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Summer tyres: Nokian

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Problems from the start....high degradation rate and feathering. 9k miles moderate driving, wire now showing!!!!
Opinion M. F.: 1.6

Not good i had a garage look at the tyres within a week of fitting them as the traction control kept activating when cornering. It was suggested that a poorly cured rubber may be the problem as there were obvious signs of the tread 'feathering'. It was suggested that this may have caused the traction control to activate as the cars brain would think that the car was skidding when cornering. Now, 9,000 miles in....the wear has shown heavily at the centre and inside edge of the tyre. I check pressures regularly (they are not over inflated) and the tracking has been checked and is fine. Shockingly, today I discovered the tyre wire is now showing, making theatres both illegal and dangerous. Not confidence inspiring for a family car. Very poor quality tyre.....the worst I've had, even when compared to some real budget tyres purchased a few years back. more »

comfortable and safe tire for catastrophic abrasion.
Opinion Arsky: 3.4

Nokian Line was bought and fitted in April 2013. First 300 miles was very unstable and I felt like floating. After beating 300 miles Nokian Line became quite silent and comfortable, but without excitation. Good behaviour on straight and bands on dry and wet. Less stable on bands, efficient on dry. Generally soft and comfortable but without sport character. And now the best part: after making 15000 miles in one season with 70-80 mphs tread at 6mm but in the rear 3.5mm. Nokian Line is a premium class with one season durability. Total failure despite the good things I’ve written at the beginning. I have driven different tyres like: Yokohama, Dunlop, Goodyear and even Fulda on the same car. I guess that the manufacturer mixed up the compounds: he gave winter mixture instead of summer. If you like to buy one season tyre – consider Nokian Line. more »

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Winter tyres: Nokian

Popular models of winter tyres Nokian

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Nokian WR D4 215/55 / ​​R16 Winter Tire And Oponeo's Perfection
Opinion A.R.B. ÖZSARI: 5.0

When I decided to buy the Ford Focus 2013 model winter tyre, I did a lot of research on the internet and the market. This research lasted nearly 4 months. I have studied many tyre models of many brands. I made a lot of sales and price comparison on the market. I decided to set a few tyres in my head and decide to buy the tyres of the Nokian company, which specialises in winter tyres. I have done a lot of research on the market and internet sites to get Nokian. The Oponeo site appeared to be more detailed than many sites and was more affordable than the others. I told the Customer Representatives I would buy a winter tyre. And I met with a really helpful feedback. After placing order with Oponeo, I made a phone interview with the customer support and they sent me the tyre in very short time. I am really pleased to be shopping at Oponeo. The Nokian WR D4 tyres performed better than I expected. It makes you feel safe in snowy weather, and rainy weather. I have traveled at long road at quite high speeds, thanks to my tyres on the roads where many cars travel at a low speed when I find the opportunity to use their tyres more on the long way, and I enjoy driving very much while driving my car. Although the Nokian WR D4 tyres are winter tyres, they seem to be at the noise level of the summer tyres and sometimes even less noisy. It was snowy, rainy and dry, but it performed very well in the winter months. Of course you should not expect wonders from any tyres, but it is a really great tyre compared to other brands. The only pity is that maybe the tyres are a bit soft, and if you go into the potholes very carelessly you will get a distorted structure of the tyre (that's not brand specific - they all do that). It's a tyre that you'll be very pleased to use. I felt a bit more fuel consumption due to the fact that it is a winter tyre in terms of fuel saving but winter tyres do not want to increase the fuel consumption and it is ideal to consider Nokian WR D4 tyres as winter tyres. I am delighted to have taken the Nokian winter tyre, the brand of a cold country like Finland and the winter tyre's signature, and the tyres from Oponeo's site. I encourage everyone to buy the Nokian WR D4 winter tyre and from Oponeo. I would definitely recommend them to buy from Oponeo, especially those who will take the tyres. Whichever tyre you buy, you will be satisfied with the service that Oponeo offers customer care as much as possible and the customer representatives' interest and service is very worth mentioning. more »

Very good tire. It byłoi as it says Nokian ride "whatever the weather".
Opinion Mate: 5.0

