The best 195/60 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

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Not sure which tyre to choose for the upcoming season? Don’t know which model will be the best for your car? Check the tyres recommended by other drivers and you will find something for yourself! 

Here, we present five 195/60 R15 size models which received the highest user ratings. Compare the tyres and check whether other sizes gained the trust of our customers. 


Winter tyres should guarantee safe handling on snow (photo: Nokian).

Winter tyres should guarantee safe handling on snow (photo: Nokian).


The best 195/60 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers 


                 TYRE MODEL



1. Goodyear Ultra Grip 9

5.5   (see reviews) See the price

2. Continental ContiWinterContact TS850

5.4   (see reviews) See the price

3. Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

5.4   (see reviews) See the price

4. Nokian WR D3

5.15 (see reviews) See the price

5. Uniroyal MS Plus 77

5.1   (see reviews) See the price

* rating and number of comments applies to this tyre size, the overall assessment of a given model may slightly differ from that presented, as of September 2017.


Ultra Grip family is the leader 

Goodyear products took two of three places on the box. Ultra Grip 8 and Ultra Grip 9 earned a good reputation among users of our portal and very high average ratings. 

For many years, tyres offered by this American manufacturer have been recognised as synonymous with prime quality and advanced technology. Now, they are chosen by many drivers in our country, which is confirmed by more than 900 opinions submitted to, almost half of which awarded the tyres with the highest available grades.


See Goodyear Ultra Grip 9:


Ultra Grip 9 received the highest grades from drivers for 195/60 R15 size tyres. The rubber compound with natural oils and resin ensures excellent traction on winter roads. Its performance on wet roads is also excellent. The advanced lamella system provides stability even during heavy rain or snow. 

The high quality of the product is reflected by the opinions of drivers: "Superb grip in almost all conditions combined with very low rolling resistance and quiet operation", "It has all the features of a modern, safe and economical tyre for all weather conditions", "For me, safety is crucial and the tyres are 100% reliable in this field".


I want to buy Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 !


The previous generation - Ultra Grip 8 - has been highly rated by our customers, receiving a very high average of 5.4 out of 6 points. Very good results achieved in reliable international tests, which focused especially on braking distances and wet grip, are one of the reason for great popularity of this premium winter model in our country.


See Goodyear Ultra Grip 8:


The high product quality is confirmed by the opinions of drivers visiting our website: "Snow and slush will not surprise drivers who have these tyres fitted", "High-end tyres. Very smooth in winter conditions”, "Excellent quality and efficiency in winter will convince you to buy 8 Ultra Grip next time also. If I had to buy winter tyres again, the choice would be easy - GOODYEAR Ultra Grip 8 - the best tyre for the money".


I want to buy Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 !


Continental keep up with leaders 

The second best winter tyre, according to drivers, is the Continental ContiWinterContact TS850. This 195/60 R15 size tyre received an average score of 5.4, and taking 550 reviews of this model’s other sizes into account, over 90% were extremely positive! 

Drivers particularly appreciate ContiWinterContact TS850 for its behaviour in dry conditions and safe driving. At the same time, up to 97% of reviewing users would recommend the tyre to others.


See Continental ContiWinterContact TS850:


The model was designed for compact and mid-range cars, because it performs very well in typical urban driving. Curbs, dynamic manoeuvres and unexpected braking - ContiWinterContact TS850 will not disappoint you in such situations. "Tyres tested both in the town, on the highway, and on the lanes of tiny villages. Always faultless". 

The engineers of these tyres increased the total length of the sipes. As a result, the model quickly removes water and provides better traction on wet surfaces and snow. This is reflected in many opinions: "Absolutely great for winter weather", "Continental provides the best winter tyres I have ever used", "Very good on the snow - superb grip".


I want to buy a Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 !


Difficult conditions? This is not a problem for Nokian WR D3 

Fourth place in the ranking was taken by Nokian WR D3. This 195/60 R15 size model received an average rating of 5.15.  A similar grade was awarded to the tyre in all available sizes. In total, almost 1,000 drivers reviewed the tyre and more than 370 of them suggested the maximum possible rating. 

Like all Nokian winter tyres, this one is unrivalled in difficult weather conditions. It was created for the harsh Scandinavian weather, so it is also good for Polish conditions.


See Nokian WR D3:


These tyres will fill you with confidence, regardless of the road you take. The rubber blend used in the tyre is extremely durable and adapts easily to ambient temperatures. 

If you want winter tyres that ensure a comfortable drive, then this model is for you. Silent Sidewall technology used in the tyre ensures exceptionally smooth travel and silence inside the vehicle.


I want to buy Nokian WR D3 !


Uniroyal close to the top 

Uniroyal MS Plus 77 took last place among the best winter tyres, rated by users of This model stands out from other competitors by its performance in the wet. Nowadays, winter is not just frost and snow, but also heavy rain. 

The Uniroyal brand, owned by Continental, is famous for tyres that evacuate excess of water from the front of the tyre. This is also the feature of MS Plus 77, which has a unique and advanced tread design that will make you confident, even during heavy rain or snowfall with rain.


Uniroyal MS Plus 77

Uniroyal MS Plus 77


Uniroyal MS Plus 77 is perfect for urban driving, but also for longer routes. It is appreciated especially by drivers of large cars with higher power. "I would recommend this model, because it is safe and has all the features and advantages of a good winter tyre", "The car sticks to the road as if it was glued. No matter whether it’s wet, covered with snow or slush".


I want to buy Uniroyal MS Plus 77 !


How to choose the perfect tyres? 

According to our users, the five models presented above were the best in daily use. How do you choose the best tyre, though? First of all, you need to consider your needs and driving style. Then, check the opinions of drivers, read more about potential models and make sure that they meet your requirements. See if the tyre was assessed in tests organised by prestigious automotive magazines and organisations. This would enable you to compare opinions of drivers with the assessment of professionals.

More information is presented on labels attached to the tyres. Although they don’t provide information about winter performance, you can learn more about wet braking, noise emission and fuel efficiency. Still not sure of your choice? Call us. Our advisors will help you to analyse the available options and make the best decision.


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