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Hankook Winter i*cept evo3 W330 - User reviews

Richard V Evans
5.0 11111
I’ve used winter tyres for many years on all wheel drive vehicles I’ve owned so can appreciate the undoubted value of them, I currently own a rear wheel drive estate car and more than ever appreciated the need for winter tyres, on the occasions we had snow I was able to drive unhindered where 4 wheeled drive vehicles with summer tyres could not go, I lost count of the vehicles with wheels spinning in vain. People think snow tyres are for snow or Scandinavian countries, their not and with the South Wales weather being mainly wet, cold and icy your safety using winter tyres is significantly improved, I will always maintain this habit as it has saved me on numerous occassions

Additional information

Distance made:2000 - 5000 miles
Place of use:-
Driving style:moderate
Vehicle:No data
Will you recommend these tyres to other users?:Yes

Detailed rating of tyres

Driving qualities
The grip on dry surface5.0
The grip on wet surface5.0
The grip on snow and slush5.0
Driving comfort
Noise level-
Bump absorption-
Tyre appearance-
Frequent failures-
Feathering, durability-
Total rating of the tyre
5.0 11111