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Citroen C4 Tyres

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Drivers reviews on tyres to Citroen C4.
We present our customers reviews about the tyres Citroen C4 We have the largest review database in the Uk. Are you in search of a tyre that will fit your CitroenC4?/ Read the reviews and check how the tyre phisically performs in your car. Select the best tyres for your car.

Excellent! Swietne performance, affordable price and look insane! I would definitely recommend

If someone is looking for really good tyres at a reasonable price with an awesome-looking tread, they certainly will be happy with Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta! I chose these tyres after quite a long search, and I'm very happy about that decision. The car the tyres are fitted to is a Honda Civic EJ6 with the engine swapped for a B18C4. Generally speaking, the car is quite seriously modified and it became quite a fast ride, and I think Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres fit there for sure. They give great grip on dry, which I was expecting, but the behaviour on wet surprised me a bit - positively of course. And their visual look! Also, it's very quiet and surprisingly comfortable for a 40 profile. Too bad Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta is not produced in smaller sizes...

Very good tire for excellent dry and wet roads, low rolling resistance.

With a clear conscience recommend these tires, the C4 GB, are better than the factory Michelin. Slightly elevated noise generated during rolling, compensate properties traction on dry and wet asphalt. Tires great stick surface, dynamic cornering on them pleasure. Rolling resistance is much lower in comparison with the tire factory, this translates into a reduction in fuel consumption. Tires do not wear excessively so, and here a big plus. Definitely convinced the Nokian brand.

This unparalleled comfort comes at a price.

Not ridden on just anything, because the Primacy HP. But these Goodyearki in terms of ride comfort and noise that space. Extremely low noise rolling in the wet, overcoming bruising on the asphalt. Unfortunately, the 7-seater C4 Picasso minivan pay a price for it. Much more often, I have to correct the path and the car is a bit more oversteer. So a compromise, no miracles. These are the beginnings, perhaps along with the course of the tyre to reach and stabilize.

First time I'm delighted tyres. I drove about 300,000 miles a variety of tyres and Nokian showed what a revelation. If you change the tyres have a completely different car. Very safe and quiet only at the truck tyres dispersed to 210 km / h and nothing was going to the table. Similar differences as Fischery changed RC4 skis on full control in turns without vibration, etc. I would recommend a very MPJ

I'm happy with both the characteristics of the tires, as well as the prices.

So far Ive used tyres like Kleber and Michelin.On Barums Polaris 3 I drove almost 5000miles in difficult winter conditions in the Alps mountains. I am pleasantly surprised with Barum Polaris 3. In my opinion they are as good as the well-known tyres and are much cheaper which is an advantage.For the second car (Citroen C4 Grand Picasso) I will also buy these winter tyres for sure.

I would recommend to everyone. Although now I ride longer C4 (Michelin Energy) but pleasantly remember driving on Firestone Lanos (mostly silent). Probably when replacing tyres tyres C4 consider buying the company.

big disappointment

Unfortunately Michelin Primacy HP is a standard equipment of C4 Grand Picasso (size: 215/55R16). My engine is not powerfull (1.6HDi) but it breaks the grip while moving off on wet road, sometime even on dry road and they force my ESP system to turn on. Average grip in corners which may be cause by soft rubber. After 20.000 miles the tread is invisible. In general very expensive tire in comparison to the quality. I don't recommend. I will never buy them again.

I admit that I was shocked positive

Goodride SW601 is a good tyre for little money, I have it fitted to a C4 Grand Picasso 1.7T and I live in the mountains so I know what I say, I was shocked thet it handled fresh snow better than a Dunlop Winter Sport. After doing about 12000 miles in winter the wear is minimal - 1,5 to 2 mm max. I definitely recommend.

Great tires at an affordable price

I bought tires for the second time to the second car. Getting to the Seat Cordoba GT and the second for the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. I recommend!

stay away

I find Sailun Atrezzo SH402 very good tyres. I have been using them with my C4 Picasso and I can definitely confirm it is worth to buy them. They behave very well on both dry and wet, and provide good grip in the corners. In my opinion, the car behaves way better then on premium class tyres. If they are so good, then what is the point in spending more money? In my opinion, Sailun Atrezzo SH402 is a tyre definitely worth recommending.

super tire

I did not know this brand! before my C4 picasso Millenium I MICHELIN original they faient 40000km with ACCERELA I am therefore already has 70000 km 30000 km and can do much 25000 km on my MOT said there have two month! great tire!

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