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Summer tyres: Dayton

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I am very happy with Daytonek, I would recommend it to any user. Wish I bought it as a cost ~ 130 and now about 180th But it's not our fault. Regards
Opinion Poward1: 4.8 111180

I am very happy with Daytonek, I would recommend it to any user. Wish I bought it as a cost ~ 130 and now about 180th But it's not our fault. I also met with the opinions that these tyres are quite loud. I did not notice it. For the price they are really great. But Dayton is a group of Bridgestone and Bridgestone is now the highest shelf. I also know that some sizes were and possibly still are produced in. The rest of France. Those in Poznan certainly went on the same production line as the Bridgestone. The most important characteristics which differ from Bridgestonów is certainly rubber compound. Moreover, each tyre compound differs in composition, some have more than others, but on this issue could be to write a master's thesis. Overall I would recommend. Regards more

Opinion Champion: 3.4 111400

Very good tyres for a car of this class do not need better, super behave while driving almost do not hear the car runs well, and where there is no good braking on dry and wet roads, and of course a reasonable price to our terms of wages in the country . But I note my opinion is check if the driver who buys it will comply with the basic parameters of the car and tyre maintenance or will not use bent or battered wheels, will take care of the balance wheel and check wheel alignment, and kept no proper tyre pressure, and despite appearances, no sheet metal but the important thing to pay attention to tyre wulkanizacjach assume sometimes, it uses students who have no idea what is the tyre and what can be the consequences of wrong assumptions on the rim. If the customer meets these requirements ensures that it will be happy like me, greet Champion. more

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Winter tyres: Dayton

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Opinion MariuszG: 3.4 111400

I drove relatively little (as it surely winter tyres), but I can already write that they are a very cool tyres. Previously I had Barum Polaris that were not at all bad, but the difference between the tyres is still noticeable. I have no idea how good are the Polaris 2, but if I chose again, I would buy a Daytona. more

Opinion Kaminski: 3.4 111400

Tyres very positively surprised me. Regularly worked well on a hard snow in Slovakia. Good handling! Allow you to leave with the biggest snow. Maybe a little noisy on the highway, but with a speed of 110 km / h in Cinqecento hard to assess whether the tyres and all the rest of the vehicle: D. Recommend Buy! more

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