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Tire very good

Goodyear EfficientGrip is a very good tyre on dry surface. On wet, with moderate driving style, suspension in good condition and proper air pressure it’s also excellent. It’s very quiet, compared to my previous Pirelli P7, which was definitely louder, even louder than the winter Michelin Pilot Alpin. I am not able to rate the durability of Goodyear EfficientGrip at the moment because the distance driven is too small to note any signs of wear. Also, I have to emphasize that in order to rate the driving properties of a tyre properly and to fully use its capabilities in all conditions, you have to adjust your wheel alignment correctly, have proper air pressure, correctly working suspension and fully balanced wheels. After I had my new Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres fitted, I did all of this and the tyres do their job perfectly.

Very good tyres for a car of this class do not need better, super behave while driving almost do not hear the car runs well, and where there is no good braking on dry and wet roads, and of course a reasonable price to our terms of wages in the country . But I note my opinion is check if the driver who buys it will comply with the basic parameters of the car and tyre maintenance or will not use bent or battered wheels, will take care of the balance wheel and check wheel alignment, and kept no proper tyre pressure, and despite appearances, no sheet metal but the important thing to pay attention to tyre wulkanizacjach assume sometimes, it uses students who have no idea what is the tyre and what can be the consequences of wrong assumptions on the rim. If the customer meets these requirements ensures that it will be happy like me, greet Champion.

Tires worth special attention!

I did about 8 thousand miles on these tyres. Traction on dry surface is great and the same goes for wet surface. Generally speaking, I didn't see any difference between driving on dry and wet. Abrasion of the tyres is also good - after about 8 thousand miles the tread has just started to wear off. They don't make a lot of noise, but their driving comfort and shock absorbing properties could be better. When it comes to behaviour on snow and ice, I gave them high marks because I didn't want to lower their overall note. I recommend these tyres because they have a great look and superb performance, and the price is much lower than top class brands. By the way, when compared with Dunlop SP Sportmaxx and Bridgestone Potenza, Falken FK 452 gets first place, because its performance isn't much different from Dunlop's, and is much cheaper.

For these tyres close friend talked me vulcan. I was pleased with them, but this year, unfortunately, I will have the purchase of new tyres. These tyres stretched me often with tragic situation. As for their use - here are my notes: the dry way Very good performs on wet or very good (I had once Debica, where even the light deszczyku rode like a skating), Snow - a revelation (always predictable, pulled even in deep snow), the ice is not strong, the noise - I do not see much of a difference compared to the summer. High comfort - no beating on the steering wheel, tyre balance just once. I've had cases where those winter tyres rode better to me than the summer, attrition - fly with me 6 seasons! - It's probably good? Overall - my feelings about riding on the chewing agree almost 100% of them described by the manufacturer. I would definitely recommend. This year I want to buy HP but tread 3-ki

The tyre works very well on the car, driving on wet roads like it was glued. Behaves decently, even above the water filled ruts and runs through a puddle at higher speeds (previously mialel pirelli p6000 and this was a big problem). The only drawback which gave to me unless noted the appearance of tyres, such as the side of the curb przytarciu appears brown color, captions are placed on it than in most other tyres. If someone does not pay attention to such details it certainly will be happy with the purchase of the tyre. This is the second purchase tyres from sites - next I bought tyres also right here. Courier arrived very quickly - everything went smoothly and most importantly tyres were old, all were to just a few weeks. It was so both when buying these kleberow and the winter frigo II.

sensational grip, controversial execution

The class meets these tyres in the snow and slush - no problems with starting, braking, driveways and car is in a station wagon. Car without trouble comes from smaller slips (I fell into bigger and I would not keep it that way). Previously I had a Nokia in Tipo (bought by choice) and the experience made me buy them a second time (in the car ride was more aggressive, trouble was never). Important note - all purchased by me tyres that the manufacturer had the same flaw - let's call it "error ratio" - the balancer tyre radial runout visible (about 3 mm) when the wheel goes smoothly. Still, at highway speeds (150 km / h and more) have not noticed vibration on the steering wheel and body.

tyres great for dry, warm, level asphalt. Worse, after the first drops of rain, while still in arrears by niespłukany dust mixed with water tyres tend to płużenia in high-speed corners. On a combination of the right 80 left 80 right 80 with about 50 - 60 km / h full load (about 400kg) about 5 in the morning so still wet / drenched roadway 10 deg C back lost traction and ended up striking and uncontrolled turn. At highway speeds very firm grip in the dry. With about 170 trouble free (even quite violent) changes in the German bahnach belts. After a strong rain water drains perfectly. Aquaplanningu (slip in deep water) have not noticed (which, for example, had a busy place at the winter dunlopach wintersport mx3) generally noteworthy for drivers tyre reasonable and knowing the capabilities of your car and your own first and foremost. Overall Rating 5

I would definitely recommend! Best tires on which I rode!

