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Peugeot 206 Tyres

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Drivers reviews on tyres to Peugeot 206.
We present our customers reviews about the tyres Peugeot 206 We have the largest review database in the Uk. Are you in search of a tyre that will fit your Peugeot206?/ Read the reviews and check how the tyre phisically performs in your car. Select the best tyres for your car.

Great tire for the price!

Klebery I bought a Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI. Przejeździłem them on the German highways over 30 thousand. km, and a little on Polish roads. Tyres wear little signs of wear, such as a course. They can break the grip in the wet, but that did not break? I am extremely happy with this set of tyres and strongly recommend to everyone in this price category. If I'd had a hard fault, they look slightly balonowato, but I've seen worse. For porówniania GoodYearach ridden both, and now Bridgestone (second car) and mad at Kleberach both sets do not. When it comes to the quality / price Klebery fall perfectly, so enjoy such popularity. I see no sense to overpay for tyres in cars of this class.

If you hesitate to stop to think it's really great tire

I drove on these tyres 20tyś. km by 2 seasons in the difficult mountainous terrain. Excel well, every day it is difficult to assess their values, car runs perfectly but it was difficult conditions show the advantages of the tyre over the other (never ridden on Michelin or Goodyear). One time after heavy wet snow on a steep and long driveway up the hill I was the only passenger car that was able to overcome hill, along the way I passed several cars on the side of the road or people pushing buksujące car, on the way the mass traces of "dancing" on the aprzeciwka only roadster I passed. Yes bezprzerwy buksowały wheels but reaches deep (auto peugeot 206 1.9d). In addition, no problems with traction even on icy roads. I would recommend these tyres to anyone who hesitates. In my line of work where a lot of moving around the area, and often heavily buried roads never failed me, and I did not have to look for the tractor to come to the rescue.

Tires without any major defects, good value for money.

I do not know why, but extreme opinions about these tyres are expressed mainly by the owners of small and light cars (206-threads, lanosy) in my old bmw 7 excel pretty decent. I got them with the car, and although they are a bit too narrow for the overall dimensions of the car (195/65r15), I must admit that at 211km 1800kg weight and power really surprising grip. Sometimes even the kilkucentymetrowym snow when I'm 100% sure that when you press the gas will lose traction, they bite into the ground and the car shoot forward. On wet and dry without charge. Only a little ice niestbilne, but the rest of the tank to the stable? I do not know how the case is with the babies, but for large and heavy I can recommend them.

Main role in selecting these "shoes" grail price. Cheap ai concern not just any, produced by Bridgestone / Firestone and I feel it when driving. As for the noise is average, the car is loaded more noise grows, but it does not bother me. What to maintain on a puddle of water as the knife cuts, but worse with braking in the wet, you keep already larger spacing. Grip on dry very good, sciaralnosci not assessed because after driving 7206 km (10/15/2006) can not see a trace of wear. They look nice, they leave a nice footprint in the sand. As for this price (105zl art) is a revelation, one gets the impression that he has a few classes higher tyre.

Welcome at the same time I bought a second set of tyres for the wife's Peugeot 206 set of tyres Firestone Winterhawk and unfortunately I am disappointed with this I decided to experiment, because debica when it comes to snow tyres in August sensationally performs (as opposed to their summer counterparts) and firestony Although generally do not have to have a larger zastrzerzen jedank after the brand was expecting an appreciable difference on the plus side, unfortunately, the opposite is true because in comparison with Debica exercise clearly worse in every way, (well, maybe except for appearance :))

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 is a tyre with goop grip in everyday average use (without any crazy driving). The only drawback is, unfortunately, the noise level - and here I have to share the opinion of some reviewers - it is loud. Unfortunately. I bought them brand new (DOT 5206) and I have used them since July 2007 and it seems to me that the longer I use it, the louder it is - to compare, in current temperatures of 15 degrees the winter tyres that I took off were... quieter. Frankly speaking, you can get used to the noise over time - but I used quieter tyres (eg. Fulda Carat or Firestone Firehawk Fuelsavers in my Ford Mondeo). But it can be praised for high durability. About my future with them - I heard the new model of Turanza is quieter.

