Valve stems – the role of tyre valve caps

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What is the influence of tyre valve caps on driving safety?

Greater than you would expect.When tyre valve cups are missing, dirt gathers around the valve and is pushed into the tyre when it's being inflated.It often results in the valve not closing correctly and thus losing tyre pressure.And insufficient pressure affects driving safety.

Is there a way to prevent dirt from getting into an uncapped tyre valve?



Tyre valve caps are often underestimated by car and SUV owners.

What can you do if it turns out you were driving without tyre valve caps and you are worried that a compressor will push the dirt into the tyre valve?

The easiest way is to let some of the air out of the tyre before using the compressor – push the tyre valve with a hard tool until you hear a hissing noise (you can repeat the procedure a couple of times).This method is not fool- proof, but can be helpful.It all depends on how much dirt got stuck around the tyre valve.

When do I need the tyre valve caps most?

Tyre valve caps are more important in countries that don’t have the cleanest streets and roads.They are needed to minimize the risk of failure when you have to pass through puddles, mud, sand, etc. and the dirt can easily get inside the tyre valve.

Are the tyre valve caps worth buying?

Definitely yes.Considering how cheap they are, all people should buy it. Compared to the overall cost of car maintenance, this is an insignificant expense that may save you from failure.

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