Hi, Yokohama W Drive V 903 I bought a little by accident. Previously, I would go to the Drive and exercised great. There was no snow, by which have not traveled to. This year, after changing the car I bought Yokohama, but it was not only the Drive In Drive V 903 and I have to admit that these tyres are even better than the previous one. For dry very quiet, low rolling resistance. I was waiting for the snow and after driving about 2000 km in the snow I'm happy cruelly. Not terrible the drifts. Wywiozły me of those snows that he was surprised. The wet roads also very decent. On the snowy road without complaint, in the slush at a reasonable driving stick to the road very well. I note that these tyres have made in Japan, not some Chinese food. In a word, I would definitely recommend!

All ok, but .....!

When it comes to handling without any reservations - a revelation. But unfortunately, the noise level, which seem to tyre in the fourth season of use is below criticism. I took them maybe 20 thousand km. I changed the tyres just winter tyres the summer and just ride you can not. The sound effects that seem to resemble each other to death zajeżdżone bearings, and probably better described my predecessor - the bomber of World War II :) I tried different tyre pressure ranging from 2.3 to 1.8 but the effect is rather meager. The least noise at 1.8 but it's not enough. In my car manufacturer recommended tyre pressure is 2.1. Unfortunately, the tyre does not fully polished. It also notes that the tyres and the entyre auto care properly and fairly quiet ride and not abusing the right foot to the accelerator. Unfortunately say goodbye to these slippers and I was looking for something else. It is a pity that so illustrious company does not seek for it to tyre gave 100% satisfaction.

Absolutely recommended!!

To begin with, I am used to use winter tires from Debica F. .... But this year, t empted by a discount I decided to go for Continental ContiWinterContact TS850. I do not regret that decision for a moment. Maybe winter this year was not as severe, but tyres showed their class :-) Is the road covered by snow, or wet they are holding on very well!! And finally, the thing that surprised me the most: although Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 are winter tires they are much quieter than my summer tires from Japan to the letter Y. ..... I have to note that driving is mixed (city / highway) so the velocities are different and tyre is doing just great in August. This year, the second car will be bought with the same tyres as well 

Great tires, both in the city and beyond. Price as satisfactory.

I highly recommend these tires to anyone who has at heart on safety while driving. Very good tires on both the slush and snow itself - for dry conditions will not even mention. When starting the considerable elevation occasionally joined ABS (snow and / or mud). The car sticks to the road probably at speeds up to 120 km / h on snow with dry conditions up to 150 km / h or any alarming symptoms not noted down. Above this speed the tire is not checked. The only drawback to what you would find fault with this volume. Above 100 km / h are beginning to be heard but not enough to be heavily burdensome. Fuel consumption has not increased in relation to driving on summer tires.

recommendable tire with small notes

I bought tyres after reading positive reviews on them. Last winter was harsh and took its toll. Snow tyres on while driving behaved Very good (195/65r15). Rode in many a drift car for example to to park easily in places where others are subjected. I felt confident and in curves and bends. Only when braking you need to take a slight amendment, because I noticed that quite simply are blocking the wheels on dry pavement ;/ during cornering to give up easily if they wanted to lose traction, a strange feeling, but you can get used to. After tens of kilometers walked confidently into corners.

Very good quality tires for the money.

I was surprised how fantastic Uniroyal MS Plus 6 performs on wet surfaces. Perfectly drains water. For me that was the most important value, because our winters are mostly wet and I wanted to feel safe on the road.These tyres are very quiet tyres and gives high driving comfort. Maybe on hard winter conditions, like deep snow, snowdrifts I would prefer Nokians, but in English weather Uniroyals checks out perfectly. I give them highest note. The price is also reasonable, so you won't be regret if you buy them.

