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Toyo Proxes T1-R 205/50 R16 87 W ZR

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Toyo Proxes T1-R Tyre Description

Proxes T1-R:
205/50 R16 87 W ZR

Season: Summer

Vehicle type: Car

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Toyo Proxes T1-R 205/50 R16 87 W ZR Tyres

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Recently added opinions Toyo Proxes T1-R 205/50 R16 87 W ZR

Paul 13/10/2006
Opinion: 2.6 116000

Tyre reviewsI bought these tyres encouraged by enthusiastic opinions and I have to admit that I am a little disappointed. The tyres grip well in the corners, you can do much without danger. In the rain they behave normally, but aquaplaning still occurs sometime. Driving comfort will probably satisfy most drivers, but for me it could be a little harder, but i's a matter of getting used to it. One thing is for sure - even with low profile the tyre will not be too hard. A great advantage is the fringe protector. However, if the temperatures is above 18 - 20 degrees, the tyres tend to lose traction both during braking (ABS could switch on 3 - 4 times a day on warmer days on dry) and during starting (dynamic start in summer was practically impossible). Therefore, I don't know where they got the opinion of soprts tyres. Currently (at about 15 degrees temperature) they're slightly better, although they're still far from perfect. I know from other users that less powerful cars do well on them, but rthey're not recommended for more powerful ones. Rolling resistance is slight, even though the tyre width is relatively large. Their wear-off is above average due to constant wheelspins. I can't hear their noise, but the car is pretty well soundproofed, so i don't know the exact level of noise. Appearance is good, but it could be improved. I can't comment on its behaviour on snow as I don't use summer tyres in winter. I'll buy something more competitive next time.Tyre reviews

Latomey 16/07/2012
Opinion: 4.0 1111000

Tyre reviewsI've been using these tyres for 3 months now. I've heard they're great for dry, especially in the corners, but in fact I'm surprised - they are really great. My size is 205/45/16, fitted to a Corolla G6 and the driver can feel really safe. The tyre has easily controllable skidding, especially if it is well warmed up. Nothing happens by surprise. In corners I have no problems to catch up with 200 HP sports cars with 17-18 inch wheels. Sometimes I even have a good laugh whenI see expressions of guys who only care about the power and handling and agility is something odd to them. It's no revelation on wet, during recent rains I haven't noticed grip loss when braking or cornering, but due to difficult conditions I was driving carefully. Generally speaking, a great tyre for relatively decent price, very predictable and thus secure. You can really get much if you like dynamic driving. Moderate noise level, fuel consumption is fine (changed by 0.2 l/100 km in winter, where I use tyres with 185 width). I highly recommend.Tyre reviews

Sid 08/07/2008
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsFirst impressions after driving the route to the seaside and back: the tyre's a revelation! As normally in July, once the sun was shining and the temperature of the road was above 35 * C and another time I had to drive in heavy rain. Compared to my previous Continental SportContact 2 tyres driving comfort has significantly improved. The car is very stiff and thanks to softer Toyo tyres it absorbs bumps better. On dry it behaves correctly, but you need to counter a little on fast bends. The tyre has been very quiet so far, the noise level increases only during rapid acceleration and on rough pavement. At speeds above 120 MPH the only noise heard is the air. The tyre's just great on wet - brilliant handling, even when driving fast in water-filled ruts vibration are not transmitted on the steering wheel and braking on wet roads is fine, without the need of ABS' intervention.Tyre reviews

Orphy 12/08/2006
Opinion: 3.4 111400

Tyre reviewsI like aggressive driving, and the car is powerful. When purchased, the car was fitted with Dunlop SP2030 Sports. I threw them away after 10000 miles. They were too hard for such power and didn't do very well in a front wheel drive car. Change to Toyo has been beneficial to all drive parameters. Grip, stability in corners and speed have extensively improved. The car drives like glued to the road. Understeer disppeared and car's characteristics became neutral. A slide is progressive, with all four wheels, and is easy to control. VSA rarely switches on when rush starting, so there's no wheelspins in place. Acceleration times achieved are better than the ones specified by Honda ands are more than 0.5 seconds. I definitely recommend it to drivers who love driving, and do not recommend it for drivers who only commute daily. Also, the tyre has a fantastic look.Tyre reviews

Zoom-zoom 15/12/2007
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsI bought the tyre by accident. I bought the vehicle with Bridgestone Turanza brand E30 tyres. After 30 000 miles they were heavily worn. and I decided to purchase a newer model of Bridgestone, the E300. One of BMW owners recommended this original Japanese product to me. Due to the fact that Mazda is a car made in Japan and not some kind of fake, I decided to buy these tyres. Now, my Mazda goes well in the corners equipped with Toyo Proxes T1-R with ZE index. The tyres are quiet, aquaplaning doesn't occur - DSC is a standard here, they wear slowly and have an interesting design, which emphasizes the design of the Mazda 3 MZBJK model. I bought these tyres at a good price, 75 pounds per tyre. I always drive with DSC system switched on so that the tyres have a longer life span. At 120 - 130 MPH the noise level is insignificant.Tyre reviews

