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Summer tyres: Wanli

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Very cheap and surprisingly good
Opinion MzR: 3.9 111900

I was afraid to purchase tyres Wanli - a little-known brand, manufacturer from China ... However, the mechanic and the vulcan said that as a cheap brand are pretty good tyres. I took a chance, bought - and I do not regret! For the price of a used tyre in my size I bought two, new, under warranty, there were no problems with balancing, these tyres are not bitters (like the competition at this price) - arranged themselves nicely and did not have to install large weights when balancing. I go for a few months on dry tyres behave well (they are just a bit louder than the previous Pirelli P0) need to be careful on wet curves - tyre portafi uślizgiwać slightly. In short - Pirelli P0nero it is not (and will not), but for such a reasonable price - I recommend ;) more

Good tires
Opinion Grzegorz: 3.7 111700

For fans of malcontents and only "right" brands I want to remind that this is a license tyre Dunlop SP 9000. All the pros and cons Dunlop also pertain Wanli S1088 (you can find reviews of Dunlopie and read). The only exception is the Chinese production of this tread in smaller sizes, as SP 9000 did not exist in smaller than 17 'as I recall. Since this is the tyre for sports cars WILL NOT BE SILENT or too comfortable because this is not its purpose! It has a thoroughbred look quite stiff cushions inequality and little is consumed. 2 pieces cost as much as other branded tyres in the number of units first And when someone wants peace and comfort, and it can do, then I recommend Yokohama AV 500 or 550 Decibel - priced completely different shelf. more

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Winter tyres: Wanli

Popular models of winter tyres Wanli

All models of Wanli winter tyres

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Opinion rioda: 3.4 111400

my tyres are sunny snowmaster Wanli reportedly from the factory, the same tread snowmaster Wanli. by distributors is the same tyre. I thought it would be awfully loud as they write about but I chalenger to 120 km / h did not hear, the fact that the car did not first youth. balancing problems was not, the fact that the 4-1tyre bought a little beat echoes around the perimeter on the balancer. I am a supporter of Polish tyre especially cormorant (life) but these have produced in Serbia, Debica definitely has a softer tread but alienated to the brand and I had furio vivo and after 2 years because the egg in contact around the perimeter while avoiding curbs. snowmaster tyres were cheaper by about 60 zł per 1 piece from Polish Polish abolish see how the road? more

Author:Tomasz (wodrow)
Opinion Tomasz (wodrow): 4.2 111120

Tyres bought one online auction, the price per tyre was in my pocket as very good, from the beginning I thought that the tyres are the mtraktoru because they have so much tread, and the driving experience in the rain or winter as it is now these tyres are really good and well they act on the road. In my autku a system abs, but after disabling abs-in, these tyres really well it performs in the snow, feel strongly that it is in control of the vehicle with these tyres. I greet more

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