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Tyre Pressure for Mini Mini Clubman

Tyre pressure
Proper tyre pressure influences car's usage: tyre durability, fuel consumption, safety of driving. The pressure chart below gives you proper tyre pressure in specific car. It takes into account the front and rear car axis and car's maximum load. In table of pressures you should select: car model and engine capacity and HP.
Engine capacity

Tabela ciśnień dla Mini Mini Clubman

Having appropriate tyre pressure got huge influence on cars' use. Mini Mini Clubman. Appropriate tyre pressure got its' influence on the tyre life, fuel usage and driving safety. The are some factors that may have negative influence: too low or too high tyre pressure.

Tyre pressure Mini Mini Clubman needs to be kept at the level suggested by the manufacturer. Proper values are placed on a label on inlet flap, dooring and in manual Mini Mini Clubman and in our pressure table.

It is worth to check your tyre pressure regurarly. It is worth to have your own pressure meter. You should check the tyre pressure every two weeks or before a longer journey.

You will find all necessary tyre pressure information below. Mini Mini Clubman. This data consist the maximum carriage of the front and rear axis. In order to determine the appropriate pressure for your car you have to select your engine capacity and the engine power. Mini Mini Clubman.