The ADAC summer tyres tests 2014

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Tyres tests made by German organisation ADAC are considered as one of the most reliable and prestigious in the whole world. Many drivers, before they buy new tyres, check the ADAC test results, to choose the best products. Join to them and check what are the best summer tyres in 2014 according to ADAC.

At the beginning of March 2014 on this website will appear test results for summer tyres according to ADAC. Meanwhile we can recommended still actual summer tyres tests made in 2013. 

adac 2014

What is the ADAC Organisation?

ADAC is one of the biggest Automobile Club with 17 000 000 members. ADAC Organisation is the biggest union of the motorcyclist and the second automobile club in the whole world, just after American AAA.

The name of the organisation “ADAC” has been in use since 1911. Before that, since beginning in 1903, organisation worked as “Deutsche Motorradfahrer-Vereinigung”.

ADAC activity is relating to many different areas. It published automobile magazines, maps and atlases. ADAC make tests for new car models (when it comes to failure rate and safety), tunnels, ferryboats. It sales car insurance, organize sport and automotive events. ADAC leads in education campaigns according to safely ride, tires choices, ecological principles on the roads.  

ADAC leads also a road assistance service. Organisation have cars which are mobile workshops including sets of tools and measuring devices and diagnostic computers. They help drivers in emergency situations. ADAC breakdown service can boast with a very high efficiency of breakdown fixing, which achieves 84% out of all interventions.

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