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Continental CrossContact ATR - User reviews

Simon Broddle
4.6 111160
Early days for these tyres, they've only got 2,000+ miles on them. Under spreadsheet analysis I am losing around 1.8mpg from the previous tyres which I am happy with. There is no more noise than the previous tyres which is great. On wet roads when you touch white lines they can be skittish but perhaps that's me. They certainly roll at lower psi but offer good off-road ability. Need to be kept around 40psi which means they sit nice. It's a nice compromise. They look great on the Subaru Forester and all in all I am very pleased indeed. Saw them being used extensively in BC & Alberta in Canada and Utah & Arizona in the US on Foresters and all the owners were very pleased so figured I'd give them a go. I'd buy them again, no worries.

Additional information

Distance made:2000 - 5000 miles
Place of use:in terrain + in the city
Driving style:calm
Vehicle:No data
Will you recommend these tyres to other users?:Yes

Detailed rating of tyres

Driving qualities
The grip on dry surface5.0
The grip on wet surface4.0
Driving comfort
Noise level5.0
Bump absorption4.0
Tyre appearance5.0
Frequent failures-
Feathering, durability-
Terrain driving impressions
Tread depth5.0
Filling indicator-
Self-cleaning of the tyre-
Possibility of lowering the pressure4.0
Flange durability-
Behaviour in the corners-
Total rating of the tyre
4.6 111160