Wookash P

Hi, how are reading some of the reviews that I grab her head. How can you evaluate a winter tyre "to anything that is not suitable, auto does not hold the track .." at 120 km / h People do not have a tyre which jechałaby on rails at that speed? Everyone should choose tyres for your needs. As I ride only on Sundays is enough for me BARUM (niechciałbym to be rude, but this is only to give), and how I'm doing 3000 km a week to reflect on Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli ... etc I ride about 2300 to 2500 miles per week, for fuladch, all over the country and I did not feel any dykomfortu. Please also note that the model of the car also has an effect on his behavior, with different tyres. I drove on these tyres and Roomster Focus (FULDA) - brilliant in all conditions. Astra - I'd choose something else (eg Debica). Regards

It should be noted that the value for money of this tyre is great! Most of the above criteria is very subjective, unless you use the measuring devices, but briefly: the snow and dry conditions behave well. Great traction in the snow and moving. On a dry ride on them as in the summer, in principle, does not feel the difference. Hockey is probably little that tyres can have good results, so that's why 3, even my bicycle tyres with 300 wheels on each tyre grip does not guarantee ... Rolling resistance'm not able to measure, so only 4 Comfort and quiet, rides more smoothly than the summer Michelinach, and the noise is bothersome, is the difference compared to the summer, but you can survive. When it comes to Scire it can be seen that disappears after three seasons, but it's obviously a good thing that disappears, because the resident is good :-).

The tyre is best to test to the driving on the highway. Very good in dry conditions, excellent in the rain, even when driving in deep ruts and high speed aquaplaning do not feel! Makes it through the winter for light weather conditions (very abundant snow and slush), unsure of the ice, but it is not a dedicated winter tyre, replace the winter tyres better. In the field, is able to cope well in very difficult conditions, on different surfaces and weather conditions. You can boldly go to the field and forest roads and different surfaces. Note: very poor traction in deep mud (less) car pulls well but goes where he wants, even at the extreme positions of the steering wheel, it is sometimes dangerous, and then probably only chains ... I would recommend for people riding mostly on the road, and sometimes likes to hook the light area.

I bought it after checking all available information about these tyres and the experience of winter WR nokianami which proved to be a revelation. The NRE can definitely say I have the best value for money although now less (I bought a WR and NRE 4 and 3 years back and then asking for these tyres in Poland sent me into the living room, made famous GSM were not so cheaper). Each type of road surface, speed, noise more than some bad inhibit although I've used before, but unfortunately MICHELINÓW excellent braking on dry and death in the eyes of braking in the wet. NRE no revelations but wet or dry is very good. Interesting - I once caught heavy snowfall and I note NRE summer! proved to be better than all-season goodyearów (I live in the foothills and the test is whether the home snacking or not)

I note at the outset that the distance traveled is only 2000 km. Tyres in all respects good in its price class. Auto sure to drive on dry and wet nawierzchnii, however, warn amateur sport, this is not a sport tyre that you can trust in all conditions, probably at this price there is no better, more confident car runs on a straight road, on curves is also not wrong, but I would not advise them to play in an athlete (the tyre is soft and has a slightly delayed response time for sharp turn), referring to the earlier Michelin MXT, which contradicted the laws of physics dry but in the wet were not so good. The tyre is superbly quiet and well balanced. I have no objections, for most drivers is enough.

very good

Pirelli P7 Cinturato is a very good tyre. This is some kind of rubbish to say they are Bad. I drove on Pirelli P7 Cinturato 13000 miles and it is very durable and silent. Good on dry and wet. Terrible on Snow!! Attention! You can’t miss the change of the summer tyres to winter for you might be disappointed. Pirelli P7 Cinturato has one fault: resilience. I had Michelins Primacy previously and those were much more comfortable. In general: Pirelli P7 Cinturato is a very good tyre and I doubt that ADAC neutral when giving notes to it on wet. Pirelli P7 Cinturato’s great advantage is its durability. I do 40000 miles on them and this result is very good.

Tires recommendable

Tires perfect for people who want to combine driving in the city and off-road. Well they are working on dry and wet asphalt. I rate them very well in the field. Of course in the area subside MT. However, it was not the case that drew me out of the mud, and even with powdery snow. Even deep mud did not stop me, of course, until he is not hung. Worse is on a slippery surface, ie, packed snow and ice, of course. In a word, I would recommend as a universal tire for summer and winter. However, it should be noted that typical winter winter tires will behave better. However, I'm not complaining and I would buy these tires again.

dud note

Welcome. First of all, I check that this is the second set of tyres wrangler HP to use it. First bought a new Honda CRV for, and the second "hit" to me when buying a new Ford kugi. In the former case, noise problems began after nine thousand. km. It was the third month of use. Trying complaint - ineffective. reply manufacturer - no rotation (translating) tyres during the operation which led to uneven tread wear. In the next set tyres or axles change every 5 thousand parties. km. - sturdy 6 months (20 thousand. km.) To date the tyre roar mercilessly. I DO NOT RECOMMEND that sell to anyone. I greet

