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Falken ZE 914 195/45 R15 78 V


Tyre size:
195/45 R15
Speed index:
V = max 149 mph
Load index:
78 = max 425 kg
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    4.2 111120 141 reviews

    E B 71 dB
    E B 71 dB
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    4.2 111120 141 reviews

    E B 71 dB
    E B 71 dB
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Summary: 4.2 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance,not the arithmetic mean.Some of the tyres features have greater, some smaller impact on the assessment of the total. 141 reviews

  • Use costs: Influence of a tyre for car operating costs. 111120 4.2
  • Comfort: Influence of a tyre for driving comfort. 11110 4.0
  • Road qualities: Influence of a tyre for driveability. 111130 4.3

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141 customers rated this tyre

  • 5 55 people
  • 4 73 people
  • 3 6 people
  • 2 6 people
  • 1 1 people

90% users recomend this tyre


The information about the tyre are being collected for 1322 days. In that time we have collected 141 reviews.

The total distance driven by our customers is 1237000 miles.

The highest rated parameter is: the grip on a dry surface.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers, who assess their driving style as moderate.

Latest Reviews:

Reviews per page:

  • cole87
    Rating: 3.0 11100

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    9 people 15 people

    The car that my Falken ZE 914 tyres are fitted to is a 2008 Mercedes Vito 120, 205 BHP, rear wheel drive. Previously, I had Kumho KU31 tyres and I was very happy with them. They gave me good grip on both wet and dry. No corners were a problem, the tyres were reliable and had a nice visual look. With my driving style, they have lasted for 1,5 season. After consulting the helpline of Oponeo I was suggested to get Falken ZE 914 and advised that these tyres will be better at the same price. I tried them and unfortunately I am heavily disappointed. They are no match for Kumho when it comes to grip in the corners (they lose it slightly when coming out of the corner) and stability while driving. I just don't trust these tyres. For me, it's better to get Kumho or Toyo tyres instead of Falken ZE 914.
  • Lucas
    Rating: 4.5 111150

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    10 people 8 people

    I use my Falken ZE 914 tyres in quite a pawerful car - 218 BHP and 500 Nm. Previously, I had Dunlop tyres and Michelin Pilot Primacy ones, and I thought there are no better tyres. It turns out that Falken ZE 914 not only matches Michelins with their grip, which is important for me, but also has harder shoulders than Michelin and due to that it behaves better during aggressive driving. Of course, the driving comfort on bumpy roads is a bit worse, but I have Run Flat tyres as my winter set, so after chenging to Falken it's still better. I only did ca. 700 miles on my tyres, so I don't know what will be their wear. However, I am very pleased with Falken ZE 914 as they grip the car nicely on both dry and wet. At such a price there's probably no better tyre with such parameters as Falken ZE 914.
  • James
    Rating: 4.3 111130

    Is this review helpful? Yes No

    6 people 0 people

    205/50R17 is a quite expensive size, but Falken ZE 914 has a decent price and for such, the tyres are worth buying. Generally I think they are for a mixed use - to go for a vacation with your family, etc. For such use, Falken ZE 914 is much better than eg. Nokian, Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli. They have to be "driven off" and adjust themselves, first miles may seem a bit rough, like on premium tyres. They are very reliable on wet and in ruts, and I can't complain about anything on dry. Very predictable in sharp corners, they don't lose traction all of the sudden. I definitely recommend Falken ZE 914 tyres, I also decided to get winter set of Falken tyres - just to have a matching set. I personally am satisfied with them.
  • Gummi
    Rating: 5.0 11111

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    15 people 0 people

    I bought Falken ZE 914 tyres basing on the reviews of users. I testem them in various conditions, eg. motorway in Germany, fast cornering, sharp and sudden braking, driving in the rain. Previously I had Michelin Primacy HP tyres and I find Falken ZE 914 way better, and also three times cheaper! In my case, I find it useless to buy Michelin or Goodyear which were complained about fast wear and cracks in the sides as they don't ground your complaints. It's just simple overpaying. What's better - I also noticed lowert fuel consumption. Overall, I find Falken ZE 914 a good tyre which is worth buying.
  • Bart
    Rating: 4.4 111140

    Is this review helpful? Yes No

    11 people 6 people

    I bought Falken ZE 914 tyres, as previously I used their precedessor, the ZE 912, which were really great. At first, the tyres were a bit hard and loud (ca. 200 miles), but then they turned out to be absolutely sensational. When it comes to behaviour on water, it's perfect (better then the 912), and on dry it's as good. I did ca. 1500 miles on these tyres (size is 225/45R17, fitted to a Skoda Superb). Also, Falken ZE 914 have a great quality-price ratio. I recommend them even to most demanding drivers. Who will try and use Falken ZE 914 once, then they will not say goodbye to this brand too soon.

Reviews per page:

Product description

Falken ZE 914 195/45 R15 78 V

Falken ZE 914 summer tyres are designed for the cars belonging to middle and upper classes. The are adapted to the dynamic driving at high speed, but also very well suited for everyday use. In the sake of safety the tread wear indicator was used in this tyre.

Falken ZE 914 features an asymmetric tread pattern, which is divided into zones. The outer and inner side were computer-optimized by the so-called Hybrid-Asymmetric Pattern Design. Falken ZE 914 offers a flat contour, which provides a large surface in contact with the ground. The pressure is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the tread. Thanks to that, the tread wears evenly.

With a modern rubber compound of increased durability and wear resistance, the tyre ensures high mileage of more than 100 000 km. Four broad, deep peripheral channels, and the central rib with curved grooves provide efficient water evacuation from the surface of the centre of the tread in contact with the ground. The result is increased resistance to aquaplaning, so fast driving in the rain becomes a real pleasure. Falken ZE 914 has been equipped with a tread wear indicator called Rotation Wear Indicators (RWI), which provides constant control of the thickness of the rubber layer.

Falken is a Japanese brand that is a guarantee of high quality, safety and high performance. It has existed since 1983. It is one of Asia’s biggest tyre manufacturers and a part of the Sumitomo Group. It manufactures a wide range of tyres for many market segments. The tyres are manufactured in accordance with ISO and ECE certificates that are also required for trading on the European market.

Tyre Falken ZE 914 in the size 195/45 R15 78 V, according to information given by manufacturer, it has the following driveability parameters:

  • E
  • B
  • 71 dB
E B 71 dB

Fuel efficiency (rolling resistance)

Fuel efficiency is rated from A to G on a color-coded scale. A class (green) stands for the highest fuel efficiency rating (=the lowest rolling resistance). G class (red) marks the lowest fuel efficiency rating (= the highest rolling resistance). Rolling resistance influences fuel consumption and fumes emission, thus the lower the resistance, the lower fuel consumption and exhaust fumes emission is.

Wet grip

Wet grip is the tyre’s ability to adhere to the road in wet conditions. The EU rating focuses only on one aspect of wet grip – the wet braking performance of the tyre. Wet grip is rated from A to G: A class stands for the best braking performance, whereas G class stands for the worst breaking performance. It is one of the crucial parameters influencing the road safety.


Tyres contribute to the amount of pass-by noise a vehicle generates. Choosing a tyre with a good noise rating will lower the impact of your driving on the surrounding environment.