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Summer tyres: Wanli

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Recently added reviews

great tyre for the price
Opinion Terence Rogers: 4.5 111150

I am quite hard on tyres, but these tyres are great. They are resistant to spinning up and grip really well. I had these tyres on my XK8 also with great satisfaction. You will get people saying they are rubbish, and in they're eyes when looking for perfection they probably are. But I think that they are really good for the Price. They are not the best, but remember you are not paying hundreds of pounds for a name. more »

Far better than Pirelli Scorpion
Opinion Glenn: 4.3 111130

Far better than the pirelli scorpion tyres fitted to my can from new, have just purchased another Wanli tyre as well now. More confident in the wet than the scorpions, and over half the price. I dont understand why people "mock" budget tyres, they are just as good as the over inflated (excuse the pun) prices of the major tyre manufacturers. more »

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Winter tyres: Wanli

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Recently added reviews

Price to quality retaion is great!
Opinion Michael07: 3.8 111800

I do recommend Wanli SNOWGRIP tyres. Their best features are: good wet grip, acceptable fuel economy and of course the main advantage, which is the price. more »

Tires with a high quality / price ratio. Absolutely recommended.
Opinion Loris Chiodini: 4.2 111120

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The tires have proved to be "honest" for what they cost. quality / price ratio very high. Good grip in all conditions, especially on slippery asphalt. 10.000 km have become a little noisy but nothing dinulla dramatic. I repeat, for what they cost I consider them excellent tires. I would recommend them. more »

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