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Summer tyres: Minerva

Popular models of summer tyres Minerva

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Author:OLEK 3434
Opinion OLEK 3434: 4.9 111190

I am very happy with my purchase. For now tyres excel on the road very well. Attractive appearance and price. I would recommend. more

Very poor tire.
Opinion JacekA: 2.2 112000

These tires is probably for suicide ... In wet conditions the car out of control. I bought these tires with the wheels on which they were 2p's just Minerva and 2 pcs Pirelli Rosso. in that season they had enough and light rain literally just a few drops back literally throwing in the corners, to the extent that the dynamic drive slowly can accuse back when overtaking a bicycle on the road?! Massacre. This year, I said that I bet it from the front because they will be more weighted down by the engine and, unfortunately, the same thing now when starting still lights up when braking traction and ABS is activated. Fear to think as if they were all 4 Minerva ... I think I let go by then MI - nervy very limited me these tires and starch ride so I bought Pirelli somebody and they can not even sell cheap 6mm May ok :) more

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Winter tyres: Minerva

Popular models of winter tyres Minerva

All models of Minerva winter tyres

Recently added opinions

Opinion Wujek: 4.2 111120

Superb tyre, car goes like clockwork generally moving in the urban cycle such things as noise and comfort and so are foreign to me, if someone is looking for a really good tyre at a very good price it is proposed this model. more

Opinion Tomek: 4.2 111120

Great tyre, my driver much the praise it, the tyre behaves well in virtually any environment, when it comes to me I had better light truck tyres, you will see a great quality. more

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