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Summer tyres: Roadstone

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All models of Roadstone summer tyres

Recently added opinions

Good 4 -
Opinion Bandzir: 3.2 111200

I think that it is always better than a new cheaper used. Appearance there is nothing to describe, because it in no way will not help in driving. As for the volume? I'm not sure this never paid any attention. Windows closed, I'm not roar, it's ok for dry tyres really cool. You have to try to broke the grip, a very high score for lateral support. Braking is also at a good level. The tyre on the wet ... no longer to be considered here. I'd very much. At start I was able to break the grip even on 3rd gear, abs braking can zaklikać quite often. As this summer tyre and a lot of rain this year I give her a good 4 -. Recommended for those who prefer a free and peaceful ride. more

Maybe it's not simex but doing.
Opinion Przem4x4: 3.6 111600

A little on the pojezdziłem was Bieszczady clay and departing at a speed of 100 km / h is not simex but price-properties is beneficial, very beneficial. This is not top shelf MT tires, but the tires successfully competes with more established konkurentów.Pamietać be zeros my tires are 235/85 R16 tires are narrow in connection with the spacing between the tread blocks do not overthrow, now would decide in August on wider tires. It is a universal mt which is suitable and the mud and gravel on the asphalt which you can go. Niesttety this year, virtually no winter so no, I examined the behavior of the tire in the winter scenery more

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Winter tyres: Roadstone

Popular models of winter tyres Roadstone

All models of Roadstone winter tyres

Recently added opinions

Quality tires inversely proportional to the price ;-)
Opinion Maciek: 3.9 111900

I bought 4 tires in the autumn of 2013, and defeated them about 7000km. This year was almost snowless winter so the tire tested only on wet and dry asphalt. I am very positively surprised by their meekness while driving and comfort of overcoming inequality. The only (small) downside for me was less stable behavior of the tire while driving at speeds above 150km / h (driving on German motorways). Since, however, the real winter achieving such speed is rare, this should not be a problem for users. Taking into account the above and a very attractive price (<400 zł / tire) I can honestly recommend anyone buy these tires. more

Opinion Marek: 4.3 111130

I do not know why tires do not have any opinion. Phenomenal for the winter. He writes it with a clear conscience because I drove them in winter than 30k miles. I had the best winter tires. Do not have failed and never ridden sometimes tragic circumstances. Many cars happened before the hills or from them zjezdzalo and I boldly on these tyres 30 km / h uphill. Unfortunately, as in the winter - the less tread that is getting less well, and after 2 seasons I had to change them. Tires are loud on dry and have quite a lot of rolling resistance. Unfortunately, I changed to the worse winter tires and now very regret (Debica Frigo 2). The next will fulfill these in the snow because 100% of my expectations. more

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All season tyres: Roadstone

Popular models of all season tyres Roadstone

All models of Roadstone all season tyres

Recently added opinions

Good oponka
Opinion Eryk: 4.2 111120

In my view this money as a good choice of tyre is doing well in the city, where the largest number of total driving, do not fall into the slides in the summer very well maintained, no squeaks, etc. more

Opinion michal: 4.2 111120

Really good tyre, car runs very reliably and safely with virtually no surprises, car holds the road well even at considerable speed to roar no squeaks no tyre exemplary. more

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