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Run Flat tyres allow you to keep driving after a pressure loss. It is possible to drive with a punctured tyre for around 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

  • Each alloy rim must be designed very carefully. The rim design is undertaken using specialist computer software. In the initial stages, the final rim design must be decided upon, i.e. whether it will consist of single or many parts and how many flanges it should feature. After the initial design, there is a visualisation of the wheel which allows any inadequacies to be identified. After precise analysis, a couple of adjustments are made in order to produce an alloy rim which will meet the expectations of the designers and the technical requirements. Next, sample models of the wheel design are made in plastic
  • or wood. These models can be used to get an initial reaction from the party who has commissioned the design and carry out tests to uncover any further issues. After the design is accepted, a form is completed containing information on the destination of the alloy rim, its load indexes and its tyre matches. An actual alloy rim is then created; this process requires the use of great forces of pressure. At this stage the manufacturer can correct any small problems. A cast is then manufactured into which the molten aluminium is poured. At this stage the rim is also tested in accordance with the level of tension.
  • If the test does not uncover any inadequacies the design is introduced into regular production. After being created, the rims are painted and varnished a couple of times with a protective coating in order to protect them from exterior factors. Finally, the dried alloy rim is carefully packed and dispatched to the customer. The contemporary range of alloy rims is very wide. Customers are able to choose between single-part and multi-part rims. The available products can be purchased in simple or advanced patterns (e.g. mesh). A wide range of rim colours is also provided. Year-on-year, manufacturers are introducing products with more and more interesting designs; drivers who wish to mount alloy rims on their vehicle will undoubtedly find a product which meets their expectations.