the same amout of petrol as on my summer tyres so I believe that rolling resistance is quite low with this WR G2 tread. Snow performance can be judge as top shelf. It is obvious that on snow or ice the performance of those WR G2 is supported by ESP and ABS but that is their puropse so I do not care whether abs or esp turns on as I believe that they are here to make me safe not annoy me. Very stable confident driving comofrt I have to say. Switching lanes on a bit of snow is also not a problem thanks to the asymmetric tread pattern which actually bites the snow. Price/quality ratio seems to be much better than I expected it to be. I do recommend Nokian WR G2 as your winter tread. Try them You will not regret.

Very good tire

I've already used second set of ContiSportContact3 in my Passat B6 170HP TDI CR. I had them since they were new and I have to addmit that they are just splendid. Both sets I used to the usage indicator. Very good tire for agressive style of driving as well as for calm driving. Brilliant on wet and dry tarmac. Perfect water draining. You can almost feel the optimal temperature on dry tarmac. At high speed of 150MPH my car feels to handle pretty confident. Thanks to the sport tread the rolling resistance is really low and they are silent. I've tested them on snow as well. They behave good, but winter is not their purpouse.I drove over 20k miles on one set.

Certainly if I need any more new tires they will choose it.

At the beginning I was quite sceptical about the brand and the Nokian V in particular. After the first miles in which I pointed out the lack of rolling noise and lower fuel consumption. I started in the VW Passat and so far the only drawback that I discovered it so that they can make a noise while braking hard(previous Continental Sport did not) from higher speeds. The Nokian V behave very nicely in the rain. Virtually there is no pulling when overcoming puddles, and the marks left behind the car are significant, which may indicate a large discharge of water and adhesion to grow.

Very good tires

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric in the size of 225/45R17 on a VW Passat Estate (B5). Summer tyre for demanding drivers. Very good grip regardless of the conditions (wet or dry). Soft compound means that the tyre is literally glued to the road. On the other hand, they will last 30 - 35k miles (two years maybe). I am really amazed by the opinions saying that it is wearing too fast. Its superior level of grip is directly related to the type of rubber compound used. I definitely recommend this tyre to anyone who values his or her safety!

I bought tyres suggesting that the opinions of this site. I did not think, however, that a little loud to very loud. It is the decisive flaw that bothers me, for example. Above 100 km / h is already a massacre. Raising the volume of the radio you need. Perhaps in the quieter cars do not give such a misery. As for the other parameters of the tyre is a revelation!. After 9000 km went 1 mm tread, and sometimes I launched and soon the lights :). For dry or sticky, and mokrm full control. Do not squeak. Because of the noise I'm now buying a Bridgestone tyre. Father's Passat and super behave, and above all is quiet. Only that descend faster than Nokianki. especially since the current promotion is almost 100 PLN tańszena art.

I recommend! Good tire at an affordable price.

In winter 2012 winter tyres I chose the brand INFINITY INF 049, 205 55 r16. Tyres put on the Passat 2006. sedan. Before buying I had some misgivings. I read that the Chinese product that China can only be a toy for children, and not something that has an impact on security, etc. However, I had a hunch and decided zaryzykować.Na feeling lucky not confuse me! I am very pleased to say more, the tyres have exceeded my expectations! I put them all in all the car type later, I have ABS and ESP, which affects the overall behavior of the car and the tyres, but it is known that no system will not help if the tyre is bad. Passat has the drive to the front and rear dociążony what can be seen in the curves, poor adhesion of the rear axle, but even moving the wyjeżdżonym snow is not a problem, boors is also very good, he would have been the truth to the people, to ABS to work. Overall I would recommend to anyone who wants to have good tyres for a small money. I also recommend the cheapest there :) PEACE

great value price / quality

Very good tire, taking the price / quality, I drove over 7000 km, riding around town rather quietly though it happens and aggressive driving, I have the Passat in the program for about 150HP and 350Nm and the Sportline springs and tires really give advice on cornering on dry pavement, also during strong acceleration does not exhibit excessive slippage on wet roads is not a revelation, but cope better example as used by me so far Barum Bravuris. The workmanship is good and the same tires gave up once two balanced and there is still no problems with their balancing, the only drawback is the noise - I think they are a tad louder as given by the manufacturer (71dB) but as for the amount I had no one knows what the expectations , I can safely recommend them to others who prefer to have a new tire but worse than great but uncertain branded drugs.

