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Spring will soon be upon us and, for drivers, this means the start of the warmer season and the time to start looking at summer tyres!

If you’re looking for an affordable summer tyre, but still want high quality, we’ve collected a list of the best budget options. All of these are available in our online store and will provide an ideal option for driving in the British summer.

 Accelera PHI - Prices from £35 per tyre (£140 for 4)

An asymmetric product, the Accelera PHI is able to provide strong and safe performance on both dry and wet surfaces. This is helped by the wide grooves, radiating outwards, that help to disperse water and keep the car free from aquaplaning.

As far as the asymmetric tread design goes, this tyre features five circumferential grooves, helping to cool the tyre down and ensure stable driving. Accelera also uses a lightweight rubber mixture, which helps improve the rolling resistance.


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These tyres have been well received by drivers. One user, Martin911, writes: “I'm very pleasantly surprised that such good tyres can be bought at such a low price. I would certainly buy them again and I if you're an enthusiastic driver like me who wears out tyres relatively quickly, then don't worry about these being low quality because [although] they're cheap, they are actually very good.”

Other drivers are equally impressed. Peter Trigg claims the “tyres wear even with no scuffing as on Perelli and are great for high speed motoring. Did pretty good in the snow and ice last year too. Impressive performance for an economy tyre.” while Geoff Ellis summarises them as “very good value for money”.

Nexen N’Fera SU1 - Prices from £42 per tyre (£164 for 4)

The Nexen N’Fera SU1 can be recognised by its symmetric tread, which has optimised grooves to expel water and keep the treads dry. This helps ensure excellent grip in both wet and dry situations, so you can always keep your car stable.

This model also features a modern rubber compound, mixed with silica. This allows the tyre to remain flexible in a wide range of temperatures. This ensures the tyre maintains a larger contact patch, offering more stability and smooth driving.


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These tyres have surprised many drivers with their high quality. According to one user, Wee Al: For the price, I think you'll find it hard to find any brand to beat them. Current set has been on for 22000 miles are there's still 6mm on the back and at least 4mm on the front. Most of my mileage is on the motorways, where I've found them to have perfect road manners and never once have I felt uncomfortable , even during the worst of the Scottish weather.”

Another driver, Justin, claims the N’Fera SU1’s “Dry grip is phenomenal, wet grip is excellent [and is a] very quiet tyre” while Ray states they are “Fantastic tyres will definitely buy more when needed, excellent grip in all weather, ride quality and noise among the best”.

Accelera ALPHA - Prices from £34 per tyre (£128 for 4)

Another Accelera tyre, the Accelera ALPHA features a directional tread pattern. The sharp V-shaped grooves help to effortless remove water while ensuring strong grip, whether it is raining or the road is completely dry.

It also uses a lightweight rubber compound, to help improve the tyre’s rolling resistance, making it a great choice for economical drivers. The ALPHA is also designed to support those with a dynamic driving style.


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In our review portal, drivers have been highly appreciative of these products. One user, Zafira owner, stated: “On the Vauxhall Zafira I used these tyres to replace the original OEM supplied tyre and found no difference in the handling, noise or drivability. At half the price of the replacement OEM tyres they were good value”.

Other uses praise how the tyres “retain optimum driving safety” and “Good dry grip on wet roads”. Many drivers say they are great for city driving, but their additional performance makes them suitable for motorway driving, even in the wet.

Nankang NS 20 - Prices from £31 per tyre (£124 for 4)

The Nankang NS 20 is a very popular economic model, featuring a directional tread pattern. This features large V-shaped grooves, helping to rapidly expel water and enabling more aggressive or dynamic driving in wet conditions.

This tread pattern also reduces tyre noise and, combined with the soft, lightweight compound, the tyre provides a very smooth and comfortable driving experience, while still providing all of the safety and performance parameters that drivers expect.


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It seems that our drivers writing reviews also feel the same way about this tyre. Peter Scott writes that “they are very good on wet and dry roads, and also very reassuring through the bends. I have also noticed how much better wear you get from them, I’ve done around 3000 miles with them and they still have loads of life left.”

Other drivers comment that the tyre is “good in dry conditions and decent in wet conditions”, as well as being “Relatively quiet, comfortable” and able to handle cornering with ease.

Kormoran GAMMA B2 - Prices from £37 per tyre (£148 for 4)

The Kormoran GAMMA B2 uses a directional tread pattern, with tread blocks - especially on the shoulders - designed to offer a smoother driving experience. Likewise, the various sipes and grooves help to expel water and the compound is designed to keep the tyre rigid, yet flexible, across various temperatures.

Aside from being resistant to high temperatures (always useful in the summer), Kormoran have tested this tyre extensively to ensure it behaves well on wet surfaces, ensuring that the safety level is always high with this product.


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The unique design of this tyre is well appreciated by many drivers. One such user explains that “from my point of view, the most significant advantage of Kormoran GAMMA B2 tyres is the fact that they suppress all kinds of unevenness in a sensational way, even though the profile ratio is 45”.

