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Volvo V70 Tyres

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Drivers reviews on tyres to Volvo V70.
We present our customers reviews about the tyres Volvo V70 We have the largest review database in the Uk. Are you in search of a tyre that will fit your VolvoV70?/ Read the reviews and check how the tyre phisically performs in your car. Select the best tyres for your car.

tamer Continental'a

My friend has the same car as me or Volvo V70III and bought at the same time winner of the tests or the tire company Continental. I bought Michelin, although he was only the fourth in tests and more expensive to buy. I drove one, and the second car - to be honest, I do not understand what motivated the gentlemen of ADAC, because I certainly do not compare the same tire, which drove me and my colleague. For example, Continental wet howling like a madman and raises an incredible amount of water. Michelin riding in the wet as in the dry. Intersects the puddles as if they were not there. The best proof that they are a great tire is the fact that my colleague in this year's summer buys Michelin rubber and has somewhere tests.

Very correct

I use these tyres for one month now. I put the size of 215/55R15 with the W speed index to my Volvo v70(250HP). My first impression was vero good. I did not feel any difference in comparison to my winter Continentals. They behave properly in every weather condition. They perform similar in the speed of 15MPH as well as 150MPH. They don't slip on wet road surface. I didnt test them on snow because they are not winter tyres. The grip is very good on dry road as well. They act very good in cornering. No suprises at all. recommend!

Bridgestone Turanza ER300s are great tyres, but in my car they have one major drawback (I know that in Audi A6 the situation is similar because I read one user's comment) - the edge parts of the tyres wear faster than the whole. I checked the alignment and everything is perfect, but the outside bar has wear indexes already visible (and the central grooves still have about 7 mm depth). Perhaps it is because of the fact that in my model the standard size was 195/65R15. I'd have to check it because form 2003, when the facelifted Volvo V70 appeared on the market, 205/55R16 tyres were fitted and alignment settings might have been slightly altered. generally, it's a great tyre. I drive a lot and fast. Before I bought them, I read a lot of different comments, and decided to get the Bridgestones. In dry conditions they are sensational, not too loud, not too soft, not too hard, they finely match the suspension of the Volvo. When it comes to performance on wet, it is also difficult to complain about them, because in spite of my fast driving, I never managed to "overdo" with speed. I rated their abrasion at 4, because of these worn sides, but if it wore evenly, it would be 5, or maybe 6. I recommend, if you like the feeling of confidence on the road. Despite "side-swerving" I still think about buying them again, because safety is the most important thing, and these tyres give the feeling of such.

Worth the money! Recommend!

Nokian WR G2 were installed in the size of 195/65/15 in Volvo V70II and as for now they work splendid. Wet snow, on the mud - it is not bad, on the compacted snow where there is ice one can feel skidding if one pushes accelerator too much but one cannot complain. As for such a heavy car one drives in snowy conditions perfectly on the tyres. The car drives on mountain roads (Zieleniec and the neighbourhood) and I can say the tyres performed well (unless the car don't hangs on the chassis :-)). I recommend Nokian WR G2 as well as the shop - eveything progressed fast and without problems.

I would recommend Goodyear Excellence and shop. I have a volvo v70 pirelkach rode before, but goodyear s exelent excel .... In two months I'll be buying winter tyres is also definitely will goodyear-y and definitely the .. Regards Philip of Mielec

Great traction on wet nawieżchni and wniskich temperatures as summer tire

Very good tire for mountain conditions (operated in the vicinity of Zakopane and Nowy Targ) behaves well in the wet in cold weather, mud and grass (the snow has not been the way). Are mounted on a Volvo V70 - very good quality in a pile. for money.

very good tire for the money abrasion resistance quiet.

Very good tire for the money. Low abrasion, quiet, economical on fuel consumption. On the road / highway speed of 160-200km / h fuel consumption in a car Volvo V70 6.5 l ON / per 100 km.

V40 przejezdzilem one season on these tyres. Now I bought V70 and also I assume these tyres. I recommend

revelation for the money!

Pirelli P7 Cinturato ois a great tyre for a decent price. Excellent on dry. In the rain a little worse but still good. Perhaps it's a matter of weight of the car - the Volvo V70. I recommend.

The tyre is OK but teeth. I bought a new Volvo V70 with these tyres, at the beginning everything OK until you reach about 35 000 km and then all began szuminie. At this time, after driving 45 000 km it is impossible to ride and I have to replace the tyre.

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