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Michelin Latitude Tour HP 225/60R18 100 H


Tyre size:
Speed index:
L = max 75 mph
Load index:
100 = max 800 kg

4.4 111140 20 reviews

C C 71 dB
C C 71 dB
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Summary: 4.4 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance,not the arithmetic mean.Some of the tyres features have greater, some smaller impact on the assessment of the total. 20 reviews

  • Use costs: Influence of a tyre for car operating costs. 111160 4.6
  • Comfort: Influence of a tyre for driving comfort. 111140 4.4
  • Road qualities: Influence of a tyre for driveability. 111150 4.5
  • Off-road properties: Tyre behaviour during off-road driving. 111800 3.8

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20 customers rated this tyre

  • 5 6 people
  • 4 14 people
  • 3 0 people
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100% users recomend this tyre


The information about the tyre are being collected for 1515 days. In that time we have collected 20 reviews.

The total distance driven by our customers is 194000 km.

The highest rated parameter is: the grip on a dry surface.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers, who assess their driving style as moderate.

Latest Reviews:

Reviews per page:

    Rating: 4.1 111110

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    0 people 0 people

    Good at high speed cross-country on small roads, also in wet and snow. Also OK towing boat across sand. relatively long lasting despite tread depth not being too great when new. still 5mm left after 30K miles.
  • German
    Rating: 3.6 111600
    This translation comes from another language and is awaiting a verification of a professional translator.

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    0 people 0 people

    The first 2 - 3000 km tires very and very quiet, good ride comfort. Send ~ 3000 km increased noise or got used to the good quality and I want even more :) aquaplaning resistance is average at speeds 100+ kmh. Previous tires 14 "UNIROYAL RAIN EXPERT for 2WD car of similar mass and base rail were much better in the case of aquaplaning. Reduced fuel consumption (LPG) for 1-1.5 ltr / 100 km compared to the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1. Highway - 80% @ 100+ kmh / city - 20%.
  • Zig
    Rating: 4.3 111130
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    0 people 0 people

    I would recommend, this is one of the better tires. Unique silence, softness which puts out all the bumps. Stable, providing full control over the vehicle. Definitely for those who have time to spend 04.03 on the asphalt and the rest of the field. I would recommend to all SUV and especially to Grand Vitary. Do not look for other alternatives Michelin Latitude Tour will provide you with satisfaction.
  • Paweł
    Rating: 3.7 111700
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    0 people 0 people

    So far, after about 7000 km tires are performing rewelacyjnie.Daje confidence when driving on dry and the wet, even during emergency braking. Earlier I used these tires (with a slightly higher profile) for car KIA Sportage II at a distance of about 30k miles and also never failed me.
  • Rafał
    Rating: 4.1 111110
    This translation comes from another language and is awaiting a verification of a professional translator.

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    0 people 4 people

    I bought four tires of which 2 were not suitable for the establishment of a road test tires showed 24 and 19 kg tire runout. The two that I started after driving 15 thousand. not suitable for use. Strongly advise against buying these tires.

Reviews per page:

Product description

Michelin Latitude Tour HP 225/60R18 100 H

Designed for all road orientated 4x4 vehicles It is the 4x4 tyre that offers you maximum comfort and outstanding longevity. Product Benefits - M+S marking, Standard and ZP versions - Maximum comfort Very low levels of noise and vibration Low rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption - Many vehicle manufacturer approvals Audi Q5 and Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes M and R Class, Mercedes GLK … - “Terrain-proof” compound for excellent mileage The “Terrain-Proof” compound is derived from earth mover tyre technology where abrasion with stones and gravel accelerates wear. The “Terrain-Proof” compound enables both on and off-road driving and resists wear in difficult driving conditions, in particular: • in multi-purpose use, e.g. stone/gravel tracks. • with heavily laden vehicles, e.g. towing a horsebox. • in hard road driving (hard braking, acceleration or cornering). - StabiliGrip sipes for comfort and safety on wet roads StabiliGrip allows the use of more sipes (better wet grip) whilst still giving tread block rigidity (improved driving precision). In addition, StabiliGrip sipes are specially positioned to reduce tyre noise. "Supple yet rigid” construction for greater safety on wet roads and more mileage* A supple casing, giving the maximum sized contact patch, combined with a rigid tread pattern ensures an even distribution of pressure across the whole contact patch. Result: optimum grip, especially on wet roads, and an even wear pattern for greater mileage.

Tyre Michelin Latitude Tour HP in the size 225/60R18 100 L, according to information given by manufacturer, it has the following driveability parameters:

  • C
  • C
  • 71 dB
C C 71 dB

Fuel efficiency (rolling resistance)

Fuel efficiency is rated from A to G on a color-coded scale. A class (green) stands for the highest fuel efficiency rating (=the lowest rolling resistance). G class (red) marks the lowest fuel efficiency rating (= the highest rolling resistance). Rolling resistance influences fuel consumption and fumes emission, thus the lower the resistance, the lower fuel consumption and exhaust fumes emission is.

Wet grip

Wet grip is the tyre’s ability to adhere to the road in wet conditions. The EU rating focuses only on one aspect of wet grip – the wet braking performance of the tyre. Wet grip is rated from A to G: A class stands for the best braking performance, whereas G class stands for the worst breaking performance. It is one of the crucial parameters influencing the road safety.


Tyres contribute to the amount of pass-by noise a vehicle generates. Choosing a tyre with a good noise rating will lower the impact of your driving on the surrounding environment.