Other reviews praise the tyres for their ability to “behave well and at fast speeds”  and how they can make a driver “feel confident while driving in rainy weather conditions”.

Wanli S 1063 - Prices from £37 per tyre (£148 for 4)

A key feature of the Wanli S 1063 is its asymmetric tread design, featuring four circumferential grooves around the tyre. This helps repel water while also maintaining strong grip, making it a safe and stable option in various summer weather conditions.

This is further supported by its strong frame, for extra stability around corners, and high traction. Thanks to its lightweight design and low rolling resistance, this is also a great tyre for drivers seeking an economical solution.


Buy Wanli S 1063

Many drivers have found the Wanli S 1063 to be an ideal budget tyre. According to Terence Rogers, the tyres “are resistant to spinning up and grip really well. I had these tyres on my XK8 also with great satisfaction.”

Other drivers say they are very satisfied with this quality of tyre at this price. As one user summarises: “Wanli s1063 are A Ok in every condition. No sense to overpay.”

Nexen N8000 - Prices from £49 per tyre (£196 for 4)

Another Nexen Tyre, the Nexen N8000 features an asymmetric tread, offering different properties across the design. While one side can handle acceleration, offering stability and strong adhesion to the road, the other can focus on dispersing water and preventing the car from aquaplaning.

Nexen also uses a soft rubber mix for this tyre, which helps prevent the amount of tyre noise that is generated. The tyre also boats a low rolling resistance, making it useful for economical drivers looking to reduce their fuel consumption, yet still want a smooth and comfortable driving experience.


Buy Nexen N8000

This is supported by the reviews posted in our portal. Glen writes: “This is a great tyre especial for the price. I have these on a remapped 300hp BMW 530d and they are great. Half the price of the mainstream makes and very nearly as good as the Dunlops i had on before. The N800's are better than the Bridgestone runflats that came with the car.”

Other drivers praised the grip in both wet and dry, while others noted how quiet the tyre is. As one user, Kully bob, surmises: “Very very slight noise from the road....obviously due to road conditions. I would buy again.”

Radar Dimax R8 - Prices from £41 per tyre (£164 for 4)

Featuring an asymmetrical tread, the Radar Dimax R8 is designed to support regular drivers, as well as those with a slightly more sporting driving style. The four circumferential grooves help push water out, while the side blocks ensure excellent grip, even when cornering.


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Many users comment that the tyres provide high economical value and offer the performance they need, even when compared to higher, more expensive tyre brands. Or, as Peter easily summarises, this tyrer “drives well - looks great”.

 Nankang NS 2 - Prices from £32 per tyre (£128 for 4)

Another Nankang tyre, the Nankang NS 2, like the NS 20, also features a strong, directional tread pattern. The V-shaped grooves help to dispel water and keep a strong level of grip on the road, supporting more aggressive driving.

This tyre works well in both wet and dry conditions, but excels in the latter. It offers very short braking distances and a safe, comfortable drive. This is supported by a lightweight compound that helps lower the rolling resistance, while still providing a very durable product.


Buy Nankang NS 2

As far as drivers are concerned, the NS 2 is very good value for money, as one reviewer explains: “It doesn't matter whether it is rainy or the sun is shining, tyres perform pretty good in any weather condition. Right now, the autumn is about to come and my tyres are not afraid of it.”

Another driver, Dan, says he has no problem recommending these tyres, commenting that the NS 2 is a “good good tyre. Has done very well so far, good on dry surfaces and surprisingly good in wet despite running very low profile tyres. Excellent tread pattern.”

Barum Bravuris 3HM - Prices from £43 per tyre (£172 for 4)

The Barum Bravuris 3HM is only 2 years old and has been well received as a great summer tyre. It offers a versatile experience, thanks to its strong asymmetric tread. As a result, it can handle a wide range of road surfaces and it is very durable. In fact, the HM in the name stands for High Mileage. The compound used is designed to wear down slowly, ensuring the whole tyre lasts longer without losing its key characteristics.

This tyre also improves upon its predecessor, the Barum Bravuris 2, offering increased stability and safety while on the road. The 3HM is also released in more tyre sizes, which has helped improve the product’s popularity among drivers.


Buy Barum Bravuris 3HM

Fortunately, the tyre has been very well met by drivers. One such user, aerotrott explains that they were “pleased that the Bravuris 3HM was stiffer walled and it shows slightly in dry fast cornering with rapid direction change”, ultimately declaring the 3HM an “extremely good tyre.”

Another review, by Seleck, also offers an adapt summary: “Barum Bravuris 3HM is worth its price. They are doing very good in the rain and on dry road. Mixed composition encouraged me to buy it - it guarantees good durability and grip. In my everyday traveling I can't complain - bought them a month ago and already can say that I can feel safe riding Barum Bravuris 3HM.”

Buy cheap summer tyres online

Our store has a great range of budget summer tyres for you to choose from. If you don’t already know your tyre size, you can use our  tyres by vehicle tool, or use your registration number. On the other hand, our tyre size calculator can help you find safe alternative tyre sizes as well.

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