For a small city car which I drive (Peugeot 206) are perfect, well hold on any kind of surface (except, of course, the snow, the tyres typically years). There are no problems with balancing, nothing 'beats', car pulls no. I note that my car is only 60 hp, for this type of car is 'eraser' are ideal. In low volume Seicento cars and Clio D100 will certainly write down perfectly. With a more powerful car, I would look among the products of other, more reputable manufacturers.

For Dunlopkach ride from 9-years. This is my second set in my Peugeot 206th They are reliable, well keep the road dry and wet. The snow also have a good grip. Because I travel a lot in the winter time in the mountains not only got to the end. I do not compare them to other tyres because I have no experience in this matter. I think these are very good tyres for a very good price.

Very good tires

I go to opnach Debica Frigo 2 November, the car Toyota Corolla (2004) and so far have not noticed that they have some disadvantages, winter is fairly mild, at least in the area, after which mainly moving, consumption is also negligible because last month car review done at a service station, and it was found that the tread on them is as good as new. I would add that this is the second set of tyres of the type which operates on a different type of car (Peugeot 206) and the previous one did not complain. I would recommend these tyres.

Total failure, I've heard from sellers, that's pretty good tyre. Not at all, I do not know to what the car was designed but certainly not to the 206-ki. I can not say anything about driving on snow or ice but in the wet and so we are now in winter is usually the massacre, in cornering the car literally flying. A few times I almost flew off the road. If anyone is looking for an extreme experience that these tyres will definitely deliver it to him. Purchase excluded.

Before the tyre is put together a little hałasowała but after 30 km's all it was about Very good ease on wet roads. As the price of a product recommended tyres bought in May for 206 zł for each order processed quickly and the next day I had the goods in the house. Cheers and recommend.

I am shocked at the price I expected a poor product is a mega ok

Tires are really good - in front of them ridden on Yokohamach. I decided to buy tires for one season, because I wanted to fall to sell the car. It was found that for various reasons it pojeżdżę longer. I checked the tire condition and found out that after the summer season wear. I would recommend for people who drive sensibly - I do my 206 rather moving to a duly.

Super tire - recommended!

Super tyres, never on better not driven (car GTi/S16 206). Behavior on dry and wet surfaces exemplary. The most surprised me wet grip when braking - shock! Inhibit almost like a dry, do not slide, ABS reacts very late. Re-in-la-tion! Compared to my previous Pirelli P7000 tyres ... there is nothing to compare.

Great tires but expensive for the present parameters

The tyres are really good! Behave well under dry conditions ... a little worse on wet. In my Peugeot 206 S16 I've often had problems when starting - often falling into the skid. But it also ... great aquaplaning ... revelation.

Great tires

Great tyre tested on more powerful 200HP machine or peugeot 206 .. Car runs very well so far they've been going for a week. The only problem is the balancing of a tyre I had to reinvent again for a decent machine, I might add

I think that is a very good tyre. I had the opportunity to test it on poldku (rear-wheel drive :-)) and 206-ce. In both cars, the tyre works very well. I would definitely recommend. Quality for a really reasonable price.

I do not remember the tyre size. I changed my car and did not drive too much on these tyres. Now I have pegouta 206 and already planning to purchase tyres for this year before the start of the season. Greet

I do not recommend

In 206 przejezdzilem 4 seasons. Look great, but when it rains - a tragedy. Auto slips as on the ice. I got her, the next will Uniroyal.

already the second time I use tyres Kleber, the first time I drove 206 30000 for two seasons and I was happy - male consumption. I recommend

Super tyre to niewielkch cars such as Fiesta, Peugeot 206th I am very pleased. Delivery of tyres very fast. Smoothly and without problems.

It's ok

I bought 2 sets of tyres, 206 and combo only downside is that they are noisy. Guided by the fact that they are done in our country.

Polish a good product!

peugeot 206 sw in very good horse, now change the car and a pile of them surely!! Recommend!

Very good tyre for the 206th Price also particular about the promotion

All those who have a GT-2 production Turkish / pre-installed in the Renault, or Pe-206 / actually complain about the quality - it's true. I have a GT-2 produkcjji German and hardly complain about the ride / I have ABS /. The only drawback to the hernia side - not one I select curbs. After this little bit of fear driving course soon, because I do not know what is causing these side inequality. Although the tread still ok I need to replace, because I am afraid of the shot.

I bought that I have dlategoi Peugecie 206 s-100 and are zajebisate but these failed in August, thinly on the snow I do not know what it will be like will kopny! : (

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