Very cool tires,

Very well stick to the road, during braking, I feel that the stick, no abeesu, even in the wet. On uneven very well cushioned, are quiet even on corrugated strip, it can be classified as defects. Tires year-round, I'm most curious about how they will behave in the snow and other "pleasures" of winter, it will be their only proper test. By the perceived softness of fear for their durability. We'll see. As of today, I recommend! I had noted the opinion of the snow and slush, I gave 3 even though I have no idea how it will, it should be able to choose "do not judge".

Superb tire for the summer !!! I would recommend !!!

The tire uses a 2003 Audi A4 B6 1.9tdi 96kW (podciągniętym to 150 hp). Goodyear-ki after driving 12 thousand miles excel sensational regardless of the type of surface and atmospheric conditions. Appearance of the tread does not knock, but the most important road safety and also a good vehicle performance and fuel consumption. Overall I must say that at the moment are better than the previous Continental Conti Premium Contact 2, Dunlop Sp sports, other size 205/55/16. NOTE: Tire Polish production, like not differ from Dutch or German, also buy into and enjoy the comfortable ride :)

Today he founded. The shock ... Positive. Toy car odmłodniało a lot of years. Previously, I had set up a national inventions of "XXX". I thought that the suspension has made its (vibrations, taking out the corner. Noise like a tank Rus). New slippers in my car literally runs like the wind pushed them beautifully kept asphalt, little escapes the deep ruts (Polish roads ...) and still got niprzyzwoicie added quietly (unfortunately, now I hear my wife ...). In the parking lot, another shock: As the steering wheel slightly (ever have eliminated wspomanie ..). The abrasion gave 5, the waveform is detected by the fact b.mały (120 km), and even stickers on the tread are some I drove up to 160 km / h And one more note: when braking pushes the chair without a squeak. Yours.

Very nice tyres - bought after reading reviews on Very good value for money. I had the opportunity to ride another compact car with tyres Dunlop Ultra Grip 7 and I admit that I have not found differences in addition to the price! Open "heavy" snow without reservation, like the mokej and dry conditions. Of course, my opinions are based on "real" approach to the issue because if someone believes that good winter tyres on ice even stop in dry conditions as it is only downhill from such individuals to the side of the road. To sum up: it is a very nice tyre on our terms. I recommend! Note: tyres for the first 500 km have to "reach out" to get its proper parameters, especially recommended for the first 500 km when it is wet.

For me, it is a space! I drove on them just one KJS and has never had such sticky tyres :) Actually, I started it tentatively to the rear axle, the front was as good pirelli P6. As auto always go sideways, now began leaving a problem in the front. And quite difficult to put them side :) Overload much more worthy and times. Note, on asphalt or covered piaseczkiem also błotkiem Revel, on damp or control over the car. The rain did not test. And one more thing. They are loud. Loud is an understatement :) Between 50 and 80 km / h driving to work like an electric train, something a la Electric Multiple Unit EN57 series: D. Looking for more of the tyre to the wheel size 15''!

Other winter tyres not buy. I Fulda (tragedia!), Klebery, Goodyeary 7 (floated like a boat on the lake) in the official car I have now Debica Frigo (size 185, I'm afraid at every turn). If someone says that Frigo less slipping on the snow it can be a subjective feeling of an internal due respect to your wallet ... Snow is never the same on the road - as it rains and when it arrives it is either a compacted or melted ... How come so you can argue that they are worse than Michelin Frigo? To compare this would have to be at the same time side by side to drive the same car at two different sets of tyres! I note that the tyres should be seen in one size - you can not compare tyres of different brands of various widths so writing it in another car are better Frigo is pointless unless the tyres are the same size ... I bought a 195/60 instead of 185/65 to a private car for the winter because I had a great deal of confidence that even with a larger width Alpin3 cope in winter. I have given great advice. I recommend with a clear conscience! I do not like the tyres are perhaps the only ones who insisted that the Michelin company is overrated ... Anyway: visit and check it out there is written by specialists for this tyre. Yours!

