When should I install my winter tyres?

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Which winter tyres should I choose? Read and decide!

You can see the benefits of the winter tyres over summer ones as soon as morning frost appears.Often, the temperature during the day is much higher.That’s why taking the average temperature during the day into consideration is a mistake.When we start the car in the morning to go to work or return home in the evening, the temperatures can often be negative or around zero.

It is worth noting, that the rubber mix used in winter tyres differs from the summer one, and is specifically designed to work in low temperatures.

Another element characteristic for the winter tyres is a tread with deeper grooves, that are designed to channel the water or slush often seen on winter roads better.

Apart from wider grooves, the tyres also have more sipes, i.e. smaller grooves on the tread.The increased number of sipes and, consequently, edges makes winter tyres capable for braking the car on slippery surfaces or hard snow.
These additional edge serve the role of “claws” that “bite into” the road and help the car to stop.


The winter tyre tread

Read about the trends in winter tyre development.

Goodyear Group Poland – as one of the few tyre manufacturers - offers Goodyear and Dunlop winter tyres with technologically advances 3D sipes (e.g. wafer sipes made using the latest generation of 3D-BIS technology).Such tyres provide top level safety and make driving fun even in winter (good acceleration, braking and transmission).More sipes mean better driving properties, and the 3D structure of the sipes make the blocks in this tyre stiffer, which provides a more even treadwear, as well as better grip in the winter.

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