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Marangoni 4 Winter Comm - User reviews

4.0 11110

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Tires were used mainly on routes of German, a few visits to the UK after the medium road from the border. In Germany the highway and up (route demanding, not necessarily expensive super quality). On highways works very well, speed through to 200 km / h, all about problem arose after driving about 500 km from the assembly, namely the beating of the front wheel from the driver. Checking the balance in several sites, in the end the suspicion that falls placenta. However, after 2000 miles of breaking in a circle, especially at the corners (vibrations in the steering wheel and feel as if you wanted to pull out), in one site, it was found that the tire is balanced maybe OK, but it just is perhaps the curve. At the end of the opinion not to buy more Marangoni, as cheap crap (say a few German sites). Kills more than 20 000 kilometers, because I did not like to advertise it on in the UK on Oponeo (auto in continuous use from morning to night). Just gazowałem intensively on the hills, so unless there is inequality clashed. Too much stress, hence more tire buying the car has only been in Germany (index higher capacity requirements). The car is on German plates, so I do TUV in Germany, these tires are only for 3 years from date of manufacture, so for 1.5 years at TUV no longer go on these rubbers (just falls in winter). They already too old. Generally on Polish roads without special requirements can recommend, but if someone has already requires more, I recommend tires from a different price range. Regards

Additional information

Distance made:more than 15000 miles
Place of use:usually outside the city
Driving style:fast and dynamic
Vehicle:No data
Will you recommend these tyres to other users?:No

Detailed rating of tyres

Driving qualities
The grip on dry surface4.2
The grip on wet surface4.2
The grip on snow and slush4.2
Driving comfort
Noise level1.8
Bump absorption3.4
Tyre appearance5.0
Frequent failuresYes
Feathering, durability5.0
Total rating of the tyre
4.0 11110