basically on +, although the next will be of a different brand

I have Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta in the size 225/45R17 fitted to a VW Passat B6 2.0 TDI. Distance driven is ca. 17000 miles with quite dynamic driving style. The advantages of the tyre are its visual look, good grip on both dry and wet, noise level is also good, but on some Czech motorways (which are mate out of concrete tiles) the tyres squeal terribly. The shock absorption is also fine, compared to Barum winter tyres and summer Michelin Energy Saver ones. The drawbacks of Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta are definitely rolling resistance - my car's fuel consumption rose up by 1,5 l/100 km and the impression is like the car lacks about 10-20 BHP. Their durability is also average, after 17000 miles the tread is 5 mm on the front and 6 mm on the rear. However, generally I can say Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta is not a bad tyre.

Tires very comfortable, quiet'm pleasantly surprised.

I have to say that I am very positivelu suprised with my Bridgestone Ecopia EP150. I thought that only Michelin makes comfortable tyres. I bought my new Passat B5 and I had winter tyres on it in the size 195/65R15. I experienced a very hard suspension which is actually a common thing with those cars. I thought that I should better get used to that as I was not aware of anything that can make my suspension a bit softer. I bought a new set of alloys to fit them for summer season. After putting Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 onto my car the driving comfort improved pretty much. There is absolutely no noise generated by those tyres and the driving became a very pleasant. I judge them A+ in my Passat. I dod not test them on a track but still i believe that Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 is a very decent tyre.

Good tires for little money. I would recommend.

I have a car Volkswagen Passat Variant 2008. the 2.0l TDI engine, 170HP with an automatic gearbox DSG. Tires are performing very well on dry and wet roads. There is no difference in driving fast on the highway - perhaps only that they are a little audible. The vehicle holds up very well in the corners, going up steadily and safely. Very good brakes. Good tread. As for the fuel consumption is no difference in comparison to other brands tire-higher consumption than the standard does not. I highly recommend these tires-because they are affordable and good quality.

very good tire

Hi, so far classified tires on black and unusable. Of course I had to Passat tires very good and tires but also really expensive. In March we bought this little maniac and it was love at first sight. 3 days after he was installed new rims and tires on them great tire HANKOOK i * cept RS W442 195/45/16 84H. It really is sensational tire. Unfortunately, winter is already finished and continue the adventure with them this next winter ... now I can not wait to be a high speed car and drive very safely. I recommend to all.

Superb tire!

I put the Passat B6 - size 235/45/17. Extremely quiet and comfortable. I inflated to 2.6 atmospheres. On the route fantastic driveability. The balances your super. Important that a German production. Overall, I think the reference tyre in all conditions.

Reliable car needs a solid tires

Brilliant for now. Perfectly match the character of Passat 2.0 TDI (2011). Suspension works great. I cannot hear any noise. The ABS and ESP turn on realy rare so it means that Michelin Primacy HP works well with my passat. I dont know why to buy cheaper tyres for car that is worth 25k GBP. Great tyres.

First Dry surface - previously I had Dunlop SP Sport O1 and ... difficult to see differences but it seems to me that dunlop slightly better in the bends. Second Wet surface - Dunlop loses decisively, Nokia rears, the abs do not need, in principle, on the asphalt. 3.4. Forget about winter, 5 Comfort - really quiet and just as dunlopy sp o1, even though he broke the front and began to moan, but after repairing the suspension and alignment started to calm down, and now the route Rzeszów-Naples - Bari August 2200 km tyres podszlifowaly and are quiet. I must add here on highways with an average of 150 is not chasing freeing the bends, only tunnels and running is a great and precise despite the type of vehicle and the strange family, but many would be surprised how great it leads, even quickly and easily se travels, do not hurt me back or legs as in example 93, the attrition Passat - front 7 mm, 8 mm back, I find it noromalne tyre wear, requirements grow, the greater speed and better grip for something which, in the end what I can afford replacement - can the the second year I change rims on 17? Nokia also.

