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Peugeot 107 Tyres

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Drivers reviews on tyres to Peugeot 107.
We present our customers reviews about the tyres Peugeot 107 We have the largest review database in the Uk. Are you in search of a tyre that will fit your Peugeot107?/ Read the reviews and check how the tyre phisically performs in your car. Select the best tyres for your car.

very good for this money!

Driving on tires 205/50 R17 93W with rim protection. Uses them for the second season and I'm really happy. are really quiet and well stick to the road. I drove on them already about 20 000 km and still are very nice, in a sense, it has front and rear 7mm about how nówki because even the subtitle F-107 on the tread still visible. It is true that when the flick in five to feel a little long flowing corners at speeds in excess of 140 - 150 km / h (maybe because they are soft) but now I'm fresh out of 1500km route numbering about two people and the traveling speeds of 140-170km / h (because śmigaliśmy German motorways) and really had a great smigało on them! at these speeds they were not heard (because it's the wind). How smigaliśmy also raining and przycinaliśmy 130/140km/hi did not smell of aquaplaning. I really recommend!

Reasonable price, would recommend.

The quality-price ratio (I bought them for 45 pounds/tyre) for the properties the Falken ZE 912 represents is more than satisfactory. I'm an average driver with light flair for sports driving, I have a Megane I (107 HP) and for this car these tyres are more than enough. The only drawback I noticed is the fact that despite the profile 195/60 the tyres are hard. Better handling, but worse driving comfort, it suits me because I can drive faster, but not everyone will be happy with it (their hardness can be perceptible on rough roads).

I had the best tires

I had better tyres! I rode the amateur car races renault clio 1 of engine power of 107HP 1.8RSI on those tyres and definitely buy the next season with the same tyres. Great tyre behavior in the wet. On a dry road holding and stuck! I sincerely recommend!

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