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Avon ZZ3 - User reviews

3.8 111800
Great Price for a solid tyre. The price is what made me go for the ZZ3 other another tyre. Having non run flats is a great improvement. It's a very good looking tyre. Minis are very harsh on road surfaces anyway and continued to be with the ZZ3. I find cornering is a bit unsteady at high speeds even with improved bushes. Never given me any problems in the wet. Best feature is under heavy breaking. They perform very well. My driving style is hard and fast.

Additional information

Distance made:2000 - 5000 miles
Place of use:in terrain + in the city
Driving style:fast and dynamic
Vehicle:No data
Will you recommend these tyres to other users?:Yes

Detailed rating of tyres

Driving qualities
The grip on dry surface4.0
The grip on wet surface4.0
Driving comfort
Noise level3.0
Bump absorption3.0
Tyre appearance5.0
Frequent failuresNo
Feathering, durability4.0
Total rating of the tyre
3.8 111800