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Nokian Wetproof SUV

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Nokian Wetproof SUV reviews

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Nokian Wetproof SUV features

The Nokian Tyres brand presents a new reveal of the well-known Wetproof model, expanded to include a 4x4 version. Premium summer tyres were made for small and large SUVs traveling on the roads of Central Europe. The Nokian Wetproof SUV tyres provide the highest level of safety due to excellent braking parameters on dry and wet surfaces. The manufacturer guarantees a safe and stable ride even on bumpy surfaces.

Used in Wetproof SUV, the aramid sidewall technology in Nokian Tyres guarantees exceptional durability. The extremely durable material used in the aviation and defence industry, placed on the side walls makes the tyre stronger, more resistant to damage and cuts.

The double safety zone technology, well known from the previous version also appears in Wetproof SUV. The stability zone located on the outside is responsible for driving confidence. On the inside, in turn, there is a safe driving zone for wet surfaces, which will reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Nokian Wetproof SUV guarantees great grip on wet surfaces (A class), which makes it one of the best models available on the market in the premium tyre segment.

The Responsive Lock technology, with its support of longitudinal ribs and ensuring free drainage of water from underneath the tyre, improves the steering and handling of the vehicle on wet roads. Self-locking elements in the grooves press against each other when the tyres touch the ground, increasing stability on wet surfaces.

Logo Nokian

Nokian Tyres is a Finnish manufacturer associated primarily with winter tyres, which it was the first to build worldwide in 1934. The brand has also created the world’s first winter tyre with protruding studs. It did this in 2004. In 2013, the Finnish group set a world record for driving on ice. The test driver accelerated to 335.713 km/h.

Nokian Wetproof SUV tests

2021 Auto Bild Allrad test in size: 215/60 R17 rating: good