Tyres bought a little on the "Others do not have, because selling season is over (January)." excel in harsh winter conditions. Superpewnie ride through the slightly compacted snow. The Polish mountains, chains are unnecessary burden on them. Decently excel in the rain, but could effectively drain water, aquaplaning begins to appear relatively early. Unfortunately, they lose a lot of points in dry conditions. :/ Normally, Xantia on the corners in the summer "shoes" is a surprisingly long neutral, if they did not have front-wheel drive and 65% by weight of the bow. Meanwhile Carvingach becomes clear tendencies to understeer. Like the VW Passat B5 / Skoda Superb (in the basic version with soft suspension settings), Xiężna requires an initial indication of the slight movement of the steering wheel, long before the turn which way we turn, so not to wake the push forces forward on the outside of the curve. The difference in behavior is keenly felt, and needs to "learn" the car, as if he boarded for the first time. : (

This tyre is the biggest match the retreaded tyres ... at least so it seems to me (I've never ridden on retreaded) I bought it by accident, I fell into a hole and broke two wheels, and I had different tyres on the axles and I wanted to save ... My father had a passio the Passat and was quite OK but it was before, and can then be better quality at the same size or exercised without objection. But I do not even recommend my worst enemy! Auto did not make the road at all, when starting squealing when braking and cornering squeal like. It seemed to me that I had previously uniroyalki at the front were slippery, but passio passed themselves. and consumed at an alarming rate positively about it may have hit wypowieadać person or a better party or recoiling wartburgami to tyres that do not have any requirements. warn everyone before committing my fault!

Very resistant to abrasion and "trauma" related to our beautiful roads everywhere :) drive into a car where you do not "drown" or does not suspend the bottom so you can also recommend the pseudoterenówek (forest, rocky mountain road trip to the meadow ;) also some routes Driving without yaw from side to side, quiet and safe. Not afraid of the water particularly important at higher speeds (personally suffering a puddle on the highway at a speed of ~ 160 km / h without any slip from side to side). with hand on heart, I can recommend this tyre to a middle class car A4, Passat, C-Class and other such.

This is another set of tyres Directional. Previously, for several years used a directional "ones" such as Ford Escort in, vw passatach combo and now the "ones" are virtually inaccessible use "dwójeczek" at Espace III, which did not resolve the previous version (well, maybe except that herringbone tread in a single room was a little nicer ;)) Excellent traction the snow and slush, no problems with moving my lights out despite the lack of anti-skid systems, very good drainage ... In a word - for me it's the best "winter tyre" I've ever had to deal with.

Definitely recommend these tires and the dealer.

This is my next purchase of a set of tires in the company. For many years, confesses slogan - "buy in and problems of other people who have problems with tires to laugh," If used Continental ContiContact 5 205/55 R16 94 H of the Passat B6 is a revelation in every way, a pleasure to travel even on Polish roads . Tread wear do not judge, because 24000 km is too small distance. Definitely recommend these tires and the dealer. I'm already thinking about choosing and buying winter tires to my toy cars.

Very good tires.

It's really good tires. Look great and even better ride. THE dry conditions are performing superbly. Neither pull away, neither the horse, even in sharp turns or braking does not cause then any problems. I have a Passat with 200HP petrol engine and front wheel drive, so the faster wet traction there are minor problems with traction. However, driving in the rain - great, aquaplaning is very late, good adhesion, the stability in heavy such as on the highway - excellent. Recommended!

