Which tyre size for my car?

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When it comes to your car wheels, it is always vital to have the correct tyre size. Of course, this can, for many drivers, be a complex process, as they do not know where to find this information.

Fortunately, there are several ways to find this information out.

First of all, the tyre size is predominantly displayed along the sidewall of the product. This is on the external side so, even when the tyre is fitted to your vehicle, you can read everything you need to know.

If you’re not aware of what a tyre size code looks like, this is a recognisable sequence of numbers and letters, such as:

If you have purchased the car new, you can be sure that the size on the tyres is right: after all, these products were fitted as original equipment, so the size is the exact size recommended by the car’s manufacturer.


The tyre size for my car can be found on the tyre itself.

If the car is not new, you should check additional sources to verify the correct size and speed index installed on your car, to ensure they align with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The easiest alternative would be to look up the size in your car manual. This is usually given in the chapter containing the various technical specifications and will clearly state the correct size (and possible alternatives) for the vehicle.


The car manual will also display the recommended tyre sizes.

Furthermore, if you don’t have your manual at hand, you can also find the information on the car itself. Typically, this is often displayed near the fuel cap or, as is more increasingly common, on the side sill of the driver’s side door, or on the pillar behind the car. It can even be inside the door on the lock assembly.
If none of these options are available to you, you can try some further sources of useful information:

  • The nearest dealer ship that specialises in your car’s manufacturer or make
  • At a tyre garage
  • On the manufacturer’’s website
  • Search, using your vehicle, on our tyres for vehicle chart

When looking for new tyres, always remember to observe the tyre approved and recommended tyre sizes for your vehicles, as these are the only ones that guarantee safety and the full, safe performance of your car.

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