I drove them 30 Previously, about 200 thousand on other brands. Now I read the reviews here, mostly negative and I do not know what to think. As for the abrasion to give 6th After three years there is no sign of wear (maybe a little). But the ride ... However hard the hole on the road I feel. Rolling resistance: what do you evaluate? Auto goes in neutral for so long until you have the hill - the law of physics. How are your opinions about rolling resistance? Just podpompować bit more and longer car glides more smoothly. Writing about snow and ice - no sense - on the occasions are designed winter tyres. The wet handle as well as the dry. But beware racers: I'm happy to show these ratings 130km/na hour. It also should be noted. Regards

Highly recommended.

Purchased tires Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 (made in Germany) is a very good tire on the road and the city (such searched and chose this model after konsuktacji advisor Oponeo - and this very important note, I pressed the man on the strength of what he wanted to sell, but listened to what criteria I presented him with respect to the tire I needed. Actually adviser suggested purchase this tire model from German, not Polish - the difference in the composition of the mixture from which the tire was produced). A little less succeed in kopnym snow (if anyone wants a tire on kopny snow let it buy Dębica Frigo - good traction on snow in other poor conditions). Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 is a tire that works very well on dry and wet roads (including slush). Very good drainage, good handling in the turns (pretty much put aside but sticks perfectly to the surface). Occasionally loss of adhesion occurred when starting OR ANY braking (even violent). Traction on ice do not judge - only here spines give advice: D Noise - as winter tires, a little louder than the summer. Wear the approximately 20 000 km. negligible. In conclusion, if someone is looking for secure, safe tires on the road and to the city in a wide speed range - definitely recommendable. Due to the professional service from the consultant summer tires probably also buy the in Oponeo.

On the 4th season, and tour the city all the time just as well

I go Atos Prime II, so the tyres for this car would seem to be a slight exaggeration. On the other hand, how to ride the box is anything that increases a little chance of survival is worth their money - as these tyres. I'm just starting season 4. Were already winter and snow, and cold, and warm, and wet. A revelation when it comes to snow or snow rozjeżdżony - great stick in the corners, well inhibit, when starting you know - how much przygazuje is any breaks traction. The great thing is that, long before it falls into the slip (on these tyres as a rule usually somehow controlled and to output) this is a warning signal in the form of a reduced sense of resistance on the steering wheel. 2x inhibited the emergency lights on the front of the glass and 2x total saved the bumper (car in front of me, however, inhibited the worse and slowly moving away). In wet years Rainexperty hold as Uniroyal, which is very good. The only note: This is a typical winter tyres - I propose to set up after the first frost before the end of October, because as the winter season ended abruptly in April (the sun was shining and it was 12 C) is on the hot asphalt tyres begin to flow (with fierce dohamowaniu ABS in action ) and just kill, harm them in such conditions. Pojeździłem I have 3 seasons and I think it still ride at least 2

I do not know, because it still early for any conclusions to commute .. I have them only 3 month `e and I'm at the stage of a test - .. for the time being without reservation. Originally set its sights on faworytki in Toyo Proxes T1-R, and Goodrysie buddy talked me (mechanic alone. 1500000 km from the neck!) Said - a revelation! So I bought. First observation: the relatively low level of noise even at 180 km / h, awesome grip, both wet and dry surfaces - car sticks to the road and obey like a dog, regardless of whether you give him the pipe, and the hammocks .., overcomes every corner without squealing, "bouncing" only slightly, when I try to bend the laws of physics ;-). The only - for now note, is that are a bit too soft, which can be felt during the fast but small movements kierowajka at 100 - .... km / h on asphalt (I do not recommend anyone without experience and awareness about the potential risk of introduction of the car into a skid!) ... August when the impression is pressure drop in the shoe .. ot stuff ..... rocking slightly annoying, but what do I know about dancing Goodrysiami ... chewing gum as it let him swing - important to not burst! is not it?

Very good tyres. I would recommend them to anyone who is demanding, but unfortunately, Goodyear, note, since 2006, produces most of the size of F1 in China - it profancja flagship model?! Who in their management, who came up with this brilliant idea to produce this model for a bowl of rice. I am shocked and upset because I have no alternative to the tyres on the market. I drove on different tyres of different brands, but F1 is a class. The tyre may not fit the ideal person who likes silence, but that does not tyre łajby rocking the calm sea and needs to be heard. Nor is it for eternity - which is a pity. I przejeźdiłem three seasons, but without więkrzych variations. The tyre in dry conditions very well lead car on the straight and in curves. During braking, the ABS really need to rest and try to run it, even on wet roads, but it is not everything - even the tyre is not afraid to belt at pedestrian crossings, where competition drives like hockey - probably know the feeling. The snag is that probably made in cihina it will not be the tyre. Or maybe someone has already tested the Chinese and it is not so bad. Unfortunately, I will not risk. Regardswionka and width

