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Summer tyres: Sonar

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All models of Sonar summer tyres

Recently added opinions

Really worth it.
Opinion tora: 4.6 111160

Tires purchased as, tester. "There was no online no opinion about them but tempted by good products the company took a chance. Paid off. As a driver already wyjezdzilem whole lot of tires so I shows a comparison. These tires are really worth the money. Dry / wet - revelation. Beautifully they keep the car and not scary fast overcoming bows. As with abrasion - I do not know. them I did just under 5 thousand miles from assumptions. Currently nothing can be seen. problems with balance no. inequality suppresses very nicely but quite loud. holes are On audible, while driving on a surface equal parts quietly. only what you can find fault with this pattern and appearance of the tire tread - are nicer :) On my car previously ran Dunlopy SP Sport 2050 - The Sonars are definitely better in every way. more

Zona happy
Opinion OCTAVIA_RS: 4.6 111160

We bought the car because his wife were in the promotion. Zona is not mad. Tires excel correctly. There are too quiet - in the range of 60-100 km / h slychac them. I do not know how the sporty driving because his wife has just under 100 ponies under the hood and heavy verify it in the car but I will admit that taking into account the price I am positively surprised. It's hard to break up or introduce them to skid. If I had 200 hp is probably the case would be different. Anyway, the car 100 horsepower at 100% recommended - I tested these leukemia as I could and not have failed. Very positive behavior in the rain - you can normally go as dry. August's great they keep tires in the wet. more

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Winter tyres: Sonar

Popular models of winter tyres Sonar

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Recently added opinions

A good tire at a good price. Recommend!
Opinion Rafał: 4.2 111120

I had to choose from Michelin for over 500pln/szt, or "Chinese" by half. In times of crisis, the choice was clear. Today, after driving a few thousand. in winter conditions, I know it was a good choice. This is my next set of Chinese tyres, and certainly not yet ostatni.Dodam that these rubber go on the car and delivery van WOZA more time than they should. Regards. more

at this price a good tire dardzo
Opinion Karol: 3.3 111300

I bought the tyre because of the price. I thought that the purchase would be a good choice between price and quality and was not mistaken. Tyre tested on dry and chilled with asphalt and the Tatra fully covered roads with snow. Proved to be very good. I hope that the tyre will serve me at least three or four seasons. I would recommend, good choice at a good price. more

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All season tyres: Sonar

Popular models of all season tyres Sonar

All models of Sonar all season tyres

Recently added opinions

Fajana tire at a good price
Opinion Mijas: 3.9 111900

I drove on these tyres but not as much as I generally fit. The best is the price, and it prompted me to buy. Good tyres disperse water so they are safe and to me that is what counts. Sometimes squeak on bends but is about more

Very good tires all year round.
Opinion Angel: 4.0 11110

Very good tyres all year round for a quiet ride. Both in winter and summer tyre passes the test. I go to them for the second year and so far I have not had any problems with them. more

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