MartinL 19/03/2009
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsI've been using them for one season so far (did about 12k miles) so I can say something about them. Great on dry, more than good in the rain. They are not very noisy, their look is also a great advantage. Tyres are relatively soft, there isn't too much discomfort even on such profile as 50. The route I drive is mostly German motorways, as well as several trips across the country (unfortunately, it is our roads where I sometime get into ruts). The only thing I can accuse them of is average grip on fast, sharp bends and quite fast wear-off (I change tires seasonally, for summer and for winter, so I can safely say that they will withstand even 2 seasons). I bought it in February 2008 for 45 pounds per tyre. Generally, a great tyre for a decent price - and I'm not going to look for anything else.Tyre reviews

punner 26/07/2008
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsI didn't do much on them, but thanks to their grip on dry I managed to avoid a serious collision (hard braking from 50 MPH) and my fuel consumption got reduced by ca. 15%. It's probably even better on wet, today I tried braking (like on dry!) and checked its resistance to aquaplaning (at test speed of 50 MPH is slashes through deep puddles like a razor). Stiff sidewalls grip cause the tyre to grip well. The car goes like on tracks, so far I haven't experienced a single side slide I had a wheelspin only once - when one wheel was on the tram track. The tyre is phenomenal! I did not expect that only tyres can give so much to the car and driver, because usually tyre retailers persuaded me to get a Debica or a Kormoran. No more. I also want to get some good tyres. :-)Tyre reviews

goolman 29/10/2006
Opinion: 3.4 111400

Tyre reviewsDirectional tread pattern - some people don't like it and some buy it with pleasure, I personally like it as that' s what it was created for, the fringe protector is a useful thing, the appearance of the tyre is impressive. Grip in corners is quite good, I haven't got any problems. Rain? You can feel the water being drained to the sides. Comfort? Low profile and lowered suspension - no problems ;) The noise is insignificant, you can't hear anything even if you lean out of the window :) Unfortunately the wear-off is a great disadvantage, I did 3000 miles in the summer at a temperature of ca. 30 degrees and it can be clearly seen that the tyre wears off. If you drive calmly and don't rush in corners, maybe you manage to maintain it for three seasons.Tyre reviews

Randy 27/03/2009
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsVery good lateral support. Driving through corners is a pleasure - you can lose a theoretically faster car. Driving through fast bends is exemplary, even with a fully loaded car. Even when I'm scared already, they only squeal slightly. On wet they're also fine, but I didn't check them in extreme situations. They're more than enough to drive fast. Comfort is not that good - I have 215/45/17, it's not revolutionary, but I don't go off the pavement too often. Wear-off is higher than normal, but that's the property of high-grip tyres. I think that the sensible estimation of their life span is 30 000 miles. If someone wants tyres for 90 000 miles, then they should look for more average parameters as no tyre is perfect.Tyre reviews

Maria 03/07/2007
Opinion: 4.2 111120

Tyre reviewsI had a choice of Pirelli PZero Nero, Goodyear Eagle F1 and Toyo Proxes T1-R. I chose Toyo mainly because of their great compound, which has incredible grip. What's most important, there is no noticeable drop in driving after changing to profile 45 from 55. Rubber compound is soft and perfectly absorbs any bumps - previously I used Kleber Dynaxer with profile 55 and it's hard to believe but lower profile Toyos offer the same comfort, if not better. I don't mention the performance because it's like comparing a Fiat 126 to a Bugatti. On wet they discharge water very well - even at higher speeds there's no aquaplaning. Highly recommendable, especially for users of cars with harder suspension.Tyre reviews

The guarantee is given for the duration of 24 months starting from the date of the purchasing of the good, but no beyond the moment of the tread wear , what is indicated by tread wear indicator. The guarantee doesn’t cover any hidden defects imputable to the manufacturer. The part worn tyre or the tyre worn on one side only is considered as totally worn and shouldn’t be returned under guarantee.

The guarantee doesn’t cover the defects caused by:

  • mechanical damaging,
  • wrong exploitation,
  • defective fitting,
  • bad technical state,
  • wrong storage.

The complaint form should be lodged at the place where the tyres have been purchased. The examination period of the complaint is of 14 days as from the date of the delivery of the product in the place where it has been purchased. The complaint will be accepted if the specialists note a production defect (material defect, construction defect). If the complaint is recognized the purchaser receives the product without defects or he receives the pecuniary refund of the amount paid for the good. The company Oponeo.pl S.A. is not responsible for the waste of time and discomfort caused by immobility of customer’s vehicle or for any other damages which result from product’s defects or complaint’s period duration.

According to the producer’s information Toyo Proxes T1-R 205/50 R16 87 W has the following parameters:

  • G
  • E
  • 71 db

According to WE Directive no. 1222/2009, from November 2012, all tyres will display a new tyre label ticket. Manufacturers of tyres for cars, light and heavy trucks must specify fuel consumption, wet grip and noise classification of the product by means of a sticker or a label.

  • Fuel efficiency (rolling resistance)

    Fuel efficiency is rated from A to G on a color-coded scale. A class (green) stands for the highest fuel efficiency rating (=the lowest rolling resistance). G class (red) marks the lowest fuel efficiency rating (= the highest rolling resistance). Rolling resistance influences fuel consumption and fumes emission, thus the higher the resistance, the lower fuel consumption and exhaust fumes emission.

  • Wet grip

    Wet grip’ is the tyre’s ability to adhere to the road in wet conditions. The EU rating focuses only on one aspect of wet grip – the wet braking performance of the tyre. Wet grip is rated from A to F: A class stands for the best braking performance, whereas G class stands for the worst breaking performance. It is one of the crucial parameters influencing the road safety.

  • Noise

    Tyres contribute to the amount of pass-by noise a vehicle generates. It is reflected by means of wave symbols: 1 black wave stands for quiet tyres, whereas 3 waves signify that the tyre is noisy. The EU rating measures the external noise emissions of the tyre in decibels (dB). Choosing a tyre with a good noise rating will lower the impact of your driving on the surrounding environment.

  • Size: 205/50 R16
  • Load index: 87
  • Speed index: W
  • Opinion: 3.9
  • 111900
  • (Opinions: 695)
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