I've mounted the Nokian WR D4 tyres over 2 months ago. I drove a little more than 750 miles on them with a 150 bhp car weighing 1.5 tons. Usually in the city. First thing that got my attention was the smell of rubber compound. That's very unusual. From what I've read Nokian added canola oil to the mixture, maybe this caused such an unusual effect. These tires really smell like no other. I don't pay much attention to the appearance of the tread, for me it's completely irrelevant. For me, the tyre needs to be effective when it comes to draining water, mud and snow as well as breaking distance. On second place i'd put the noise level and the third thing is rolling resistance. But I must admit that this tread is unique in appearance and looks quite nice. As for traction; On the dry the tyre firmly grips the road and is very quiet, not squealing on curves. At high speeds on the highway tyre noise did not bother me at all, it is minimal and for that Nokian is to be commended. I had the opportunity to ride in the city during really heavy rains which turned roads into rivers and so I am delighted how well this tire can cope with the water.At 45mph in such conditions, I only heard sough of traversed water, and the car felt like it was sticked with a glue. Rut with water? For those tires it does not matter. Braking? At the 45 mph, in these rainy conditions, the car felt like if it was driving on the dry road. As for the winter conditions of snow it was maybe a couple of days and the tires were good. On the slush also all great. But it is not enough to somehow verify their effectiveness and to issue reliable opinions. As for the rolling resistance is not noted a higher combustion When you change summer tires (Pirelli) with these winter tires, but i refrain from evaluation because of a small run on these Nokian WR D4. I won't judge thei durability neither because of distance. In my opinion premium tires all have similar parameters. If you have a slow 300-400 pounds and wish to buy winter tires then i honestly recommend them. If not, try Barums, but in my opinion it is worth investing in Nokians, in the end is the only part of the car which directly connects it to the surface ... Final statement - since i usually have little time to get to work in the morning i'm very glad Nokian WR D4 can take me there swiftly and safely. more »

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All season tyres: Nokian

Popular models of all season tyres Nokian

All models of Nokian all season tyres

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Opinion Hania: 4.5

I bought these tyres with the thought that our winters are getting milder and the weather in our country is less and less stable, so universal tyres are more prepared for different road conditions. The tyres have been tested on dry, wet surfaces and during the early frosts. When it comes to the wet surface, the grip is excellent, the tyre literally bites into the asphalt and the control over the car is certain, and stable and safe driving, also during fast cornering, the car does not tilt too much. Besides, it is also the merit of multi-link suspension. As for the dry surface, here the summer tyres have a slight advantage, I get the impression that there is a bit better braking, but when the surface of a more wet Nokian WeatherProof makes it drive safely. It compares it with the previous one. the tyre which was a typical summer tyre (Continental ContiSportContact 3). The noise in the middle of the car at a speed of ~ 100km / h is a bit smaller than on Continental tyres. In turn, the rolling resistance and damping of vibrations on our rough roads is comparable to the above mentioned tyre, that is, it is good, and even very good, taking into account the paved surface and the low profile of the tyre. Of course, I could express the full opinion only after checking the tyre in winter conditions. That's why I recommend the tyre the most, but with the caveat that it was not used during the winter. more »

Worth recommending, at a reasonable price.
Opinion Wieslav 1962: 4.9

Pleasantly surprised. I approached the purchase of a multi-season tyre with a distance, but a year has passed, so I can issue a reliable review. Beginning of 2018 traveled around 18,000 km, Clio 3 power is over 100 HP. The speed tested is 200 km / h, it sticks to the road. Increased tyre performance above highway speed. Autumn in the wet - great, I also have winding roads. Winter without snow, but with frost - perfect, after snowfall is decent, keeps traction and the path of the ride. In my opinion better than Barum Polaris 3, but after the tests it is also a great tyre. It is possible to ride on ice, but do not violently turn and brake, but without a spike this is the norm. It requires more caution on slush, but I do not know what tyre it would have to require. I have four tyres and I do not see signs of wear, there are lamellas, there is a boundary set of such small protrusions. Some silicone for tyres, possibly a washcloth, and again they are like new. more »

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