The best winter tyres 225/45 R17 according to drivers (2018/2019)

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Size 225/45 R17 is one of the most popular and most common dimensions of tyres mounted in passenger cars first time around. If they suit your car as well, read our article and find out which models are rated the best by Oponeo users. Expel doubts and choose the perfect variant for your needs.

Winter tyres 225/45 R17 they are usually mounted in such cars as Mercedes CLK, A-Class and C-Class; Audi A3, RS4, TT; Alfa Romeo Giulietta, GT, Spider; BMW M3, Serie 3, Z4; Renault Megane; Vauxhall Zafira; Seat Leon; VW Golf, Jetta, Passat, Scirocco; Volvo C70.

The selection pf tyres for the winter depends on many factors, such as driving style.

The selection pf tyres for the winter depends on many factors, such as driving style

 The best winter tyres 225/45 R17 according to drivers


Model Rating*
1. Nokian WR D4 5,35
2. Dunlop Winter Sport 5 5,30
3. Nokian WR D3 5,25
4. Imperial Snowdragon 3 4,80
5. Zeetex Ice-Plus S200 4,65

*The ratings relate to the presented tyre size. The overall assessment of a given model may slightly differ from the presented one.  Status as of September 2018

Two generations of Nokian tyres on the podium

The podium of this year's ranking includes two models from the Finnish premium producer - Nokian. The first of them, the Nokian WR D4 is called the "master of grip". It offers excellent handling in typical winter conditions and on wet surfaces (class "A" on the label). A similar characteristic is the Nokian WR D3 (third place), which is the predecessor of the WR D4.

Check out the  Nokian WR D4 i WR D3:


Nokian, as an expert on demanding winters, has created a series of tyres that has gained enormous popularity among our customers. Both tyres have obtained a total of almost two thousand opinions, the vast majority of which is positive. Our clients describe them as sensational and recommend this model to drivers who prefer a moderate driving style.

The models of the Finnish Nokian concern are one of the best and surest choices for the winter season. Tested in demanding conditions of Scandinavian frosts are characterized by very good performance and a high level of safety. This is confirmed by independent tests and opinions of our users:

In the new revelation of  – Nokian WR D4 we can read the following:

  • The tyres are very quiet, and in addition their "softness" suppresses unevenness on the road. When the first snow fell, I tested it a bit in a remote area, for example, speeding up to 50km/h and braking as if I had an obstacle in front of me. I was surprised by the effectiveness of these tyres, normally as if I was braking on dry asphalt. Another time, when in the morning there was ice on the local road, I defeated the hill (where the cars are always slipping) without any effort. I recommend these tyres to everyone. (Woj)

  • Tyres are great for all conditions. On summer tyres, when braking suddenly, he turned the  ABS came on twice. On Nokians in winter conditions (snowstorm at night, thaw, frost -15) I did not have such a situation. Excellent road grip, sensational water evacuation, trouble-free braking. I recommend to everyone - it is worth to drive with a sense of security and full control over the car in all conditions. An additional advantage - also important to me - is very quiet for winter tyres. Simply great. I am glad that finally a real winter and I could immediately test the new purchase and fully enjoy it. (Ann)


Nokian WR D4 in size 225/45 R17


The predecessor of this model, the Nokian WR D3, can boast about the following opinions of drivers:

  • Great tyres at a great price. In general, I drive dynamically, sometimes quite quickly, and I need tyres that, in addition to providing a feeling of security, will be really safe. They do not lose grip, very good overcoming of straights and corners. Rugged bumpers, while the look of a revelation. Many friends praised. Regards and recommend! (David)

  • Very good grip of the tyre on a slippery surface, the car approaches steep slopes on slush and muddy ground without any problem. I drove up steep slopes where only 4x4 cars managed. I was the only one with a front  wheel drive. I recommend them. (Tutifruti2)

  • The tyres are great. It uses them with other drivers in the fleet of about 50 cars. Every year new sets are bought, because the cars are covering high mileage. Each driver also speaks positively about them. The tyres perform excellently on every surface. (cretoon)


Nokian WR D3 in size 225/45 R17


Did you know that...

The name of Nokian tyres is not coincidentally associated with the well-known manufacturer of phones - "Nokia". Both brands belonged initially to one concern, which had its headquarters in the city of Nokia, in the south of Finland.

Dunlop Winter Sport 5 completes the podium

To say that Dunlop is one of the best sports tyre specialists is certainly not an exaggeration. Since the beginning of the brand, Dunlop designers have been gradually refining their products to give drivers the opportunity to drive in their preferred style without having to worry about changing the weather. The Dunlop Winter Sport 5 model is a faithful continuator of this ideology. It provides excellent performance, confident handling and driving precision, even when dynamically negotiating consecutive kilometers on snowy roads.