I bought these tyres quite recently. Before that I made note of the views ... the vast majority positive. Continental previously had, it is true, but used with even tread oldie ... it was impossible to ride on them, especially as the rain fell, or even the road was just wet. Sava eskimo bought over the internet and pleasantly surprised me, I'll get instant delivery in 2 days. As soon as I got rid of the old tyres and rims I put on the new ... the balancing went very smoothly. First impressions of the ride ... very quiet and comfortable, where usually a hole in the road felt like vanish. 160 per hour, and silence are online with the horse as the glass. Today I drove on them for more than 3 thousand km and I am very happy in the snow should be pulled as a last curiosity. I live in Norway and here are the very changeable weather ... He started to work in the morning, dry roadway so black I thought. I was surprised how after leaving the car on the spot ... and drove 40 km with lots of corners and it does not ... it turned out that slips on his shoes. Generally speaking the tyre seems to be very good and in good conscience recommend it.

How many speakers suggested that by assessing this forum. Before I decided to buy them even checked the tyre test Swedish Motormänen the independent organization (I live in Sweden). Of course, I bought tyres I put on the Internet and being in Poland. Had a chance to "test" them in the rain, in dry conditions and on the German highway at the speed of about 180 km / h I believe the tyre works great. In deszcu felt no ruts filled with water Polish (of course, I drove very), in dry conditions, "held" in August too great. Some people complain of are loud. I do not know. For me are quiet but the noise is a function of the tyre and road surface. Overall, my assessment is very positive and certainly pile again. Do not judge or abrasive behavior tyres on snow and ice. I change tyres at about 40 thousand km and so much strength if it is good. And from the ice and snow are winter tyres. I can not judge Oporow toczeniai here seems to specialists from Motormönen. They found that this tyre has low rolling resistance test and got the note "highly recommended and worth the price." But in Sweden it is 2x more expensive ..

After one season, the front torn to zero - thrown money

I was using Uniroyal Rain Max 2 195/65/15 on Corolla Combi 2.0 D4D for years and I was very happy so decided to buy Uniroyal Snow tyres 195/60/16 Max 2 to Sharan 2.0 TDI. My driving is moderate 50/50 city / highway,tyres well stick to the wet surface but not as good as the summer version. Especially getting nasty in the corners - fall into the slip front axle, rear keeps well. In slush - a very decent and even good in deep snow the tyres- not failed me once. And now the worst - abrasion under criticism, the manufacturer should pay the money and withdraw it from the market, because after driving around 10000miles outer edges are almost bald (2 mm tread), the rest of the tread about 5-6 mm. Will note that with each change, always check the convergence and the suspension of the VW Dealership. The efficiency of the suspension (just did a review) of 82%. After this season, the front is suitable for garbage . Generally the Uniroyal SnowMax 2 has a decent grip on wet, slush and snow ,not bad culture and level of noise , but abrasion - tragic, because it is a tyre for 1 season only and quite expensive too I cant recommend it.

Good tire for modest budget.

If you are considering buying a good used tyres from Germany or budżetówek in China - let it go and buy Navigatory. Behaves well in dry conditions - but in this case more strongly than the typical summer tread wears. The snow and slush - a revelation - I did not notice the difference between a typical zimówką previously used. As quiet and dopompowana (2.3-2.5) did not deplete the budget at the pump. Note - The tyre "soft" on the sides - 2.0 pressure you feel, "slipper". The biggest minus - you have to be careful when cornering on all surfaces. Tests conducted in the year on the same arc of 90 degrees - dry surface: 65 km / h the tyre squealing tyres and hard, but you can go, freshly wet after the rain - at 40 km / h (!) Was oversteer uślizg, the mud śniegowym - 35 km / h oversteer uślizg on packed snow is not tested - I was afraid. When it comes to dry surfaces and corners helps dopompowanie tyres (2.4-2.5). If someone needs a tyre for quiet city driving and cornering is not mad - will be very pleased. For those who like horsing around is not recommended - the corners will be very dangerous.

