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General Altimax UHP - User reviews

2.4 114000

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Traction on wet tyres to slip, it happens when you change tyres screeching on the second run, also squeak and squeal cornering grip is poor, except that they are too loud already at 60km / h the noise is getting tiring. I do not recommend tyres for driving on long routes, motorways and wet surfaces suggest caution in cornering, the tyre is very stable trakcyjnie. Rather tyre for urban driving and quiet, in any event, dynamic.

Additional information

Distance made:below 2000 miles
Place of use:usually in the city
Driving style:moderate
Vehicle:No data
Will you recommend these tyres to other users?:No

Detailed rating of tyres

Driving qualities
The grip on dry surface3.1
The grip on wet surface2.1
Driving comfort
Noise level1.8
Bump absorption2.6
Tyre appearance2.6
Frequent failuresNo
Feathering, durability2.6
Total rating of the tyre
2.4 114000