The best winter tyres 215/55 R16 according to drivers (2018/2019)

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If you are wondering what tyres to choose for your car, check out our list! We have prepared for you a list of the highest rated winter tyres according to our customers. See what models other drivers recommend, and you will certainly find something for yourself.

The best winter tyres 215/55 R16.

The best winter tyres 215/55 R16.

Models 215/55 R16 are most often installed in such cars as: Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Signum, Vectra C, Audi A4 and A6, Citroen C4 and C5, VW Passat, Peugeot 308, 406, 5008 and Ford Focus.

On our website you will find over 100,000 opinions about tyres, so you should use this database to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of individual tyre models.

The best winter tyres 215/55 R16 according to Oponeo users

Tyre model Note*
1. Continental ContiWinterContact TS850  5,35
2. Nokian WR D3 5,20
3. Goodyear UG 8 Performance 5,20
4. Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D 5,20
5. Nokian WR A3 5,15

*Ratings and number of opinions refer to the presented tyre size, the overall rating for a given model may slightly differ from the presented one. As of September 2018.

1. Continental ContiWinterContact TS850

Over half a thousand opinions collected, most of which are extremely positive. Excellent braking performance on snow and ride comfort characteristic only for the highest premium class. All this means that the Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 tyre, created for compact cars and mid-size cars, is definitely one of the most-chosen and highest rated winter options on our portal.

As many as 97% of users who purchased this model on Oponeo recommend the tyre to other drivers, and the high average note (rating 5.35) for the size 215/55 R16 testifies to a perfect match to the needs of city cars with more power.

Near-perfection performance on snow-covered routes is due to the increased number of laths and tread blocks that protect the driver from uncontrolled slipping. Users of the tyre assess its safety parameters and behavior on different types of surfaces the most.


Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 in size 215/55 R16


What did our users write about  Continental ContiWinterContact TS850?

  • When choosing these tyres, I was primarily guided by their reviews. The price was not important. After one season I can say that it was a valuable purchase. Tyres are very good for roads in both good and bad conditions. Driving on the snow is pure pleasure. I strongly recommend! (Krzaku)

  • I appreciated the quality of these tyres a dozen or so days after they were installed, while driving on the A1. The highway covered with a few centimeters of fresh, wet snow, and it spattered furiously. I did not notice that the ESP indicator blinked at least once. The car drove on the track as if on a rails. (Janusz)

  • I can compare to the tyres to those I used previously. I drive every day - very good performance. One of the turns on the way to work, which I think of when writing this summary, is the spot where many cars lose their bumpers joints and bearings during winter season - I on  the other hand just keep on driving ahead on it in my 'Continetals' [...] (Pawel K.)

Do you know...

Continental was the first manufacturer ever to test a winter tyre? In 1953, test cars equipped with the first tyres of this type entered the height of 2112 m on the Alpine Pass of St. Gotthard.

2. Nokian WR D3

The second place in the ranking of our clients is certainly not a coincidence. We can call the Finnish Nokian company a real expert in winter conditions. Created on the basis of comprehensive knowledge and experience of the brand – the Nokian WR D3 tyre – it has been indispensable in the listings for several years.

Nokian WR D3 has been rated on our website by over 1200 drivers, 97% of them  recommend it to others. Such high marks are due to factors such as innovative mix characterized by excellent flexibility at different temperatures.

Drivers who posted feedback on this model on our website stated that its best assets are great performance, driving safety as well as economic exploitation.


Nokian WR D3 in size 215/55 R16


Reviews of most drivers are positive:

  • I bought them for good grip on wet surface (which is actually more important than grip on snow-covered surface most of the time). I had excellent experience with this brand in heavy winter conditions. I'm not disappointed. Actually, they also worked well on dry surfaces. A bit under steering, but it's also because I've used smaller rims in the winter season. (Stuart)

  • I was a little hesitant when buying these tyres. Most cars drive on Michelin or Goodyear, and I have no experience with Nokians. However, I was positively surprised, although the winter this year is not too demanding, but going to work at 5.30 in the morning or driving back at night, when there were frost and slippery roads, I never even had ABS turn on. As for driving on a dry surface, they are quiet and driving on them is safe. I recommend to all the drivers who are still undecided. (Marcin)

  • This is definitely the right choice model with high driving flexibility. It's very good in different weather conditions of our capricious winter! This is my second car that I drive on Nokian tyres and I think these are the best snow tyres I have ever owned. (Jan)

Do you know...

Nokian has its own test center in Lwalo, Lapland, near the Arctic Circle.  It is the northernmost location in the world,  where tyres are tested  in winter conditions.