I bought the tyres via the internet - how came I was surprised to have such a low around 8 mm tread competition than 9 mm. But as it was founded and some pojezdziłem on dry, wet later, and a few tygdni the snow, I'm more and more pleased. I do not think the objections are so great, if quiet, well that is to conduct the precise and predictable, abs starts up very late and in extreme situations. Hockey as any tyres - count on luck or spikes. Really good, I compare the Carving Pirelli, Uniroyal MS 55 (the company cars have these tyres - new) and UG7 by far the best. The snow revelation. Do not judge too little abrasion because I drove but I do not see teeth in August were to finish quickly. wywarzaniem any problems and says it is manufactured in Germany with. I am very happy and would recommend honestly. One note, the foolish do not help even the best tyres, and recently a number of drivers I see those who have too much faith in their skills or summer tyres surely see this in cars such as the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E and the cost of the tyres at the price of these cars is permil.

Tires Super! I do not judge durability - low mileage.

Welcome. I noted that I chose these tires because the previous model "Winter Sport 3D" had the Opel Astra H Auto changed the tires too, not long and the choice was wondering, of course I do not regret. Price very good, and no production date "September 2013". Tires founded on new steel wheels, zero problems with balancing. Tires uses the first season, so most of the driving on dry pavement. Tires on dry quiet, good reliable guidance. There were also a few days of snow. Horse, pulling away and braking is very good. Directional tread, which are arranged in a V gives an amazing performance, the car burns more like summer summer tires (the Dunlop brand premium). Wet surface, so these tires are like, are just as very good as the snow. Like every winter tires in dry conditions (most of these roads this winter we have) a noise profile 55 in the winter inequality dampens well, but the profile 65 for the winter in my opinion is better (this is my comparison). Finally, I encourage you to buy these tires. Yours!

Pretty good.

tyres very nice. But I have a feeling that their assessment is a little overrated. These are really good tires but expensive. From experience I know that you can buy something better a little cheaper but unfortunately for the brand and the inscription on the tire I have to pay (which you can see on her perfectly example). In the dry I have nothing to reproach her - fulfills its purpose perfectly. Its scary sharp braking Be quick start. Keeps great. On wet is already a little worse, but still pretty good. Are not excessively loud. So what I do not fit? Finished their awfully fast. Front ridden after NOTE: 10 thousand km. Work out aggressively but never none not tire I ran out as fast as these. Damping inequality: when the tire is new is tolerable. But when the tread is getting less than half that, unfortunately, does not it suppresses their already practically at all. Can not recommend it. But if I'd buy it again? Definitely not. Switched to a cheaper tire, less well-known company and I am very pleased.

Tyres only for 1 season

I know what I write. I drove on these tyres have 2 full seasons - 60 000km, starting third, and I have to change them. NOTE: If anyone thinks that he can safely przejeździć second winter - it is definitely wrong. This tyre even in urban conditions (Warsaw), the normal snowfall of about 5 - 7 cm (not some storms) completely not suitable for driving. I have ABS and ESP. Max and still worked during the second winter (tyres), it was impossible to ride. The course of the approximately 30 000 - 35 000 km. At the moment the journey by tram tracks at about 60km / h in an arc accused. We strongly advise against purchasing a license seekers after driving 30 000 km. For whom, then this tyre? I do not know ... I only know that the first year and the first winter in the deep ruts was OK. In the wet in the second year (ie now X 2010) somehow went (autumn leaves - a tragedy), but the third winter I know that you do not ride. And at that price, it's probably a bit low .... Regards


NORMAL TIRE .... read more .... * not some made in ... far away .... where each is a different egg :) * not a super ultra turbo max only way she should be (tires - these "better" generally actually have a better parameter, eg 5% less fuel consumption [which remember is tested on the track] and the price by 50% or even 100% higher) * no "ordinary" tire - no such * yes - PROPERLY BUILT TIRE About CORRECT (read. really good, sustainable and economically viable properties [you can have at home "gold handles" - but what?]) * yes - in the previous set autko be with ABS-uprzejeździło note: 60.000 km, four years after 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) * does not look like the Fast & Furious - because the correct tire can not :) * YES, PROVEN SAFE TIRE TO SAFE MOVEMENT AND NOT FOR VIEWING THE SHAPE OF TREAD :)

Tire most fulfilling its mission, in a very favorable price - I would certainly recommend it to friends.

This summer I was looking for myself first in life, new summer tyres - I was thinking about Falkenami, Hankookami (Bridgeston'y people recommend, but my budget was limited), stood up to Matadorach MP46, which led me to his positive opinions of the users. Besides, my father's Skoda went on Matador tyres from the factory, and even though it is not a powerful car tyres survived about 6 seasons. I drove on the tyres so far 6000km - I'm very pleased. I can not compare to premium brands, but as the tyre approximately twice cheaper than this class, I have nothing to reproach them. Driving them feel safe, I drive with no problems cornering. I loved the additional features offered by the tyre - it can be noted on the axis, and which side was used, and if it has drove km.

