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Summer tyres: GT Radial

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All models of GT Radial summer tyres

Recently added opinions

Good tires for little money. I would recommend.
Opinion Grzegorz z małej miejscowości:): 4.8 111180

I have a car Volkswagen Passat Variant 2008. the 2.0l TDI engine, 170HP with an automatic gearbox DSG. Tires are performing very well on dry and wet roads. There is no difference in driving fast on the highway - perhaps only that they are a little audible. The vehicle holds up very well in the corners, going up steadily and safely. Very good brakes. Good tread. As for the fuel consumption is no difference in comparison to other brands tire-higher consumption than the standard does not. I highly recommend these tires-because they are affordable and good quality. more

We would recommend tires worth the money
Opinion Michał: 4.5 111150

hello I bought the tires of the vehicle that is used to play in the marshes :) and I am very happy with their properties, the behavior on the roads are really nice despite aggressive tread. When it comes to driving in the area are great tread mud cleanses very good car breaks forward even in the largest swamp. In summary, if someone is looking for tires for car, which in 80% of the moves on unpaved roads is shot in 10 .Nie recommend buy retreaded tires which by the way are more expensive than surprising new tires :) Have fun in the field Yours more

Winter tyres: GT Radial

Popular models of winter tyres GT Radial

All models of GT Radial winter tyres

Recently added opinions

Revelation Really !!!
Opinion Panther: 4.6 111160

He told me the tire vulcanizer friend what brand I was not convinced. Big surprise, it's really great winter tires. In difficult conditions. Heavy snowfall pimple for them. I travel a lot, I'm a sales representative. In this business there is no way to not go to work because the weather conditions happen to be very deteriorated. You just have to. Already driven on tires of many prestigious brands, but these are świetne.Dziś just changed my tires. I'm in the second season of winter tires GT. I recommend! more

Opinion ran: 2.6 116000

Tyre rather little known in our market. Generally speaking, well fulfills its role as a winter tyre. I have the first season, so I do not know how it will be later. The snow and the cold is doing well, the water is also OK. Tread is quite sharp, but it is well kept. But surely it is not comfortable - quite twadra and loud, so if someone does not like it, you must have this in mind. I may not be the end are well balanced, so it is probably too big an impact on driving, and of that assessment. As for the price, I do not know if I would buy a selection, I think I would look czegs more comfortable. more

All season tyres: GT Radial

Popular models of all season tyres GT Radial

All models of GT Radial all season tyres

Recently added opinions

A good tire at a good price
Opinion Michał: 3.3 111300

Tyre ride-on asphalt and here it performs well in the field, unstable surface, mud, etc., unfortunately, falls again. Attractive price and appearance of the tyre is its plus. I drove them 15 tys.kilometrów so far is good. more

Opinion JackyX19: 4.0 1111000

The biggest advantage is PRICE. :) I'm really pleasantly surprised. more

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