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Kia Soul Tyres

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Drivers reviews on tyres to Kia Soul.
We present our customers reviews about the tyres Kia Soul We have the largest review database in the Uk. Are you in search of a tyre that will fit your KiaSoul?/ Read the reviews and check how the tyre phisically performs in your car. Select the best tyres for your car.

I bought them a little bit of soul on his shoulder because everyone said it was the tyre budget and probably will be such as the price. But it turned out to be great. First impression - complete silence in the car. After the previous Pirelli P6000 veritable fairy tale. But to the point. On dry asphalt go quietly and confidently. Rut-resistant, safe cornering the lead, clearly feel the moment of loss of grip and there is still a large margin for slippage. Emergency braking in a nice bite asphalt, ABS practically does not start on a clean asphalt. The wet well attract water, there is no download after entering into a puddle - of course at a reasonable depth. I think these tyres for a great buy and I recommend them to czystm conscience.

Such a

I use these tires on a 9 passenger busses passing day from 200 to 300 km with a set of employees. After one season about 40 000 km (each bus) consumption at a satisfactory level. The tire quite comfortable on uneven as it is quite soft as summer. Cars drive on a lot of construction sites and none of them caught "flat tire", so I can say that they are resistant to mechanical damage. Keeping in dry conditions very good, but when it rains falls to the level of "embarrassing". Riding on wet asphalt at speeds above 120 km / h is quite risky, but turns overcomes the soul on his shoulder (this is not just my opinion) tires have a catastrophic lateral support. I would recommend them if I drove around Spain. Better make 300 zł to set, buy Uniroyal Rain Max 2 and do not be afraid of life.

I bought i .. Auto actually like glued to the substrate, but at the expense of fuel economy. Maybe I started to push harder after the winter. The noise only on certain types of asphalt could irritate some but for an objective assessment would have to pass the same way on other chewing. Overall, the price to quality is ok I do not know if I buy the same again because I have the soul of the tester and the next probably will be different :) - there will always be different.

Very good summer tires on both dry and wet weather.

In my Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI excel great. I bought it new on and the only thing I could fault it is that hummed strongly at the beginning but I arrived after the first trip out of the city. Hold good for both wet and dry. To be honest it probably would not snow all winter przejeździłbym and because of the exchange I did not hurry but it's typical summer tyres so as soon as I left the snow is on the shoulder of the soul rode on the exchange.

Tyres very weak. "Inherited" from the previous owner of these cars, the tyres were przejeżdżony only one season, now I know why so willingly gave them ;) ... but let's get down to the facts: the real tragedy fresh snow, enough to literally 2 - 3 inches down and the car "float", he could not move, the compacted snow literally rode on the shoulder of the soul - tyres very slippery, wet - ok, not were major problems, slush - poor, struggling, trackage wheels even with a very smooth ride. Overall - a failure, determined to misfire, although, as a reputable company.

Tyres comfortable, quiet, the problem starts in the wet at a depth of about 4 mm tread. The fact that the clash quickly and at a very quiet ride. I have the impression that the surface has a large impact on attrition. After 40,000 10,000 can still ride but with the soul of the shoulder. But for the comfort of a shorter life

Only turning the city

If someone is looking for tires for a quiet ride around town, it can confidently buy and be happy. The tire is quite hard, very slowly consumes. I do not recommend if you like poupalać. Tragedy is not there, but definitely worth it to buy something better. Keeping quite predictable, there is a sudden loss of grip and it's praises, even in the rain - I would even say that it is a tire that is more suitable for riding in the rain. I flew in from around the 150km/hw literally a wall of rain and I had no soul on his shoulder, good to lead.

Tires quiet, comfortable and giving satisfaction demanding users

Through over 45 years of exploitation, a total of 7-in, passenger car tires I missed that would give me greater satisfaction than currently operated (Dunlop Winter Response 2). Excellent road holding, in virtually any environment, no and this delightfully low, almost inaudible noise level makes the body and soul rejoice. I would recommend without any reservations.

Very good tire

I bought the soul on his shoulder. However, after two trips to the Alps, I can confidently say that the tire proven in the toughest conditions. As a few got to L2A without chains.

good tires like for my needs utkowania, czli ride to work and sometimes some soul trip

For sure I will repeat this purchase as you will need to change the tire.

I do not understand something in the tyres - recommended (and assembled firmowo) for Opel, so they should somehow behave - and yet, at the recommended pressure for Opel wheels, the tyres look like they were half in the air - visible bumps, especially on the front - causes a psychological discomfort, particularly when entering the slip in corners. For the first 2 seasons exercised a great tyre as the tyre all year round. This winter, I drove on the shoulder of the soul, which still did not work - I ended up in a ditch, where the speed of 40km / h drove the icy hill tyres behave like skating on ice. After a few years, I feel that the tyres 'rozłażą in the hands' - perhaps the fault of the Polish roads - I do not know, but I have doubts about whether to spend the money on these tyres has just ...

Rozmiarru Niam is my 195/65/15! Some of the best tyres that I had in the car. In the winter sneezes once niezdazylem change laczkow the winter and I had a soul on his shoulder. Wet great, as each tyre ruts may skid, yet none of the manufacturers niewyprodukowal tyres 10-15 cm water!

I do not recommend. I am a young driver, before I went to Debica and is so much better! Unfortunately, I bought my car in the winter with these tyres and ride on the shoulder of the soul. in my life I do not buy them and they mention as soon as possible. really do not recommend it.

Nawieszchni wet tyre does not exist! I've heard that you may have a very light car, but no explanation for me. After a light rain even drove on the shoulder with a soul and a lot slower and still at 30 km / h the car could lose grip on the roundabout!

For dry behaves correctly even though very easily squeak. On a wet, rain or ice tragedy, ride on the shoulder of the soul.

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