Bad luck or delicacy tires?

The tire as its price well it performs and works on both dry how wet surface. When it comes to winter hard thing to say because the winter 2013/14 was very delicate and there was no opportunity to test the tires in the snow. The downside of this tire is its delicacy of four years already parked at the curb in the same house, when you change the tire on Nexen parked in the same way as I do it for several years and unfortunately NEW tire was cut by the edge light alloy wheels. (I note the pressure was correct) course suitable for wyrzucenia.PECH GENTLE OR TIRES? Never the other tires to me it did not happen and I park there permanently after a couple of times a day, in the same sposób.I am before buying summer tires and the experiences I choose rather to another producer.

I bought after learning of the opinions of the Very good tyre. Not failed once. Reliable in all conditions. The only weak point is the behavior of the tyre ruts. Seems like auto "floated" .. Unpleasant feeling, but without affecting the safety and adherence to the car on the road. The behavior of the car in the ruts are still fully predictable. After a while you get used to. My overall assessment of a 6 with a small downside. I would definitely recommend. Amaze me "negative" for the tyres. Please note that almost all come from the "fans Debica". Unreliable! Should doubt the competence of the people as to the evaluation values ​​of all tyres.

great tire

Super tyre - highly recommended, because it is silent, ergonomic, but I would like to point out that the tyres with the system of Flat Run are only suitable for cars with air pressure sensors in the tyres! I unfortunately do not have, so needlessly invested in the tyres! Also, I note that the wheels on the wheels need to control pressure at least once a month, because if tyre pressure drops significantly consumes the sides! And so it happened! Therefore, it is a great tyre but have too much as this brand susceptibility to abrasion.


Hello, these are my first winter tires because I do not know if they fared in comparison with other rondelles ... but what I noticed after 3 months use on snowy and icy roads - very good grip, no slip in the corners - the car had no problems with moving off in the snow. The behavior on the ice did not write, since it is known (for each car tire "rides"), on wet asphalt it felt like the car was glued to the road, short braking distance. I note that I am a driver who drives carefully. Overall I would recommend Clincher.

A very pleasant surprise!

I drive a Ford S-Max. The car is 5 years. I was already on the tyres: Pirelli, Fulda and Firestone.Rocznie I drive about 40 000-45 000 km, of which only the car about 30 000 km. At the other vehicle Owner Goodyeary and Barumy. Kumho to S-Maxie is a pleasant surprise. None of the previously used my tyres were not so quiet and peaceful in the lead. Not to note any adverse reactions. Car performed perfectly - not myszkuje, not surprising when braking. I think I spent a small money for a really good product.

ADAC tyre test took last place, but this is mainly due to weak ratings for the wet weather. Here note, winter tyre to be mainly as the best snow, but the snow is good it is always worse in the wet due to construction (przetrenowałem is already on different tyres), the former Uniroyal MS 55 were b good in the wet, but the Snow is the bottom of the complete sequence of weak, after two seasons, it was not the tread. I ride very aggressively sporty chassis and a lot of Nm on wheels, with no traction control is a difficult task for the tyres. So the more these tyres are great, handling the snow. Wet braking a little bit long, and there are slightly louder than summer tyres. And at the end of great advantage, are the first tyres which passes three winter seasons, two, or 30000 thousand km are used by mid-may, no more, what with my constant starts and plowing the corners is a big plus of the gums. I did not notice the rolling resistance increased, and check regularly Wed combustion. I would recommend anyone with a stronger motor and twist to the fast lane.

Good tire for small runs

All of this tyre is a smart, good driving performance, great for deceleration. When it comes to appearance - some are not happy, but I do not mind the fact that the tyre has traces powtryskowe. The only negative, and this large is that the course of 24 thousand miles the tyre wear is about 70%. I note that this is a normal drive without booting with a screech, etc. In general, I recommend only what you ride enough, because if someone is doing high mileage, you'd better invest a little more and buy other tyres, but more durable.

I do not want other

Van - Fiat Ulysse, diesel, front wheel drive, tyres have years of catalog 205/65, put on those little narrower, I do 15-20 thousand a year, in all conditions, and were doing well just note that I will turn the backyard or at different parks all the digging in the snow, I was leaving without any problems, discharged envious glances. For me it's just a recommendation. 4 season and little signs of wear.

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