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Roadstone Winguard 231 - User reviews

4.3 111130

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I do not know why tires do not have any opinion. Phenomenal for the winter. He writes it with a clear conscience because I drove them in winter than 30k miles. I had the best winter tires. Do not have failed and never ridden sometimes tragic circumstances. Many cars happened before the hills or from them zjezdzalo and I boldly on these tyres 30 km / h uphill. Unfortunately, as in the winter - the less tread that is getting less well, and after 2 seasons I had to change them. Tires are loud on dry and have quite a lot of rolling resistance. Unfortunately, I changed to the worse winter tires and now very regret (Debica Frigo 2). The next will fulfill these in the snow because 100% of my expectations.

Additional information

Distance made:more than 15000 miles
Place of use:usually outside the city
Driving style:moderate
Vehicle:No data
Will you recommend these tyres to other users?:Yes

Detailed rating of tyres

Driving qualities
The grip on dry surface2.6
The grip on wet surface3.4
The grip on snow and slush5.0
Driving comfort
Noise level4.2
Bump absorption5.0
Tyre appearance4.2
Frequent failuresNo
Feathering, durability5.0
Total rating of the tyre
4.3 111130