VW passat wagon

Due to the low price tempted to these tyres hoping that will not be mad. Positively surprised me two winters tyres przejeździłem them and I'm happy (no hole hole Ponda highway 200km/hi great to keep the air does not go all super) I saw no one minus: 1 The estate car is teething tyres on the rear axle. Now, if I were to buy new winter tyres I bought exactly the same price available. Earlier jeźziłem the pirelli were more hummed louder. RECOMMEND

tyres bought because of the price I had planned NOKIAN latest model but they were more expensive on some 130 pieces per tyrech Wanli rode me well over the summer the only thing I can fault is the noise generated by the drive. This is my first summer tyres on the car because it was brought back from the West to winter tyres so I have no comparison. Early and drove golf II 1.8 GTI and I had 195/50/15 Toyo T1 R is the only comparison. Passat behaved as stable at Wanli drove at high speed through puddles in the rain and Golf bujało or attracted to the side.

After my superb review - immediately after purchase duuża change. Tyres after driving about 1000 km began to rumble as a result of teething. Unfortunately flaw impossible to claim, despite the fact that rumbling was as large as the consumption of all bearings! Particularly noticeable in the field - 60 - 70 km / h, when I drove through narrow village streets - drama! Echo was heard that pounding! I wrote to the panel even Nokia - to the same president. No results ... The most important issue is the fact that some of the new tyres do not like some of the suspensions theback! Similar behavior involving other good producers winter tyres - Gislaved (great winter tyres, tragic year) - or Vredestein (the same opinion). The winter test track uses a Nokia Goodyear - and is also the same opinion of his colleagues - in many years the Japanese roar Goodyear, and to winter tyres no one comments! I am also the same situation - when you put on winter tyres after the summer Nokia Nokianach Z, the first result was a ... Silence! But I know for sure that the Nokian Z likes the new Passat, Audi and Skoda Superb! So beware, when you read the opinion - not all tyres like to go back to your car. PS I changed to the new Japanese Yokohama S. Drive. For now, great. No popiskiwań summer cornering and 10% chance of higher speeds on curves and corners. For dry Yokohama much better and no tendency to teething tyres - Yokohama S. Drive test but after driving will put a minimum of 3,000 km.

Very good tire though too quickly consumes

I am amused by the opinions of drivers who melt the Super Continental, they write that the tire does not consume and drive aggressively like super strong furach. Shitting in pumpkins or actually are riding as p .. y Tires bought the Passat B5FL in 2012 that every day gets the garach, and drive Silesia in total on good roads but not save tires and after two seasons and driving 35.000 km tires have about 5 mm. For dry and wet vg, what is important is not the tire rumbles and teething what if the powerful engine and light back quite often happens. I hope you will have 2 seasons. When the dynamic traction on dry, unfortunately, squeaks, starting on wet often accompanied ESP. The competition is definitely high, and the best tire on the market hard to tell how many drivers because so many opinions. Compared with Bridgestone or Vredestein do not see, however, significant differences. By far the biggest plus is the compound that at higher cornering speeds that the car does not float.

Good tires for three seasons, for me, a little too loud.

I bought it in 2007 for a Passat with a 1.6 100 HP engine. Back then my odometer clocked about 60 000. Today, in August 2010 I have about 4 mm of tread, and about 120,000 on the meter. It's time for replacement. I drove only in the season. More distance was done in the summer, and I think I drove between 35,000 and 45,000 miles. I don't know if it's a good result. During that time, only once I drove on the nail and after patching everything is OK. Apart from that was no mechanical damage. As for me, they are a little too loud, and they were from the beginning. The rest is fine. Now, however, when the tread has worn off, it's very easy to get into aquaplaning and skid when braking in the wet. That's why I have to look for new tyres. I'm looking for something else. I think it's because of the noise they generate. I don't know what I'll get, maybe the next ones will be quieter.

others praise, do not know their

passio 2 are very good. They work really well with my Passat. Before I bought them I had a lot of doubts. But they appeared to be very good. you have to take the price under consideration. Price is very affordable and the quality is very good. i recommend these tyres for sure. I drive on them during summer and I will buy winter tyres from Debica as well. i used Michelin before and I was driving on them 2 years. On my current Debica - I will drive my third season now.

I read the opinion of a colleague with Mercedes and I am amazed. After driving 16 thousand. km tyres look like new. Practically not clashed although Passat weighs 1450kg. Tyres behave well on wet and dry driving on ice do not judge, it's still summer tyres. Subject Jadynym how I got this noise - I have winter tyres Bridgestony LM-25 and I must say that they are quieter driving on dry asphalt. After all, I believe that they are worthy of Fulda command it in your price range. I use tyres with a "V" Regards

Worth the money invested in it!