3. Goodyear UG 8 Performance

How to  best describe Goodyear UG 8 Performance in a nutshell? Perfect grip in harsh winter conditions and traction on snow. Drivers of passenger cars who do not want to be surprised by the winter and need a solution in the toughest conditions should pay close attention to this model. As many as three different types of sipes placed on the directional tread provide shorter braking distances and exceptional traction on compacted snow.

Over 90% of the opinions collected by our portal about this model explicitly praises it (the highest 5- and 6-star ratings), and users rate the parameters associated with moderate urban driving the highest.


Goodyear UltraGrip 8 Performance in size 215/55 R16


What reviews can be found on Oponeo?

  • The second season of joyful driving in the sense of money well-spent. So far, there is no winter, so I'm happy with the comfort, low noise, excellent traction and reliable braking (C4 Picasso). I never spared on winter tyres, but I did not have such good ones yet. When buying I had fears about snow and mud, because of the delicate tread, but appearance is confusing ... in this aspect the tyre also performs great. (Ryx)

  • The best winter tyres I have used for the past 9 years in my bmw 530xd E60. In the mountains without a chain, I approached the worst steep incursions to guest houses and hotels, long routes during heavy snowfall at a speed of 80 km per hour, full traction control, etc. They never let me down. I had 3 sets in 9 years. [...] (Surf&Ski)

4. Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D

The only representative of the sports segment awarded by our clients. A very high score of 5.2 among drivers confirms that this is one of the best choices for dynamic driving in winter conditions. Exceptional parameters are due to the unique tread design with a large number of gripping edges. The tyre maintains grip during braking, acceleration and uphill driving. In addition, the modern rubber compound guarantees greater driving safety and driving precision, even at higher speeds.


Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D offer


What do drivers think about Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D?

  • Sensational tyres, worth every zloty, have very good drivability, they do not make too much noise. They bite into the snow like they're supposed to and you will drive up countless hills on them. Sometimes it's worth spending a few zlotys more and having a brand product, which is unrivaled. I recommend. Best regards. (Stachu)

  • The Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D tyre is ideal for urban winter conditions, on the road as well as during mountain trips to ski resorts, where the mountain roads are snowy and icy early in the day. Even with aggressive driving, the tyre maintains the vehicle well balance. It behaves surely and steadily even when taking sharp turns in the mountains. The term aquaplaning is probably is unknown to this tyre. Great drainage of water and slush. The tyres are worth recommending and trust. (LS)

  • I covered 7,000 miles on these tyres in all conditions, including the full winter in the Alps. They wear out well and are also designated for summer. They have excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, also during winter in very low temperatures on snow and mud-covered surfaces. I was concerned about the increase in noise emissions compared to previous original, year-round tyres, but there was no need to be. (Algeb)

Do you know...

In the early 1960s Dunlop's specialists discovered the phenomenon of aquaplaning. This moment irreversibly changed the perception of driving on wet surfaces and contributed to a significant increase in the safety of travelers.

5. Nokian WR A3

Oponeo completes the list of the best winter tyres size 215/55 R16 according to customers  with another offer from the Finnish manufacturer – Nokian. The WR A3 model is definitely geared more towards the dynamic driving than the WR D3.

The asymmetric tread is characterized by excellent grip, it efficiently drains snow even at high speeds and reacts perfectly to quick maneuvering. It has been created from a special blend of natural rubber, silica and canola oil, which not only affects great traction on different types of surfaces, but also causes slower wear in a wide temperature amplitude.


Check Nokian WR A3 offer


The WR A3 has been recognized by drivers who have already given it nearly 250 top quality ratings, here are some of them:

  • I find that buying these tyres was a hit in the bull's eye. First of all, they are really quiet, I have not had such comfortable tyres yet. As for the behavior on the road, snow I have no objections, I drive very confidently, braking or starting does not create the slightest problems. At higher speeds of 180-190 km / h, the glides through (we are talking about driving on a wet or dry surface without any snow). If someone hesitates to buy them, there is no need to ponder. (Mark)

  • Nokian are the best car tyres to drive on, in and out of the city. The tyre is very quiet, provides very good behavior in rainy weather, drains water efficiently. When the temperature drops below 0 ° C, the tyre can present all its positive aspects. At speeds above 75 miles per hour, they still support excellent control and safety on every road. I recommend Nokian for 100%. (Krzysztof)

What to consider when choosing tyres?

  • First of all, it is worth researching many sources - thanks to this we will be sure that the opinions on the given tyres are reliable and overlap.

  • First, start by reading Oponeo users' comments, who share their thoughts on different tyres. Nothing translates into a real assessment of the model as the opinions of drivers who use it on a daily basis.

  • Another important source is specialized tests organized by automotive magazines and associations. In particular those, carried out by respected and experienced organizations such as: ADAC, ACE or AutoZeitung.

  • We also encourage you to read the labels attached to the tyres. Although they do not indicate winter tyre performance, you will find information on fuel efficiency, noise and wet braking.

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