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Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus

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£ / pc. 87

Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus features

Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus is a summer-use premium-range tyre, which is the superlative version of the Nokian Rotiiva AT tyre. It delivers amazing traction on, and off roads and is especially impressive on gravel surfaces. It is engineered for SUVs and lightweight trucks, and handles impressively with added safety features. Out of our premium-range, it delivers the best tyre technology for its price.

Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus provides a stabile ride by exploiting the stiffened aspects of the tyre. Stiffening certain aspects of the tyre has made the tyre more stabilized, which is appreciated off-road. Hardening the tread blocks allows for extra grip on any surface.

Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus features stone-removal technology, which helps to quickly remove embedded stones in the groove area of the tyre. This is to prevent any surface distortion which can occur if the stone became compacted.

Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus prints the tread percentage level directly onto the tyre. This helps the driver visualize quickly when the tyre needs to be replaced.

Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus reviews

Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus this year's new.
This model is an improved version of the popular tyre Nokian Rotiiva AT.

Tyre Nokian Rotiiva AT has been given a cumulative assesment of:
3.6 based on 6 reviews
Our customers have gone altogether with this tyre
65000 km
100% of users would recommend this models to their friends

The highest rated parameter is: terrain driving impression. *

* Data based on reviews of Oponeo users

Sizes & Prices Of Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
225/75 R16 115/112 S £ 87 Buy
245/70 R17 119/116 S £ 138 Buy
245/75 R16 120/116 S £ 116 Buy
245/75 R17 121 S £ 121 Buy
265/70 R17 121/118 S £ 127 Buy
265/70 R18 124/121 S £ 148 Buy
265/75 R16 123/120 S £ 115 Buy
275/65 R18 123/120 S £ 150 Buy
275/65 R20 126/123 S £ 165 Buy
275/70 R17 114/110 S £ 155 Buy

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