Michelin Alpin A4 is a new product on the market. I had the opportunity to drive on them in snow. They are more than good. It does not matter if you have a FWD or RWD. Now I boughtMichelin Alipn A4 to my Passat and I'm testing it on wet and dry. I expected that the grip will be worse than in my summer tyres but suprisingly just from the begining they grip like crazy. What is more - I cannot hear any rolling noise of Michelin Alpin A4 in my car.

I bought two sets of opny for their appearance, I installed one set in the BMW 530 and the one in the Passat 1.9TDi. In both cases, I felt a significant decrease in ride comfort - the tyre is very hard and clearly it feel all the bumps, especially the transverse (impressive impact in overcoming inequality). I feel a lot of discomfort for example, after removing winter tyres. The tyre runs well, has a great look, good on bends (dramatically poor in the snow, but it's summer tyre) - but this is not the usual tyre for cars wozidełek only "sport" - hard to assumptions. For ordinary tyre samochodziku is just awkward (but very nice). Certainly not wear it to a regular car, but the sport very happy.

excellent tyres, some subjective assessment as it increased the size from 15 "to 16" but I recommend dunlopy. Wada (for economical) - quickly consume. Pros: great lead in corners - auto "holding on to the road" - in the VW Passat is not always certain, while driving I do not hear the tyres rotate perfectly, even at 200 km / h (in the case of another company - I had always been a problem with careful balancing - the name of the manufacturer of that tyre for obvious reasons, I do not give).

I'm all for these tires

The tyres are fitted to an Audi A6 and a Passat (but only Falken ZE 912, so I can't assess other models of Falken summer tyres). Both cars have more than 170 HP and the tyres behave great. In winter the Passat is also fitted with Falken tyres - I don't remember the model, but they did very nicely. For the Audi I'll also probably buy winter Falkens. As for me, the tyres are fine. I can recommend but only the ZE 912, as I didn't have the opportunity to deal with other models.

very good tyre at a good price! size Passat b6 205 in the optimum (summer course) excellent grip in difficult conditions - rain and ruts (light swinging, but only in Polish "trenches" - 6 - 10 cm - none tyre here does not help ... maybe just a miracle of Vistula) absorbs well prevent cross - Polish loved the hole. esp test on dry and wet requires "great skill" - read on carefully ... highway ok! I'm afraid only of consumption. I shall assess the 10 t km. I recommend

I bought these tyres for the second time. I would definitely recommend it to all who value comfort for a small price. Klebery had in my previous car, Opel Astra, and I do not regret. So far, my brother rides on them. Can not see them virtually destroyed, may be because the car did not have a lot of horses, and it was not possible to run wild. I hope that the grindability of the Passat will be similar. In previous size 185/65/R15 tyres did about 30,000 km.

But for the money successful tire :)

I bought two tyres on the front of the Passat 97 Despite many uncertainties resistance and I am pleasantly surprised. tyres nice for the price. We'll see how it will further but for the beginning of the great. The wet braking and sharp what? Even the ABS is not attached. Good adhesion and no noise while driving. I would recommend. And by the way SONAR works with NANKANGIEM - I think that's important. I recommend

Excellent value for money. Super wet.

After about 30.000 km tyre clashed a little, but in the standard. Very good in the wet, but inhibits much more effectively than moving. In a dry cool. It seems to me that tyre is sensitive to air pressure. Slightly too high - no longer absorb and become unstable over bumps. Slightly too low - it gets too soft, auto "placed" on the corners, very unstable in the ruts. The difference is + / - 0.2 bar. In my case (b4 passat variant 1.8 90HP) 2.3 bar is optimum.