Check out  Dunlop Winter Sport 5:

The unique tread pattern based on curved sipes and increased number of blocks ensures uninterrupted traction and shorter braking distances, even in the most difficult winter conditions. Our clients appreciate the effort put in designing sport tyres for this demanding season. Here are some of the user's opinions about The Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres:

  • I have read many reviews and have seen many tests on winter tyres. When I decided on these tyres there were no opinions about them yet. 4D- the predecessor  has very good reviews, so I found that the fifth generation cannot be worse and I ordered a set of Dunlop Winter Sport tyres 5. The tyre performs great on snow and mud, it behaves very well in the rain. The tyre is simply excellent, I did not know that the winter tyres can drain water so well, it is neither too hard nor too soft, so the driving comfort is at a very high level. Moreover, these are tyres with low rolling resistance and it has a considerable impact on fuel consumption. Today I mounted  Bridgestone's summer tyres and they are clearly louder, the Dunlops were quiet. I can recommend these tyres with a clear conscience, to all those who  intend to buy winter tyres. (pafcio)

  • The car responds to mud, snow or sharp bends, icy roads (without speed frenzy and nervous movements). I'm not an expert in comparing details and I will not interpret the properties of the tyre, because I do not know much about it, but as a driver I can say that the tyres have not let me down this winter and I recommend them.


Dunlop Winter Sport 5 in size 225/45 R17


Did you know...

The founder of the John Boyd Dunlop brand invented the world's first pneumatic tyre. The landmark invention can be seen today at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. It was donated to the museum in 1910 by the creator himself.

Economic tyres do not stand out from the rank – Imperial Snowdragon 3 i Zeetex Ice-Plus S200

The growing popularity of tyres from the economic sector with every passing year is not a coincidence. Each subsequent generation is a clear qualitative leap and a noticeable increase in drive parameters. Manufacturers such as Zeetex or Imperial are increasingly resorting to state-of-the-art technological solutions, which until now have been characteristic only for higher price levels.

Imperial Snowdragon 3

Modern models such as Imperial Snowdragon 3 are a perfect example. The new edition of the flagship series of the manufacturer has been equipped with a modern asymmetrical tread, which, in combination with a reinforced structure, provides parameters not seen before in this budget category. The dense sipe system offers maximum grip, while the properly designed side zones increase the control of the car and ensure high driving stability.

Check out Imperial Snowdragon 3:

Our customers are happy to choose this tyre mainly for safety and driving comfort. As many as 96% of users who have purchased a product on our portal recommends it to other drivers. They review Imperial Snowdragon 3 tyres praising them:

  • These are my first Imperial (economy class) tyres, but I am very positively surprised by their good handling characteristics. I mainly drive around the city - especially in winter, so I come across situations based on which I can state my  opinion about the tyres. Many times I have been able to brake sharply with this system mounted on my vehicle, so it seems I will no longer be using the ABS system, which could indicate lack of grip on the asphalt during winter. When taking a curve, the car remains in touch with the surface. To sum up: the price / drivability ratio is very good in this case. (Roman)

  • We have covered over 4,000km on these tyres through the roads of Scandinavia, in large part snow-covered (white road with packed snow after passing plows). We also drove a  bit on the winding, snowy roads in the Alps. The car is steady. It happened several times that the traction control system came on (but really sporadically). The rest of the season we drove around during the  Polish winter, which means mainly slush and wet surface. These tyres performed great under these conditions. After one season the tread is over 8 mm. In my personal opinion these are very good tyres, for a very reasonable price. (Robert)


Check Imperial Snowdragon 3


Zeetex Ice-Plus S200

Zeetex is a relatively new  producer from the economic sector, which, however, is increasingly aspiring to higher classes. Its products stand out from the competition not only by quality, but also by the technologies used. Model Ice-Plus S200 is a perfect example that for relatively little money you can offer a product which is popular and eagerly chosen by customers.

The strength of the model lies primarily in its performance. Both the asymmetrical tread and the side zones as well as the structure itself have been created with great care for details. Thanks to the perfectionist approach to design, the Zeetex Ice-Plus S200 smoothly moves, brakes and drives up even in very demanding conditions. The elastic rubber compound helps maintain grip and helps to shorten the braking distance as much as possible.

The excellent parameters of the  Ice-Plus S200 confirmed by the opinions of users:

  • I bought these tyres not because of the low price, but because of the subjective feelings of a colleague who bought them for his car and as satisfied  - now, after traveling around 10,000 km in winter I can confirm that the low price of these tyres is merely an additional and very nice asset. It is true that the snowfall  this year was not heavy, but where it appeared I had the opportunity to check out the performance of my purchase and I have no reason to complain. Motorway driving at speeds above 140 km/h also showed that this tyre is on par with recognized manufacturers. So far, I have traveled on the so-called "branded" tyres of the largest global corporations, I bought Zeeteks and I do not regret my decision. Opinions heard about "Chinese" and other "creations" are not to be reflected on when it comes to this tyre, I am  convinced that they were the right choice for me.  Do not be afraid to buy these tyres - good quality, very good price. Keep it up! (Robert)

  • I bought a set of tyres mainly because of the price. After 2 weeks of use I was surprised to  realize how great these tyres actually are.  I used them mainly in the city without any remarks. I chose to drive further for winter break this year, I passed the highway - super quiet (for winter),  I did not notice the difference in regards to fuel efficiency. I will definitely recommend them. (Karol L.)


Check Zeetex Ice-Plus S200


How to choose the best winter tyre?

Each of the five models presented is undoubtedly worth recommending. When choosing the best winter tyres for yourself, take into account specific needs, consider the power and weight of the car, as well as the preferred driving style.

It is also worth to analyze our comparison with the tests carried out by leading automobile clubs and automotive magazines. A comparison of the drivers 'ratings with the professionals' notes will allow you to get a good view of the tire's capabilities.

Another tip is the labels attached to the tyres. Although they do not inform you about typical winter performance, you will learn more about wet braking and fuel efficiency.

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