I believe that the price of tyres is not adekwtna the quality of the product. The tyre is very good and I will be recommending it to everyone! Car performed very well on dry roads and wet. These tyres are quiet and comfort assured. Coming in at 175 km / h did not hear them at all. By purchasing these tyres mainly suggested the evaluation of Internet users, and the price that is attractive. For the Passat B5 certainly tyres these assumptions.

great! I drive a lot of sales and prywtanie przedstwiciel well. I destroyed a lot of winter tyres. Sava is excellent. Excels at zkrętach, hockey as well as kopnym snow. Water drains very well. A neighbor, shortly after buying the tyres or ask for synchro-drive Passat because I started biking through the cutter (and I have a steep driveway - hard to beat the winter, especially long station wagon). This is enough for your feedback.

Good tire for toddlers low power

I thought what a fine buy. From experience I know that the snow on the road is a total of maybe 20-30 days a year, I do not live in the mountains, plows in my riding. I bought a thin and I'm happy - give advice. Not recommended for strong / heavy vehicles - on my Passat those tyres would be the weakest link, or when accelerating, braking or driving terms of seasonal tyres. In summary - just in maluchach, not to big.

So the first season and have had tyres. Today, put them on the Polish winter. Impressions - very well hold fast both in the dry and the wet. Quiet. If it comes to abrasion, on each of which are signs of wear, digits from 2 - 8, 25 thousand miles the front tyres just disappeared eight to eight and seven rear but this model Passat so the rear tyre is faster wear. is very good.

Very good tyres. Aquaplaning reduction is better than in any winter ones. Quiet, soft tyres. I recommend them to Passat owners because of comfort, taking into account the high cost of the suspension arms. I have them on my second car, previously I had 225/55R16 and they were great, despite the size the handling was perfect. Maybe there are tyres which don't wear off so quickly, but they are certainly less comfortable and not at this price. I can recommend Continental ContiPremiumContact 2s with a clear conscience and don't believe that you can get a good tyre in budget class. Better wait for a discount and buy them here.

not bad oponka

Untill now I was buying used tyres for 15-20GBP/ea. I decided to buy new alloys and tyres to have a nice set which will last for few seasons. I drove Uniroyals RainExpert for about 7000 miles now and the only thing that I can say abouy them is that they are awesoe. My Passat behaves very good on these tyres. Driving on wet tarmac is just a pleasure. When drivin through puddles no steering wheel wobblin appears. The only disadvantage is that they rumble when driving 50-60 MPH but perfect things appear only in 'matrix'. The tread has a lot of "cuts" to drain the water so it is obvious that they have to rumble a bit. I give them A+ for the quality.

VW Passat station wagon just PHENOMENON

I never thought that riding a winter tyres the asphalt can be simply SILENT (ARE MY SUMMER quieter than DUNLOPY) The rolling resistance would give 10 points. in the snow, on asphalt, wet ankle revelation in every respect. Well, maybe when I was a little hard suspension surrender but eventually tyre and must be WINTER SOFT. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP sum

Definitely one of the best tyres on which I rode. Very quiet. My summer Michelin as noisy at the field. When it comes to traction, very difficult to break in the snow, and especially likes to accuse passat back (combo). For WRach it really difficult. Dry and wet nawirzchnia also no problem. Really hard to find any faults of the tyre.

Unfortunately, a little disappointed in this tyre. In the winter I have Bridgestone LM25 and I thought that in this case will be similar driving comfort. Unfortunately. The tyre is quiet and well-kept cornering on wet and dry (with a few exceptions), but ... starting on the road is always wet ESP trigger action - almost zero grip for a moment and do not want to move it to burn rubber. Not to mention the wet pavement blocks - sometimes I feel like the smooth shoes on ice - in this respect, these tyres behave very similarly to Debica Frigo2 that I have in a second Passat and that was a whole different league. Yokohama is also very sensitive to the rut. Car dancing and keeps track.

Perfect for me

In my ideal, of course, quiet at high temperature when the temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius then it slychac.Tak as a producer pointed out in the description of the low fuel consumption, driving with my 120/130 km in the Passat 1.8 T where friends claimed that it does not matter what the tire because these cars and so much smoke. Jażdżę mainly from burning petrol 9.3 L / 100 gas 10 L / 100. I would recommend really pays off.

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